Jamie in Dänemark

02 Jan. 2007

Antje and Jamie left Denmark today.
Jamie lives in Germany now. She got other 
playmates and a lot of space in her new home.

We wish you both, all the best in the future!
Hanne & Kaj at Dian Shan Kennel

2 Jan. 2007 Antje and Jamie

We were at the vet. this morning.
Jamie needed her first vacc. to get to Germany.
Her weight was: 5,6 kg.
She got Banminth vet. today too.

Weight: 5,6 kg

Jamie loves her new "mum"

Weight: 2, 060 kg

26 Nov. 2006

21 Nov. 2006

21 Nov. 2006

Weight: 1, 670 kg

1, 670 kg

10 Nov. 2006

Weight: 0, 962 kg

Jiu: is an imitation of the bird song
 which means happy and lively

0, 962 kg

4 Nov. 2006

Weight: 0,675 kg
Tail painted: White

0,675 kg

28 Oct. 2006

Name: Dian Shan Jiu-Jiu
Nickname: Jamie
Owner: Antje de la Porte, Germany
Born: 17.35
Sex: Female
Colour: Red
Weight: 0, 416 kg

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