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You will find out the history of our club and how we started here ...


25th Anniversary....coming up this year. 

This will be held at the Te Ahu Center Kaitaia, Queens Birthday weekend.  June Friday 1st & Saturday 2nd.

More information will be added here and on our Facebook page....beg February. Hope to you see you all, it will be a packed weekend of fun and friendship. Cheers!

You can also find us here  Far North Foot Fiddlers Inc  on Face Book. 


Line Dancing in New Zealand has spread rapidly over the years and is considered by many including doctors as one of the best ways to keep fit in a good social environment. The music danced to has moved on from the original Country & Western music to popular commercial music, as well as New Zealand music, thanks to the growing number of Kiwi & Australian choreographers. New Zealand is fortunate in having a very good range of Line Dance Instructors who cater for all ages and levels. So if you have never tried line dancing before give it a go.


Line dancing is a symbol of energetic life, invigorating passion, desire, feelings and sexuality. A dance symbolizes the stages and rhythms of life. A dream about line dancing is a happy dream. It usually refers to a person’s way and level of feeling joy, happiness and a sense of victory and confidence. Traditionally a line dancing dream predicts happy times ahead.

Club foundation dance ...90 Mile Shuffle
Country Line Dancing Takes Off..
The idea of starting a Country Line Dancing group in Kaitaia was conceived in January 1993 at a Social in Whangarei during the Regional Country Music Awards, when line dancers from Auckland were there performing.
Arriving back in Kaitaia  Jennifer Hobson.. member of the Far North Country Music Club created a dance and named it the ''90 Mile Shuffle'' based on some basic steps she had observed, the dance was demonstrated on club nights. From this, the first Country Line Dance Group in Kaitaia was born, called the ''Far North Foot Fiddlers''.   Interest from all age groups grew rapidly, so, May 13th formal classes were set up.
The first ever public demonstration of Country Line Dancing seen in Kaitaia, the group performed at the Mid-Winter Festival in June 1993, Commerce Street. Following the festival enquiries and invitations for teaching and demonstrations rolled in. By then the ''Foot Fiddlers'' were having regular, well attended classes of their own, twice a week. Just a few of the engagements in the first year were:- Te Kura Kaupapa Maori O Te Rangi Aniwaniwa( Fundraising Concert), Switzer Home for the Elderly, Correspondence School at Paparore Marae. Anglican Church Fundraising, Handicapped and Disabled Camp at Coopers Beach, Oraiwa Hall Pukenui for Friends of the Far North, R.S.A Ladies Group, Abundant Life-school Fundraising Concert, Xmas Disco for Children Awanui Community Centre, Paparore School teaching and then Gala Day, Business and Professional Womens Club ot Orana Motel, Xmas Party for Rotary at Dalmatian Hall. This is all for the love of Country Music and Country Line Dancing and for the pleasure it gives to the group and others. 

First class was held at Paparore Marae Awanui May 13th 1993.

A special thankyou...
As the Instructor these past 25years I would like sincerely thank my family, special friends, past & present committees and all members past & present... thankyou for all your wonderful support over the years..you have all helped me make this club what it is today, we shall keep on glowing... I love you all, cheers! Jennifer Hobson.

The very first few dances taught were: 90 MILE SHUFFLE..ELECTRIC SLIDE...TEXAS OIL..CHEYENNE...SWINGIN'..MATADOR

An early programme.. 6 months after opening our first pulbic session. Oct 1993.
Same programme was used for both Sunday & Wednesday.
Learners:- Honky Tonk Stomp- Music- Where am I going to live.
Advanced:- Twister - Music - Rockin' to the Rhythm.
1. Electric Slide - Music - Where am I going to live.
2.Texas Oil - Music - Today I started loving you again.
3. Swingin' - Music - She don't get the blues.
4. Texas Cha Cha - Music - Gulf of Mexico.
5. Waltz across Texas - Music - Waltz across Texas.
6. Twister - Music - Just playing Possum.
7. Wild Wild West -Music - Neon Moon.
8. Cowboy Hustle - Music - Achy Breaky.
9. 90 Mile Shuffle - Music - Boot Scootin' Boogie & Sweet Music from Te Hapua.     

LOT SMALLER THAN TODAY'S PROGRAMMES. We do far more dances now in a session.

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Team of WIR | Reply 06.08.2012 22.38

Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your kind words and interest. Bread and beans, we currently have of the Girls Rodeo no steps. But by Jan Wyllie from Australia.

barbara boyd | Reply 07.04.2011 13.14

this page its weli done

Kay Tappin | Reply 26.11.2010 15.06

Hi Jen, what a lovely read. Well done to you.

Becky | Reply 19.08.2010 10.25

stumbled onto the site..a goodie for sure!

Jennifer 19.08.2010 10.29

Thankyou Becky...I still have a lot to do here....but I am getting there... :

Derek Robinson | Reply 06.06.2010 08.51

Great web site (no ads!). You all look so happy and friendly in the photo.
Our very best wishes to you, enjoy your dancing, Derek, Kinda Country, Lancaster UK.

Web Editor 31.07.2010 10.14

Thankyou Derek...we all enjoy your dance If Teardrops Were Pennies..

Dona Bruen | Reply 30.04.2010 23.33

Good memories here, Jennifer. Another good time 1994 was at the Copthorne, B.O.I. Festival, Paihia, performing with the Far North Country Music Club band .

Jennifer 01.05.2010 10.35

Yes Dona...that was when Laurie T changed some words in Sweet Music to suit our group of dancers and country club...I may still have him singing it on tape

Frances christensen | Reply 02.12.2009 12.55

Great to read all the information on here. Didn't realize so many people that I knew joined line dancing. They may just return some day. Well done

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Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your kind words and interest. Bread and beans, we currently have of the Girls Rodeo no steps. But by Jan Wyllie from Australia.

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