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Written by Kay McIntyre on 6. Apr, 2011
Hi Jennifer and All the Dancing People of the North.
Your website looks great, with plenty of interesting photos etc.
Wishing you all the very best, enjoy and keep on dancing.
Written by Kay Tappin on 26. Nov, 2010
Hi Jen, too cool, love the site.
Mike and Ash married 20/11/2010.
Hi to all my old foot fiddling friends.
Written by Peter on 28. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Frances Christensen on 27. Oct, 2010
Hi Jennifer, This is well worth taking the time to sit down and just browse through your website. I think we have a great line dance group and a brilliant tutor. Keep up the good work. Even my grandchildren learnt a few dances.
Written by Judy Pore on 1. Feb, 2010
Hi Jennifer

Thanks for posting in our website guestbook! Nice to see another line dancing group with a website all set up and running. Your website looks great! Well done. I hope to see you and your group on the dance floor this year. Keep up the good work! Judy
Written by Alison Jo on 12. Jan, 2010
Lovely site and such lovely friendly faces. I have been in your beautiful part of th ewrold and hope to be back as I LOVE New Zealand being a Scottish Lass ;-) Hugs
Written by KrazyBear on 17. Jul, 2009
Hi Jen
Loved your site. Looks Great. Nice to read about the history of your Club.Dawn & I Will get up to visit you one of these days
Written by June Marinkovich on 16. Jul, 2009
Hi Jennifer,
What a fab website, you should be really proud of yourself. I have enjoyed myself thoroughly going through all the news, photo's and games. You are such a dedicated person in everything you do and that shows in the way your line dancers keep on keeping on. So you keep being you and I wish you all the success in the world.
Written by Janeen Kenny on 30. Jun, 2009
Hi There:)Just dropped by to take a proper look, now that I am home from work! A Great, Informative site and look forward to checking back regularly:) Will add your Site to our site too..all the Best! Janeen - ART DECO BOOTSCOOTERS (Napier)
Written by Llona on 19. Jun, 2009
Hi Jennifer
The website looks great. Good on you for taking the time to put it together...all those photos of the good old days are neat to see. We all love twinkling our toes and we all know your a great we are really lucky in the far north here!
Written by Margaret on 19. Jun, 2009
Hi Jennifer
Well done on producing a great site. Its good to know that our club now has somewhere to go to look back at what was, as well as forward to whats coming.
Keep up the good work.
Written by Micheal G Crossley on 18. Jun, 2009
Hi Jennifer,
Well done what a great site. This is well done and well worth cheeking out, we have all had a great time in this club.
It is what I call a family club, and that has been put into place by you. And having your mum on the door is one that has made us see what family's are all about.
Please keep it up cheers.

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Hi Jennifer! Thank you for your kind words and interest. Bread and beans, we currently have of the Girls Rodeo no steps. But by Jan Wyllie from Australia.

09.07 | 22:53

No we don't but "Lone star " has one and we are part of this group, when are you coming over ? Don't forget we have couple beds
Bring Sam over.