Pet puppies start at $2000. We require a $500 deposit to hold a puppy from an upcoming litter. Pricing will be established for each litter as they become available.  

Puppies are AKC registered, crate trained, contract provided with health warranty, health certificate, 1st set of shots provided, 5 generation pedigree, puppy booklet covering feeding and training as well as lifetime support and guidance.

Goldendoodles, Goodles and whatever else people are calling mixes today are selling for $1800 - $2500 in Upstate NY. People are willing to pay that amount of money for a mixed breed dog that is not AKC registered, can't be shown, who knows what the pedigrees are behind them and they are NOT less shedding. We must justify our costs for showing, clearances, vaccines, food, proper vet care etc. from quality golden retrievers with clearances that are AKC registered. Neighboring states in MA, NJ, PA, and OH have golden retriever pups starting at $1800 and up to $3000 or more). Many local golden retriever breeders are selling puppies with no clearances for $1800 and up. 

Reservation Process:

We require adeposit in order to reserve a puppy QUESTIONNAIRE has been filled out and an interview has been conducted either by phone or in person. Deposits are transferable to another litter if we have a puppy for you and you change your mind about the litter you gave us a deposit for. If we do not have a puppy available from litter you gave us a deposit for, we of course will refund that deposit to you or you may chose to be placed on the reservation list for the next litter. Please read our REFERENCES and feel free to contact us for more. Our pet puppies are placed in loving homes who want to be very proud of their Golden Retriever from Gotta Be Goldens knowing that we are doing the necessary clearances, showing in conformation and only breeding dogs of outstanding temperament. We provide a written contract with health guarantees.  We also provide detailed information about your puppy in a booklet that we send home with you as well as copies of all clearances on the Sire and Dam, printed pedigree from the American Kennel Club, health certificate provided from my veterinarian, and vaccination record.


Our pups are raised in our home, well socialized, nails trimmed weekly, crate trained before they go home, used to riding in our van, exposed to many different surfaces, and receive their first vaccination, health certificate, worming at 2, 4, 6, and 8 weeks. They are exposed to different surfaces, vacuums, dishwashers, pots and pans clanging, loud noises, children, older adults and other dogs and cats before going home.

Puppies have access to a puppy playground filled with tunnels, platforms and tire jumps to build confidence. We temperament test the pups at 7 weeks old and structurally evaluate the puppies at 8 weeks. Please read more about HOW WE RAISE OUR PUPPIES. We only place puppie in homes that are looking for a family companion that spends time indoors. Our puppies are not outdoor dogs. Our puppies are people dogs as they are raised in our home and must be allowed to be part of the family as they are attention lovers! All puppies are sold on spay/neuter contracts and are registered with the AKC on LIMITED REGISTRATION. We will take back any puppy/dog or assist in finding a new home for any dog we produce at any time in it's life and we include this clause in our contract. We do not sell to brokers, pet stores or third parties nor do we sell dogs at auction.

Our Goal:

We are breeding for ourselves first, in order to better the breed by educating the public about the breed, as our dogs that we keep are excellent examples of the breed and proud representatives of the golden retriever. While we enjoy the show ring (conformation) and are proud of those golden retrievers that we feel are capable of achieving their championships, our golden retrievers must possess an outstanding temperament first, be structurally sound, meet the golden retriever standard for height, weight and pass all 4 clearances as required by GRCA CODE Of ETHICS: hips, elbows, eyes (yearly) and hearts before they will be considered part of our breeding program. We do pick and keep a puppy out of each litter, grow them up and achieve their clearances at 2 years of age. If for any reason they do not clear a particular clearance, we then entertain the thought of placing the dog in a companion home but so far we have not had to do this.  We do not breed for a certain COLOR such as White or Red and color is not the deciding factor that you should be getting a puppy to start with. Typically our puppies are light when born and will darken to the color of their ears. Usually by the age of 2-3 years old, your puppy will be a nice medium gold.

Puppy Placement:

We do choose the appropriate puppy in each litter that will be placed with you. Since we are spending every waking hour with the puppies from the moment they are born, caring, handling, feeding and nurturing them, we feel that properly picking a puppy is best left to us and we have been successfully matching puppies since 1999. We send a birth announcement with photos the day the pups are whelped, include a photo gallery of each litter on our website and offer puppy visitation sessions on Sunday afternoons after the pups are 4 weeks old to those who have deposits with us. And of course, you can tell us who are your favorite puppies are as we will take this into consideration when making our selections. Pups that we are keeping or being placed in a show home will be selected first, then the remainder of the litter will be placed in the appropriate home.


Socialization and obedience classes are important aspects of creating a wonderful relationship with your puppy;and we require that you make this commitment to yourself, your puppy and us to make sure you provide positive reinforcement training based on trust and respect. Our puppies are confident when they are with us and we ask that you continue building their confidence with continued socialization, training and guidance once they leave us after 8 weeks old. If you reside in the Rochester area, I highly recommend that you contact the instructors at BOOM TOWNE in Farmington, NY for all your training needs from Puppy Socialization, AKC Star Puppy, Canine Good Citizen, Therapy Dog and Agility. Our puppy packet is filled with many articles that we provide each new puppy owner with but I encourage you to read the links below to familiarize yourself with the breed, health concerns, hereditary issues, training and grooming BEFORE you contact us to make sure that you are ready for your commitment to one of our puppies. Whether you purchase a puppy from Gotta Be Goldens or another breeder, our goal is to educate each and every person interested in this lovely breed we are so proud to be a part of!

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