We have many references but below are a few that I have included for your viewing.  Please contact me by email for further references for you to contact in regards to our golden retriever puppies!


“We have had a Golden that we got from the Animal Rescue many years ago but she was not a puppy when we got her. The anticipation of a puppy was very concerning to us for we never had a puppy before. We have heard of absolute horror stories and "The Puppy from Hell" type stuff from others over the years. My wife and I just had to have another Golden in our lives after our previous one passed away. We were curious to attempt this through a professional Breeder this time and do the right thing with our next Golden. Contacting Kathy and being invited to her home ,where she is allowed to live by all of her beautiful Golden's , was the deciding point for us. Every Golden there was in top notch shape and their dispositions were superior. The entire house, kennel, and huge outside run area were cleaner than inside some homes that I have seen! The current puppies she had were inside the house and residing in her living area. Puppies clean, area clean, outside area for puppies clean-clean-clean. After my wife and I experienced this and asking many questions of Kathy we were impressed that she had many questions of us. Well, two days ago we picked up "Grady" ,our new Golden addition to our family. After one hour in our home he was eating with a robust appetite, happy , content , and playing very hard with all his toys about the house. He is so beautiful physically and emotionally. He had already been crate trained at Kathy's so the first night was a breeze for him without any stress. He went in and went right to sleep after 1-2 minutes of whimpering. Whined 5 hours later let him outside to eliminate and he came right back into his crate and went right back to sleep. He is so smart and potty training is going extremely well as much of this had been started at Kathy's. He is not aggressive or intimidated. I can actually leave the house for 10-15 minutes ,in his crate, and not have that wild separation anxiety I have heard so much about. My wife and I are hoping to not be premature in saying "The Puppy from Hell" may not even exist in this little guy for he is so mellow. Kathy's dedication, love, commitment,knowledge and tolerance in how and what she breeds in the adults and how she cares and nurtures the puppies is truly a miracle. What Kathy has charged us for Grady is obviously not sufficient for her expenses and investments. It is very clear to us that what Kathy gets is within her heart not her pocket book.”



Patricia and Jerold Interlicchia

Penfield ,NY




“When my family was ready to get a puppy, I did a lot of research before settling on Gotta Be Goldens and Kathy Hearn.  Health and temperament are very important to me and I was very impressed when I read through her website and saw that her dogs all have their hips, elbows, hearts and eyes checked and certified before they are bred. I also liked that the pups got early neurological stimulation and socialization with young children. Really important to me because I have 3 children.  After a few phone conversations my family visited Kathy and the dogs.   We immediately felt very comfortable getting our puppy from her. 


When the puppies were born we received pictures of the litter the next day.  She would update her website frequently so we could see the pups as they grew. On the day we picked up our beautiful little pup Kathy sent us home with a large envelope full of helpful and important information.  She also called us the next day to see how he was doing and if we had any questions.


Our sweet little puppy is now a 1 ½ year old beautiful boy.  He is a wonderful family dog, he loves to play and go for walks and hikes, and he has the sweetest personality.  We are so happy with him!  I would recommend Kathy Hearn to anyone interested in getting a Golden Retriever.


Kathy is also a wonderful groomer, if you want your dog to look and smell amazing send him to her.”

Maureen Husband & family 


“About 3 years ago, our family met Kathy from Gotta Be Goldens after we lost our golden retriever dog.  We met at her home and she answered all our questions we had about going through a breeder.  What to expect and what not to expect.  We saw the environment that her dogs are raised in; clean, fun, very healthy and most importantly loved!  Once the puppies were born, we received pictures and updates and also got to visit the puppies.  That was the best!  The puppies were raised right in the kitchen along with other goldens of Kathy's and Kathy herself.  Archie came home with us in March of 2008.  If we had questions about anything we reached out to Kathy and she got right back to us.  Archie is a beautiful golden color and a very healthy loving boy that enjoys cuddling.  We also have a second golden; a girl named Edith from Gotta be Goldens that we co-own with Kathy.  She is our little lover that can't keep a ball out of her mouth.  Our goldens are well natured, friendly, they love to play with us and each other.  They certainly reflect what a Golden should be and it is because of Kathy's approach to raising golden retrievers.  Thank you Kathy for our two beautiful Goldens!!!”  

 The Macano's 


“Our  Gotta  Be  Golden  puppy  (Cooper)  will  be  3  yrs.  old  in  January  and  is  our  5th  Golden.    After  years  with  this  breed , we  recognize  that  he  is  one  fine  dog!     He's  very  intelligent  and  was  a  breeze  to  train.    Kathy  picks  out  the  puppy  to  be  your  best  match.    Some  people  want  to  pick  their  own,  but  this  system  worked  out  best,  as  we  already  had  a  female  Goldie  in  the  household.    Cooper  is  in  excellent  health  and  needs  almost  daily  exercise  to  keep  him  in  the  fine  shape  that  he's  in (gets  rid  of  his  extra  energy too!)      He  now  works  as  a  certified  Therapy  Dog  and  most  anywhere  we  go , the  residents  comment  as  how  handsome  he  is........again  all  due  to  the  expert  breeding  by  Kathy!      Enough  can  not  be  said  of  her  pups!”

Terry R.  Speck


My Veterinarian:  

Dr. Tim Bostley 

Hilton Veterinary Hospital