Photo Album

Freddie at 2 years old

Leon & Emma

Leon, 9 months

Risqué (Wilson x Gypsy)

Calum, Smiles, Faith & Tucker with Roy Lindsay

Eli (Usher X Edith) 9 months

Chase (Croc X Reckless) with Bill

Bella (Usher X Gypsy)

Sophie (Wilson X Cheeks)

Edith (Tiger X Cheeks)

Archie (Murphy x Bubbles)

Sully (Usher X Kissi), Elizabeth, and Trace (Flare x Bubbles)

Murphy (Croc X Gypsy)

Lincoln (Usher X Gypsy)

Eli (Wilson X Gypsy)

Eli (Wilson X Gypsy)



Chita as a puppy

Mojo (Usher x Gypsy)



Croc & Gypsy

Sadie & Jett

Freddie at 8 weeks

Steele, Gypsy & Lilo

Jett (Usher x Edith)