Instead of buying several collars for your puppies first year, we suggest the British Style Slip Lead & Collar which is all in one, that simply slips over the head of your pup, then you have an adjustable tab to slide so that that collar can't slip over the puppies head. This lead can be used for the life of the dog and we have many that are over 15 years old. Easy to wash, comfortable in your hand and make sure you order the 6 ft. length. Please remember that place the lead on over the pups head in the shape of a " P " ......not a " Q" as you do not want to choke the puppy. So facing the dog, take the lead and make a P, with the loop on the left side as you place the lead over the head. The adjustable tab will be on the bottom right to slide as you are standing in front of the dog.

The Chris Christensen Wood Pin Brush is the brush we love and this brush is built to last!

The Sullivan Blunt Tooth 6 inch Comb is a wonderful tool to keep your golden retrievers undercoat shedding to a minimum. Use several times a week. Make sure you order the 6 inch comb and not the 9 inch which is too large. Here is a source online for $18.50:
Several choices of handles to choose from: wood, aluminum - pink & blue.

Please do not shave your golden retriever thinking that this makes them cooler in the summer - it doesn't! They have a double coat for a reason - to protect their skin from the sun.

Please weigh your golden retriever often as well as check to see if you can feel their ribs or not. Females should weigh 55 - 65 lbs and Males 65 -75 lbs at maturity. Your golden retriever needs to burn enough calories as you are feeding so be careful not to overfeed. If they are looking a bit pudgy, cut back on the food you are feeding until you see a waist again and increase their daily exercise. Throwing a ball in the backyard for them to retrieve is a very good daily habit for both of you to get out & get some exercise!