Puppy Proofing your Home



There are numerous household products that can prove fatal if ingested by your Ridgeback. These include rat poison, antifreeze, boric acid, hand soap, detergents, insecticides, mothballs, household cleaners, bleaches, de-icers, polishes and disinfectants, paint and varnishes removers, acetone, turpentine, and even health and beauty aids if ingested in large enough quantities. A word to the wise should be sufficient: any thing you would keep locked away from your two year old child you should also keep hidden from your pet.

There is another danger lurking around in your home among the household plants, which are almost all poisonous, even if swallowed in small quantities.

There are hundreds of poisonous plants around us among which are: ivy leaves, cyclamen, lily of the valley, rhododendrons, tulip bulbs, azalea, wisteria, poinsettia leaves, mistletoe, daffodils, jimson weed I cannot name them all. Rhubarb leaves, for example, either raw or cooked, can cause death or violent convulsions. Peach, elderberry, and cherry trees can cause cyanide poisoning if their bark is consumed.

There are many insects that can be poisonous to dogs such as spiders, bees, wasps and some flies. A few toads and frogs exude a fluid that can make a dog foam at the mouth-and even kill them-if he bites to hard!

There have been cases of dogs suffering from nicotine poisoning by consuming the contents of full ashtrays which thoughtless smokers have left on the coffee table. Also, do not leave nails, staples, pins, or other sharp objects lying around the home. Likewise, don’t let your puppy play with plastic bags which could suffocate him. Unplug, remove, or cover any electrical cords or cords near your dog. Chewing live wires could lead to severe mouth burns or death.


Keep all potentially dangerous objects out of your Ridgebacks reach.

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Hello Geordie, i spoke with you tonight in regards to putting my name forward for a pup. I would like a male pup as a pet not to show. Thank you.

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Could you mail me.

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Hi looking for a excellent example of the breed but with liver nose if possible no white at all red wheaten and a bitch!! I have no rush will wait example

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We are actually waiting on one of our girls coming into season at the min. this is the link for my kennel FB page https://www.facebook.com/groups/959365954106902/

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