2012 WNPJ Family Reunion/Registration
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2012 WNPJ Reunion serviced 300 plus Atlanta (Jonesboro/Stockbridge/Riverdale), GA.

Since 1978 the WNPJ Reunion has been held in many states.  We have been as far North on the East Coast as Maine, as far South as Florida, and as far West as California in 2010.  In 2012 the reunion was held in Atlanta, Georgia “Hotlanta” hosted by Arlivia “Williams” Staples, Ophelia “Button” Staples, DaWayne “Squallie” and Quantri Staples, Shaniqua “Niki” Kirkland, Lamont Lancaster and newly introduced family members from the Williams John and Yvonne Debra McCartney, and our families.

The Atlanta family committee began planning as soon as the torch was passed in 2010.  We knew that we had a great challenge before us.  We began to research locations that could house a large number, anticipating that 2012 would be a large turnout.   Some places were adequate The Atlanta International Beach home of the 19xx Olympics Volley Ball Tournament.  Others were very close quarters, never the less we as a Committee aimed to please.  Menus (enough food to fill everyone’s belly) had to be chosen. Tee shirts color selection, bright green, we wanted WNPJ to be recognized by anyone that saw us and orders were placed 300+ shirts, Hotels reserved to accommodate an anticipated 250 people.  A DJ for the weekend and much, much more… 

We secured entertainment for the children face painting, clown, games…  As well as door prizes, auctions, raffles for the adults.  One of the highlights of the reunion was handmade Afghans, some raffled off, some given away as prizes they were made by Arlivia “Williams” Staples.  The other highlight was all the senior ladies received a fresh cut flower “give them their flowers while they are live”.

There is no place I would rather be than in the house of the Lord.  On Sunday, the reunion weekend concluded with the family estimated 75 attending church Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church in Riverdale, GA where the Staples families worship.  We were blessed by a selection of song by the Late Chester Norris’ Jr. daughters.  For those that had to travel you we were with you in love and prayer.

Prior to the conclusion of each Reunion the next destination is chosen.  William Watt and Karen Askew accepted for 2014 to be held in Philadelphia, PA.

We’ll see you in Phili!

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2012 Registration Comments

****** Everyone Registered for the Reunion as of 06/25/2012 ******

* Eugene Padgett *
Wife Gwendolyn Mason-Padgett
Maya McCoy
Joshua McCoy
Samaura Coard
* Arlivia Staples Daughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Junius C Williams
Wife Joyce L Williams
Nelson Lee  
Wife Elaine B Lee  
Theodore Staples
Wife Betty Staples
Jonathan Staples Son of Arlivia Williams-Staples
Daughter Little Victoria Staples Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
* Yvonne Williams McCartney
* John McCartney
* Desmond Ruff  
* Jeremy Ruff  
* Shantel Slocumb-Ruff
* Patrice Richardson-Ruff
* Anthony Houston  
* Deborah Houston  
Melinda Vaughn
Tatiana Williams
Faith Gordon
Jeanette Walker  
Leroy Walker  
Robert Walker
Robert Walker Jr
Dorothy Lyons
Ruth Deas Daughter of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Steve Dawkins Grandaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Jessie Simmons Daughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Steven Wells Son of Edger O'Bryant Wells
Wife Beverly Wells Grandson of Flener Norris
Deloris Johnson
Charles Johnson
Jaden Jones 
Javis Jones
Chaundolyn Johnson
Harry J Friday  
Pearline Williams Friday  
Payton G Belvin
Parker N Blevin
Shelia Pharr Daughter of Barbara Williams-Askew
Husband Greg Pharr Grandaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Son Darryl Bigelow
Amos M Smith Jr  
Beatrice Lester
William Askew Son of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Wife Karen Askew Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
Harold Hawkins
Bessie Hawkins
Barbara Askew Daughter of Barbara Williams-Askew
Grandson Kershawn Askew Grandaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Grandson Kavon Askew
Grandson Kamron Askew
Josh O Williams  
Marilyn Willams  
Eric O Williams
Dorothy Goodwin  
Irving Goodwin  
Asia Goodwin
Daniel Askew Son of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Wife Barbara Askew Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
Arlechia Oakman   
Calvin Oakman  
Leslie Baston
Amaria Baston
Darrien Staples  
Serena Staples  
Cornelius Henry Askew Son of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Wife Faye Askew Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
Arthur Bobby Williams  
Clyde Cunningham
Wife Margaret Cunningham
Corey Somerville  
Maria Somerville  
Tessandra Robinson
Afrasia Robinson
Reyanna Somerville
Trema Brown
William Brown
Annette Wilson  
Leroy Wilson  
Sam (Alphonso) Davis Son of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
Dwain Williams Son of Howard Williams
Wife Kathy Williams Grandson of Mack Arthur Williams
Son Isaiah Williams
Mack Williams
Wife Colette Williams
Mylasia Williams
Frances Williamson  
Michael Askew Son of Barbara Williams-Askew
Wife Louise Askew Grandaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Leroy Williams Jr  
Wendy Williams  
Desmond Williams
Latrell Williams
JaMarcus Williams
DaMarcus Williams
Teressa Butler  
Ciren T Young  
Marion Williams Cannon
Gwendolyn Cannon Mahoney
Deborah Cannon 
Louis Sampson   
Bernadette Sampson  
Arthur Davis Jr 
Belynda Norris-Brunson  
Kirk Brunson  
Louise Norris 
Beatrice Somerville  
Allen Somerville  
Shynia Moore
Cressie Lenon
Bruce Lenon  
Deborah Alleyne (Wells
Joyce Radcliff  Daughter of Arlivia Williams-Staples
Husband Sylvester Radcliff Granddaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Isaiah Beckford
Kameka Myers
Kavonne Myers
Keshia Myers
Juanita Toatley
Ryana Henderson  
Thelma Joyce Irving Taylor
Diethric Taylor Langford
Joshua Langford
Gregory Taylor
Joseph Greene
Garcia Gates  
Veronica Gates  
Keri Gates
Warren Butler
Ruby Butler
Novarna Williams  
Lorenzo Williams  
Alphonso Major
Dinise Cunningham Major
Archie Padgett  
Allan Staples
Victoria Staples
Allan Staples, Jr
Nadyia Staples
Denina Staples
Myriah Staples
Erika Dickerson
Natalia Staples
Allan Staples, III
Isaiah Staples
Nehamiah Staples
Aneyah Powell
Alvin Padgett  
Sateria Padgett West
Annie Belle Padgett  
Mazie Padgett
Maureen Curry  
Rasheeda Staples
Terrance Zeno
Triston Zeno
Evan-Leigh Zeno
Anette Walker Daughter of Evangeline Williams-Askew
Granddaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Rev Dr Brendolyn Norris
Rev Dr  Russell Shaw, Sr
Wilbur Harris, Sr  
Wilbur Harris, Jr  
Mechelle Harris
Kailee Harris
Ayanna Brooks
Detarious Jackson
Alicia Tillmon
Jordyn Simmons
Dale Washington  
Vernell Gates-Hopson
Carolyn Gates Knightner
John Demps, Sr  
Gilda Butler Daughter of Pearlestine Williams-Lancaster
Granddaughter of Mack Arthur Williams

Welcome to our website
* Patricia Jones  
* Monica Jones  
* Rikiya Hollings
Deborah Morgan Daughter of Jessie Williams-Simmons
Al Morgan Granddaughter of Mack Arthur Williams
Sr. Pierre Gray
Devon Morgan
Erik Morgan
Shirley Barr  
Jessie Barr  
Kenny Harris
Lud Harris
Derrick Osby  
Katrina Osby  
Darius Osby
Derek Osby
De'Mious Osby
Dericka Osby
Tysherica Johnson
Cynthia Jackson 
Tawanna Jones  
Stephen Cannon
Breshon Cannon
Stevee Cannon
Suraya Cannon
Brenda Williams  
Phillip Williams  
Jason Staples
Yoshida Daniels
Mark Williams, Sr  
Latasha Williams  
Mark Williams, Jr
Mariah Williams
Patricia Gates- Jones
Travis Gates
Sheena Weldon
Nathan Jones, Jr
Mylaysia Gates
Travis Gates, Jr
Latoya Tolen (Friend)
DeMitria Hill (Friend)
Raya Hill (Friend)

2012 Reunion - Atlanta, GA

2012 Reunion - Atlanta, GA
Watch your mailboxes for the January newsletter/2012 reunion registration .

The time is getting near.  The final planning is being made for you to enjoy the most anticipated
Reunion of the century; The Williams, Norris, Padgett, Jennings Family Reunion.  We believe it will be one that you don’t want to miss.  It will be held in Atlanta, GA on July 6th – 8th of 2012. 

There is a great itinerary in place and plenty of options for you to enjoy.  You should make your vacation plans accordingly, so remember, you will be in Atlanta, GA.

Fill out the registration completely.  All information will be used to update family tree and mailing list. We are asking that you send your paid registration in way before the deadline.  It will help the committee in preparing.

The registration has all of the hotel information.  It is important to make sure you reserve your hotel rooms ASAP because spots will be going fast. Your credit card will not be charged up-front for the room, but you do need to reserve it in order to hold your room.

For those who have Internet access, the committee will be updating you periodically on the WNPJ website.  An additional newsletter will be sent

out in June providing you last minute information about the reunion.

There will be a very important family meeting at 6-7 pm on Saturday prior to the family banquet.  It is our family’s election of officers.  Please make your most loyal effort in attending, as we will be going over bylaws as well. 

The family wishes to extend to you Church Service on Sunday morning.  Let’s make every effort to share together the anointed spirit of GOD.

Finally, if you have any questions, feel free to contact any reunion committee member or send an email to: wnpj2012familyaffair@hotmail.com

By now everyone should have received their registration package. Packages were mailed/emailed along with the newsletter in January 2012


            FRIDAY – JULY 6, 2012

·        Hotel Check In ( 3:00 pm )

·        Hospitality/Meet and Greet ( 6:00 pm – 10:00 pm )

 LaQuinta Inn & Suites Atlanta Stockbridge

3581 Cameron Parkway

Stockbridge, GA30281

·        Registration

·        Information Packages

·        Light Refreshments


            SATURDAY – JULY 07, 2012 10:00 am – 5:00pm


Breakfast you are on your own .




                Name of golfer __________________________E-Mail address______________________

          Do you want to play before the start of the reunion? (Yes __No __)?

          Do you want to play during the reunion on Saturday? (Yes __No __)?

                                           Do you want to play after the reunion? (Yes __No __)?

SWIMMING @ the Beach $8.00 per person (your cost)

AREA ATTRACTIONS: Underground, King Center , Aquarium, World of Coke, CNN Building

Shopping: Outlets and Malls

Tours and more…


            EVENING – 6:00 pm – 12:00 am

            LOVEJOY COMMUNITY CENTER 11622 Hastings Bridge Rd , Lovejoy , GA 30250

            6:00 – 7:00 Family Meeting; All invited to attend.

            7pm – 9pm Dinner: Buffet Style

            9pm – 12am Family Fun Time (Games, Awards, Auctions, Raffles, Prizes)


            SUNDAY JULY 08, 2012

            Church 10:45 Fountain of Faith Missionary Baptist Church




Outdoors 10:00 am – 5:00pm

Indoors/Outdoors %>]]>






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CHRISTINE WILLIAMS | Reply 03.07.2012 15.19

Hello;How are you doing? Fine i hope.I'm christine bowens granddaughter;I didn't register for the family reunion and i have kids that want to attend the reuinon

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01.06 | 17:08

Hello All

This will be my first time attending as well. Please let me know you received my registration.

28.05 | 14:27

Do you have an email address? If so please send it to me. If not please send me your postal address and I will mil it to you.

28.05 | 12:51


I’m Angela Naggles, daughter of James Naggles. Please let me know if my registration form and check have been received. It was mailed last week.

28.05 | 12:34

Tonia please get in touch with me and let talk

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