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Welcome!  This site contains pictures of our current litter and development updates for our puppy families and friends.  We invite you to visit our main web site for further info:  

Milana was bred to Donovan and we welcomed their 2 beautiful, baby girls to our Acadia family on 1/4/22! 

Hope you enjoy watching them grow! 

Both girls have homes.

Currently, there are no future litters planned.

I am not accepting questionnaires at this time.

Puppy Development Updates:

1/4/22 - The girls have arrived via c-section.  No emergency, Milana had reached her due date and I felt that it would be safer being that there were only 2 good sized puppies.  Surgery went well and Milana and her 2 babies are doing great! Puppies have good appitites and are nursing well!

Neo-Natal Period (1-14 days):  During this time newborns are helpless and completely dependent on their dams, responding only to her warmth, touch and smell.  They cannot regulate body functions such as temperature and elimination. The position of a puppy when the dam is cleaning it and activating elimination will actually become a ritualized submission position - the mother teaches the submission position from day one.  At this age, puppies sleep 90% of the time, only waking to suckle, a natural reflex.  There are some vocalizations at this age if hungry or in distress.  Early Neurological Stimulation, 5 specific exercises for 3-5 seconds, once per day, will begin on day 3 and continue through day 16, benefiting puppies with improved cardiovascular, stronger heartbeats, stronger adrenal glands, more tolerance to stress and greater resistance to disease.

1/6/22 - Early Neurological Stimulation started this afternoon!

1/11/22:  1 week old today and first nail clipping - front paws only for now since they need their back claws for traction!

1/17/22:  Eyes are beginning to open.  Ears will open next.

Transitional Period (14-21 days): This period starts when the eyes are open and ends when the puppy first "startles" on hearing a noise.  This week is characterized by the rapid development of motor skills, the ability to eliminate on its own, the onset of usable vision (by 18-21 days), the initial emergence of teeth, and the development of hearing, although unable to locate the source of a sound.  The puppies move around a lot more, can now move backwards as well as forward and begin to walk instead of crawl. Tail wagging begins and vocalizations become more specialized.  They begin to show interest in their littermates.

1/18/22: 2 weeks old today!  They are being introduced to Classical and Reiki music as their hearing develops. They have started trying to walk.  1st deworming.

1/21/22:  The puppies are now interacting with each other.

1/22/22:  The puppies are starting to cut their teeth!  

Awareness or Identification Period (21-28 days): This is the first time the puppies have use of all of their senses.  Sight and hearing are functioning well.  The puppies will begin "play-fighting" during this week, with a loose pecking order starting to form.  Barking increases.  As the mother limits nursing time due to teeth eruption, puppies will learn to accept discipline and submission to adult dogs.

1/25/22 - 3 week old today!  Sound desensitization has begun.

1/28/22 - Puppies have transitioned from the whelping pen to the play pen.  The entire whelping pen was a 3" cushion with a pad on top. Now the pen is larger and has Dri-Dek for flooring which provides traction, and hospital pads to begin potty training.  The back of the pen has been removed for future use of the doggy door.

1/29/22 -  Puppies have started eating out of a bowl with a clicker being used before the bowl is put down.  They will be fed once a day for a couple of days and then meals are gradually increased to 3 times per day and then kibble is introduced. Weaning has begun! 

2/1/22 -  Second Awareness/Identification Week (28-35 days): During this week, play behavior becomes much more sophisticated, including growling, chasing, and "kill" games.  Distance perception is much improved. Play helps develop the strength, agility, coordination and skills to function as an adult and result in problem solving ability.

2/8/22 - The puppies are 5 weeks old today and are now spending time outside  their playpen.

2/9/22 - The puppies have been introduced to a crate that is attached to their playpen.  They are now eating kibble 3 times per day and taking turns eating in the crate.  They wore collars for the first time today and clicker training started with banana, introducing the "come" command.

Socialization Period (5-16 weeks): Dogs are not genetically "programmed" to interact socially with other species, including humans, but 12,000 years of domestication has made this possible. The more chances a puppy has to be properly exposed to new things, the less bothered he/she will be throughout his/her life. Socialization requires creativity and is an ongoing process, however, it is critical during this period, which can be further broken down as follows:

Curiosity Period (5-7 weeks): Weaning is completed during this period, although the mother will still play with and teach her puppies.  The puppies will be very curious now - wanting to climb, crawl, investigate and taste everything.  They have the lowest fear and highest approach acceptance now. They are attracted and accept people sooner but peak at this time due to increased motor skills and mobility. If frightened at this age, the puppy will bounce back very quickly.

2/13/22- Clicker training has continued, adding the "Sit" command.  They are now socializing with some of our adults.

2/15/22 -  6 weeks old today!  Most of the Dri-Dek was removed from the puppy playpen and the puppies outside pen was opened to give them access to the patio.

2/22/22 - 7 weeks old today!  Temperament testing  and 1st van  ride.

2/24/22 - Puppies went on their second van ride, this time in a crate.

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Wendy Kennedy | Reply 02.12.2021 13:24

Beautiful puppies and moms!!! As 2021 closes out, do you have any plans for 2022 litters? We are interested and have been seriously searching for awhile now.

Jane Weitsman | Reply 20.02.2021 22:56

if you have an accidental litter please contact me...:) if you resume breeding please contact me, I am in Pittsboro, NC.

Sheila Zagar | Reply 09.09.2019 16:44

So excited for Nicollette and you!
What a Beautiful Mom and Son!
Big Congratulations 🎉!

kenneth sheetz | Reply 06.02.2018 19:43

are there any male puooues available if not when will a litter be available?

Patti 06.02.2018 19:59

No, there are not and I don't have any litters planned at this time. You are welcome to contact me at if you have further questions.

Todd Brown | Reply 16.02.2016 16:12

OMG-these puppies are soooo cute!! Can't believe how much they have changed in 5 days-incredible!! Thanks so much for keeping the pictures coming. CU in April!

Sheila | Reply 13.07.2014 23:29

Great Information. I appreciate it. Thanks Patti!

Sheila | Reply 13.07.2014 18:05

Shayla and Jazzi are beautiful. Is Scarlett a sister or a cousin?
That Sisko is some kinda dog!

Patti 13.07.2014 22:03

Shayla's great grandsire is Dusty, who is Sisko's sire, so Scarlett's grandsire. Jazzi's great granddam, Blaze, is Scarlett's granddam.

Sheila | Reply 13.07.2014 14:22

Sisko's pups are head turners just like Scarlett and the Nicolett!
Any chance Sisko would be a dad again, this year or next? Great family of

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What a beauty!

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Sleepy baby girl 🥰💕

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Such big grownup girls now ☺️🥰💕😍

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Little snuggle bug 🥰💕

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