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2. Jul, 2021

Jacquie Reid

Beautiful cats! Fell in love with Rexes over 35 years ago and haven’t been without one since.

3. Apr, 2021

Caroline Stringer

I love this breed, great pictures and enjoyed reading about the Cornish Rex, just lovely cats

15. Nov, 2020

Janet Graddon

Been having a good read of your site, very interesting and helpful:)

Website 10. Jan, 2019


Love your site!!!

Great work.

6. Oct, 2015

Rosalie Mc Millan

Met you at the Manchester Cat & Dog show, Oct. 3. 2015. Fell in love with your Torie. xxx

Love your site!!!

23. Jun, 2014

Sandra F

Beautiful photos of your cats, a real credit to the breed!

8. Sep, 2013

Jackie Jones

Hi, Saw your beautiful cats at the show in Coventry yesterday, and have just been looking at the photos on your website. I already have two ageing Cornish Rex, so when the sad time comes I'd love to have more. They are wonderful companions and have provided
us with more pleasure than you can imagine over the fourteen years we've had them.

Website 25. Apr, 2012

Candice Bees

Happy Birthday Celexa Pascha, Phoenix, Logan and Harley 1 today! Pascha has had a wonderful day and is now curled up in her new bed with a happy smile on her face. She is the cat I've dreamed of and will be loved forever x

Website 14. Apr, 2012


Just visited your page. Good Luck on your babies!
Best Regards,

Website 18. Feb, 2012


Hello from Australia. Just browsing CRex sites and came across you lovely cats. Delightful. Very nice website, easy to navigate, well organised and terrific pics of your beautiful Cornies.

4. Jul, 2011

Julie Hood

Harley has the most gorgeous little kind face. Fallen totally in love with him. Love the others as well of course. They have grown into beautiful cats. Julie

11. May, 2011

julie hood

Fallen in love with Enzo and Vena. I love their type with those massive ears. Love little Pascha. looked up her name and it gave me some sort of comfort. I have been grieving badly over my 15 year old Devon rex Merlin whom I lost on the 7th Feb. but seeing Pascha meant Easter it seemed like some sort of sign. Merlin may have died, but he has risen again and lives on in my heart. I still have four cats, but Merlin was that extra special one that comes along once in a while and captures your heart.

24. Apr, 2011

'CJ' Deane


Looked at your website to understand better the Cornish Rex breed, and wonder if our Siamese cat has Cornish Rex in his make-up. He holds his toys in his fingers; is a purrr-fect terrorist/monkey;very inventive; .... if there is a 'crash' ..... it is him!! His bellow is v. loud, but his best-mate (a Somali-cat) talks more, as does our Birman!
Greetings from a fellow cat-lover, and thanks for your interesting Website.

19. Jan, 2011

Lisa and Marc

Buster and Toby still doing well and have two Devon Rex sisters. Buster is boss of the house and the biggest cat, whilst Toby is really very friendly. Both have gown into superb looking handsome cats, are full of character and much loved.

Website 25. Dec, 2010


Merry Christmas to you and all cats!

Website 17. Dec, 2010


Nice website and love your wonderful cats!
Good luck with your intresting plans for 2011!

E-mail: info@alter-ego.lt laraks62@mail.ru
Website: www.alter-ego.lt

Website 28. Oct, 2010


Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Website 16. Oct, 2010

Bodil & Johan

Nice website and love your wonderful cats!
Good luck with your intresting plans for 2011!

Website 22. May, 2010


Wow what a nice website you have thanks for looking:) keep up the good work

Website 21. Mar, 2010

Polina Krantz

Hi Debbie!

My babies have grown and are already 2 months old :) Congrats with your gorgeous new boy from Denmark, he is lovely!


Website 6. Mar, 2010

Cecilie Løveid

Dear Debbie, it was only yesterday I wakened with Secret Message on my pillow, only yesterday we flew together to meet you, the new mother in a new country. How awake and quiet he looked at you with his lovely warm eyes.
I new he new was in the right hands!
Wishing you luck widt your great new plans. And Message to Message is:I will always love you...

Website 10. Jan, 2010

Polina Krantz

Hi Debbie!

Congrats to your new Swedish girl and boy!
I have some great news, in September 2010 I will move to London! Some of the cats are joining me and I hope to be able to continue with my breeding in the UK too. Hope to see you at some shows then ;)

Best regards,

Website 4. Aug, 2009

Ulrich & Morten

Hi Debbie
Congrats to the beatuful Black litter... amazing with only black babies. They are are all so
Hugs Ulrich & Morten

Website 6. Jul, 2009

Sally Gleeson

I look forward to meweting my little rex

26. May, 2009

Lynn Barnett

Hi there, Thought I'd send a picture of Baggy (Celexa Empire Burlesque)& Baloo (Celexa Tangledupin Blue)with their new friend Timmy-the-Cat, a Devon Rex. They all get along famously and are fantastic fun - never a dull moment. Baheera is particularly fond of jumping on you (horrid when naked!) and Baloo is very cuddly. Good luck with your new litter - makes me kitten broody :)

29. Apr, 2009


Hi - I loved looking at your website and cat photos. We were thinking we might consider having a Cornish Rex in the future. They are meant to be better for people who suffer with eczema and asthma aren't they? We had a lovely 20 year old long haired tabby cat, Oliver, who came from a rescue centre and unfortunately in January I had to have him put to sleep as he was taken poorly again with cariomyopothy and nothing could be done. He had been on about 7 tablets a day for about 6 months so he had done well! We still miss him though. We have an aprox 5 year old ginger cat - called Ginger! who used to be a stray and he misses Oliver too because they used to keep each other company. In the future (sorry I nearly fell off my seat at price of kittens but with vet bills, food etc I know it adds up!!) we might consider a Cornish Rex because we need another cat!! Will look at your site again if we start looking properly. Thank you for sharing your pictures of your cats. Karen.

Website 1. Mar, 2009

Soft kiss


Greetings from Lithuania!

What a lovely and charming cats You have! All the best to You and Your cats and we wish many sucess on the shows and great achievements to Your cattery!

Best wishes,
Donatas and Sigita
SOFT KISS - Cornish rex, Sphynx and Siamese cattery

30. Jan, 2009

kathy gleeson

Well done Lexie!!!!! Looking forward to meeting your future kittens....we are all very excited at the prospect of having one...who knows, maybe two?

Website 7. Dec, 2008

Kristian and Christina

Hi Debbie

We have enjoyed looking at your website.
Lovely cats, and pics of them.

We have a Cornish Rex, and we just love him. Tuomas is a good young boy.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year.
Best wishes
Kristian and Christina, from Denmark

18. Sep, 2008


bonjour,j ai trouver tres interessent vos rex cornish,la presentation de ceux ci et un plaisir pour les yeux,bonne continuation dans votre elevage;

Website 12. Aug, 2008


Congratulations on Chrissie's new FIFe European Premier and DSM Show titles, well done, you!!

See you soon, Pam.

Website 22. Jul, 2008

Polina and Valentina

Hi Debbie!

Congrats with your new Cornish Rex girl! And your F2 Sphynx lady looks very cute :)

Best wishes for your future breeding!

S*Mumsikoff - Cornish Rex & Sphynx

Website 10. May, 2008

Ismo Leppänen

Greetings from the servants of a future "immigrant" still in Finland.

Website 4. May, 2008


Hi Debbie,Came to see your lovely new kitten ,WOW she is TOO CUTE!!!!!Your site is really enjoyable and your babies are absolutely delicious .Good luck with all your future plans and a kiss to your lovely daughter and one for Chrissy too
hugs Laura

26. Mar, 2008

Sonia Owczarek

Popped on to your web site as I think the Cornish Rex is so lovely. Your cats and kittens are adorable.
Kind regards.
ps your litter Patterdale is so sweet too.

24. Mar, 2008

Sally Brewer

Just came by to look at the site, and it was lovely to see the pics of my two boys when they were kittens. Both of them are doing really well - Myrddin is sitting on my lap as I type this, occasionally batting at the keypad.

Your cats look lovely and the sphinx breeding programme looks really interesting.

I hope you get to make many more people happy with their kittens and introduce many more to the gorgeous Cornish Rex breed.


Website 18. Mar, 2008


Came across your site and enjoyed your lovely cats!
Wishing you best of luck with your future plans!
Kind Regards Maria S*Guzmania's Cornish and Devon Rex, Sweden

Website 7. Mar, 2008


Surfed by to say hello ;)

12. Oct, 2007

mary welton

Hi Debbie

It was a real treat for me to look at your photos of the cornish rex. I have just had my boy of 17 yrs pts. He was a lovable, escentric, personality cat. Even friends of ours who did not like cats took to him (or should I say, he landed on them). He was a blue eye white out of Cloudberry Ivanhoe. I've also got a female, blue smoke of 12 yrs. She misses her companion, she is not quite as affectionate as the boy but is getting better. She has a labrador dog to keep her company. I still miss my boy and really do appreciate this rare and lovely breed with their individual ways. Maybe some day I will consider having another boy, but I don't think any would replace that which I have lost.

Keep up the good work and continue to promote this very adorable breed.

Website 8. Sep, 2007


Just surfed in, your cats are so beautiful, we have also gottten our first litter, take a lokk they ar e so sweet.

Website 1. Sep, 2007


what a super site,Chissy is a beautiful Sphynx, love your Cornsih too. Good luck and cant wait to see your next kitten photos in the future.
love Nicky xxx :0)

Website 27. Jul, 2007


Hi Debbie

Long time since Ive been visiting so here I am. Been looking at your kittens and I'm in love with Yogi. He is sooooooooooooo beautiful :))

Hope everything is ok in UK and that you enjoy the summer *gg* Here everything is as it use to be. The weather is so and so, warm, cold, sunny and rain *grins*


Website 31. Dec, 2006

Ulrich & Morten

We wish you all, people and cats:

23. Dec, 2006


For you

Website 23. Dec, 2006


Hello Debbie!!

How are you?
I see you are planning a litter in January - who will you breed?

Our babies are getting bigger - we are so proud about them.

Merry Christmas!!!

S*Mumsikoff - Cornish Rex and Sphynx

Website 22. Sep, 2006

Polina and Valentina

Hello, very nice website!

We are also a crx-breeder in Sweden. We are actually expecting our first litter in a week or so ;)
You have some wonderful cats, especially the males in your last litter!

Polina and Valentina Krantz

27. Aug, 2006

Sheri Cunnington

Lovely website & beautiful cats & kittens. It is good to see the amazing Sphynx - they are adorable. I think I will have to make an appointment to visit as you are only in the next county!

2. Aug, 2006

Christine Cooke

Hello Debbie, Love your website! Very well designed ! LOVE your cats ! Would love to meet you & the Cornish Rex. Enjoyed reading the guestbook messages. The one next-but-one sounds SO familiar ! Our Will (the baby!) has just graduated & left home but I miss the computer advice. One reason I want a Cornish kitten - can't be without a baby ! Hope to be in touch soon. Best wishes to you & yours, both two legged & four legged ! Christine

Website 16. Jul, 2006

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Congratulation with the newborn litter 14.07 2006.
We wish you, the mother and all the 5 boys good luck...and hope next time there will be some girls:-)

Ulrich & Morten
DK Yeoman

22. Jun, 2006


hello mum its will im on my form tutors laptop site looks good but the kittens for sale bit is wrong frm will

Website 30. May, 2006

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Congratulation with Bella & Charlie's babies:-)
Look forward to se some pic's of the boy quartet.
Hallo also from grandfather Jonny Depp

Ulrich & Morten

Website 29. May, 2006

Elena Lebedeva

Hi! You have beautiful crx!!!
I realy glad to vizit you web!!!
And I want to invaite you to my web of cornish-rex "Jolly Rex Cattery" (Moscow)!
Best Regards!

Website 13. Feb, 2006

Polina & Valentina

I´m really curious about your Fearless... It will be nice to see your kittens in the future!

//S*Mumsikoff - Cornish Rex & Sphynx

Website 30. Jan, 2006

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Congratulation with the fine results on the FIFe Show in Milton Keynes.
We are proud too:-)))
We will put it on RexKatten's.DK's homepage
Hugs from
Ulrich & Morten

Website 12. Jan, 2006

Sue Dean

Hi Debbie - what a wonderful website!!
Your cats are absolutely stunning :O)) - you are one lucky lady!!
Hugs Sue xx

Website 11. Dec, 2005

Eeva - FIN*Alchemist Cornish Rex

It's been long since I last visited your site. Congratz on your first litter - Fern looks nice and she's my favourite color; tabby AND point ;-)
Fleur will be an interesting addition to your breeding program, hope you'll find her great mates! All the best for the future!
Love, Eeva + cats
PS. My cream pointed queen Darla will hopefully have kittens in February - take a look!

21. Nov, 2005


Hey Debbie

Just thought I'd leave a message to say thank you for the two lovely kittens who are now happily romping around my house. Good luck with future litters, and I hope they turn out as nicely.


Website 17. Nov, 2005


hi debs

just been in for a nosey, thanks for the mentions on the site, Cloud is looking great but you really need to watch her I am fighting to keep Pete from coming to steal her

Speak soon

Mags, Pete and the Rrintao horrors

Website 25. Oct, 2005


Hi Deb :o)

Just want to let you know that I've been visiting your homepage again. How's the little ones doing, getting big I suppose.


Website 8. Oct, 2005

Magdalena and Petra

Just love Charlie! He´s really great sized - yummie! ;)

Website 20. Jun, 2005

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Congratulation with Bella's BOB:-))

Website 12. Jun, 2005


Hi! Thank you for your e-mail. Nice to hear that my answer finally found its way to you :) Good luck with your breeding!

Website 30. May, 2005

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Once more, CONGRATULTION :-))
We are so happy that ChaChaCha (Charlie) done it so well at show.
Hope you all are well, and lots of more succes to you:-))
Kiss to ChaChaCha and all other cats.

Ulrich & Morten

Website 30. Apr, 2005


Great site to visit, and your cats look so contented and very well cared for! Wishing you all the best of luck for your very first litter!!!!

Website 14. Apr, 2005


Hi Debbie
One week left:-))
All seems to look fine, that ChachaCha can go 26th. April.
Look forward to you visit in Copenhagen.

Ulrich & Morten

Website 28. Feb, 2005


Congratz for your brand new website and also for finding your new boy!

Website 25. Feb, 2005


Congratulate to a nice homepage. Your cats are so lovely.
I wish you success for your breeding and showing.
Greetings from Finland!

Website 14. Feb, 2005

Eeva, FIN*Alchemist Cornish Rex

Nice website Debbie! I'm looking forward to see what ChaChaCha will produce with your girls! Wishing you all a Lovely St. Valentine's Day!
Love, Eeva + cats

Website 6. Feb, 2005

Ulrich & Morten

Dear Debbie
Congratulaion with your new website and welcome i cyber space.
We look forward to meeet you in april,and will take good care og ChaChaCha until that

Bedt regards
Ulrich & Morten
Cornish Rex Cattery

Website 6. Feb, 2005

Pamela Anderson

Hi Debbie
Thanks for the invitation to view your site! Its great and best wishes for the planned litters in 2005! I too am awaiting a stud import!

Website 6. Feb, 2005

Audrey Shepherd

Hi Debbie, it's a really nice website and so easy to find your way around, your cats are really beautiful, I enjoyed my visit.

Website 6. Feb, 2005


Hi Debbie

Congratulations on your new (temperary) homepage. I'm glad you could use my gift :o)) I'll send the link to Morten and Ulrich.

Mione is getting bigger and bigger and this past friday I - just by looking at her stomach - could see movements. I was so trilled (is this how you say it when you are so happy :o)) just like I would be if it was my daughter or son expecting a baby.

Now there's only about 1½ week left until delivery :oD and only 2½ months until your arrivel to Copenhagen.

Hanne and nosekisses from Nicke, Figaro, Grynet and a very pregnant Mione.

5. Feb, 2005

sean 'love-god'

hi Debs,
Website looks ace.Realy nice photo's of the cats.
(My Debs not having any more!!!)
Sean & Debs

Website 5. Feb, 2005

Beverley Davis

Hi Debbie

I got your link through rexcats yahoo. what a mighty good site, well done, cats to be proud of.

Website 5. Feb, 2005

Margaret Jackson

hi Debbie

love the site, Sally sends hugs and head butts to Bella and she is dead jealous cos I haven't got round to adding her to my site yet.

Cats and site are looking great and I can't wait to meet Chachacha


Website 5. Feb, 2005

Judy Picknell

Hi Debbie, what a lovely site. Some gorgeous pictures, I'm looking forward to meeting ChaChaCha when he arrives :-))