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Written by Lynne on Jul. 19, 2021
Our best buddy Lou is now 10! He’s been the best furry friend to our family. Since he joined our family he’s been loved by all who come into contact with him. We have literally had people pull over during a walk to tell us how beautiful he is.
We started out with just him, and then added three kids to the mix. Lou has loved every moment and the kids couldn’t love any dog more. He truly is the best dog ever (though I truly believe he has no idea he’s a dog and not a human).

Written by christine on Jul. 16, 2021
jennifer Lawton of the SBGRC has referred us.
We live in Hingham MA with our 3 daughters. Looking for an healthy and active family dog. My hope is is train this pup as a therapy / companion. What are your plans for future litters? Our timing is flexible and willing to wait for the right fit!

Look forward to hearing!


Written by Elizabeth Paolella on Jul. 4, 2021
Today is our Cloverdale pup’s (Murphy) 10th birthday!! He has brought such incredible joy to our family and we pray we have many more years with him. We would love to know how his mom & dad are (Cloverdale Like a Heat Wave & Gossip Girl) and how all his brothers & sisters are today on this special day.

Written by Kerry Courcey on Apr. 30, 2021
Ollie (Oliver) 10.5 years old! We love our handsome puppy!

Written by Sharon Carey on Mar. 1, 2021
Hello, I am hoping for a golden puppy as we lost our dear Ellie on Feb 2nd. She was our third golden girl and a sweetheart of a dog. I hope you are able to contact me at your convenience. Thank you.

Written by Stephen Bandy on Jan. 25, 2021
We're looking for a Golden puppy (or adult) to adopt. Are there any available, or anticipated in the near future? We live on a small farm just north of Woodbury CT. Thanks very much.

Written by Diane Sutter on Jan. 11, 2021
Hello, We are hoping to adopt a golden puppy for my daughter.... can you please contact us at your earliest convenience!! thank you!

Warm Regards,
The Sutter Family

Written by Nadine Kolasinski on Jan. 4, 2021
My husband and I would love to add a golden to our family. Could you provide us with information on any upcoming litters?

Thank you so much!

Written by Elise Thomas on Dec. 6, 2020
Hi Jane,
We lost our beloved Bella (2/1/06) back in April and are now considering another Golden. Can you please let me know the process now? Waitlist? We’d like to be early in the picking of a litter and are willing to wait for that. Thank you!

Written by Kay on Nov. 11, 2020
Here are my Cloverdale girls - Tuukka (5) and Meribel (12) enjoying a little shade.

Written by Connie Krier on Oct. 28, 2020
I just sent an email as we are looking to adopt a puppy.
We are hoping to know how long the wait might be and if possible, be added to a list
Thank you,

Written by Kerry Courcey, Guilford, CT on Sep. 26, 2020
Happy 10th Birthday to our beloved puppy Ollie ( Oliver) . We love him so much ❤️

Written by Charlie and Chris Donahue on Sep. 21, 2020
Good morning
We just laid to rest Riley our 11.5 year old golden and we are heart broken!
He was just an amazing part of my family.
I am inquiring about any litters you have planned for 2021.
Could you please respond at your earliest convenience
Thanks in advance

Written by Ian Adomeit on Sep. 16, 2020
Maya (07/31/2006) is enjoying her golden years! She loves to swim, cuddle up on the couch, and take lots of naps.

Thank you for giving us such a wonderful golden.

Written by Bruce Kanter on Sep. 13, 2020
Sad to report the passing of my boy Jake (Cole and Lace, 6/5/09). :-( He was one of the most beautiful Goldens I've ever seen, and was truly the sweetest, most loving, good natured and playful a dog as anyone could ever hope for. Everything a Golden is supposed to be! Thank you, Jane, for bring this extraordinary boy into the world. He so enriched my life. My heart is broken.