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Written by Beth Choulas on Jun. 29, 2020
We are family that has had Golden's our entire life. We were recommended to you by our friend Beth and John Rice and they have a beautiful girl Nellie from you in 2018. We would like to know more about upcoming litters and availability of puppies. Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.

Written by Sue Caron on Jun. 16, 2020
My husband and I just recently said goodbye to our boy Bodhi. We would like to add a golden to our family. Kindly provide us with information about your upcoming litters. Thank you for your attention to this request.

Written by Cathy Warrick on May. 21, 2020
My husband and I are looking for a golden as a new addition to our home. Your kennel was recommended to us by one of your customers who obtained a pup from you in the past.

We would prefer a female and she would not be used for showing or breeding.

Can you send me information on upcoming litters, application process and approximate cost?

Thank you!

Written by Elise Thomas on Apr. 27, 2020
We lost Bella, our sweet 14 year old Golden, yesterday. She was born 2/1/06 and was the best dog ever. Gentle as ever, full of unconditional love. The best temperament ever. A hole is in our family now, a piece missing forever. Thank you Cloverdale for the greatest gift of our lives with Bella.

Written by Jeffrey Althoff on Apr. 21, 2020
Hi Jane!

We heard of Cloverdale through a good friend whose puppy we now know very well (Scout, was adopted from you in December of 2018). We are a couple looking to adopt our first dog and would love for it to be from one of your litters. Hope all is well with you and your family.

Written by Dianne Crawford on Apr. 7, 2020
Hello Jane,

You were recommended to us by Indya Sheehan, from whom we adopted a puppy in 2008; he passed away and we are now longing for a new member to our family
I am wondering when you anticipate a new litter
Thank you

Written by Anne Freestone on Apr. 7, 2020
Hi Jane

We are looking for a female puppy. Would you have a litter planned soon? We lost both our Golden girls this winter. I am retired and am looking for a new companion.

Website: Bethel Ct
Written by kim on Mar. 31, 2020
Hi Jane,

Just wondering if you have any pups or when you will. We had gotten our first Golden from you- Tanner- Taffy was the mom.

Website: Southington
Written by Leila Newhouse on Nov. 28, 2019
Dear Jane,
Our beautiful girl Stella (Sugar/Ryan from May 2008) passed away last evening and we're trying to figure out how we will live without her. She was the most perfect dog- our best friend, big sister to our 3 boys, beautiful, gentle and so sweet. Thank you for giving us a beloved family member for 11.5 years.

Written by Lauren Mackay on Nov. 26, 2019
Every day is a beach day when you’re a golden no matter what the temperature!

Written by Greg Kearney on Nov. 4, 2019
Any pups available in the next couple of months? Was referred by Doug Johnston.
Have owned 3 golden's over the past 30 plus years and starting to the process after 2 years of mourning our last golden. 203-258-4471

Website: Westport
Written by Carmen Paul on Oct. 26, 2019
Elsa (Sweet Talker and Here’s the Scoop Ryan 2008) enjoying life.

Written by Philip Coyne and Sandy Kweder on Oct. 2, 2019
Our beloved companion, Riley, had to be put down last week due to a metastatic hemangiosarcoma. He was such a great dog. We picked him up in Tolland in September 2009, so he had just passed his tenth birthday when he died. He lived with us in Maryland, then made the transition to London, England, with us in 2016. He also had a nice ferry ride this past May to his new home in Amsterdam, where he died.

Written by Lauren Mackay on Sep. 26, 2019
Happy 6th Birthday to my baby Cali! I still treat her like a spoiled puppy and she still acts like one! Always living her best life!

Written by Kerry Courcey on Aug. 15, 2019
Happy 9th birthday to our beautiful Ollie (Oliver)! We think he still has a puppy face.