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Making opinion polls (Gallup, INRA, etc.) is a very heavy and costly operation. And often rather time-consuming. But it is absolutely necessary for governments, newspapers, organisations, companies and universities.

But if you need a faster and less exact monitoring of trends in public opinion the Internet is a possibility. And a much cheaper possibility.

You can also use the web-based polling method to test the opinion in a limited group of people (any number of persons, actually).

A. Small polls and surveys:

A very simple and totally non-scientific method is offered free of charge from a number of websites:

1. A simple, free and certainly non-scientific way of monitoring attitudes of your contacts you find on this site:


2. Another similar free service in this area is:

These services are in particular effective when linked with campaigns such as mailshots, brochures or advertising. And instead of a feedback form, you should provide a URL or link to users to read for more information. And for giving feedback in a manageable format.

B. Very solid and well-documented polls and compliance monitoring:

A totally different and very serious and solid service is offered by the company "Interactive Dialogues":

Through a very sophisticated and well-tested software programme the ID makes it possible to monitor the attitudes and knowledge of any small or larger - but well-defined - group of people. You get the results online and in real time.

This survice is a paid service.

As ID's home page shows they primarily work in private corporations. But their methods and systems are certainly very interesting also to public institutions.