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Written by Helen on 8. Feb, 2019
Fantastic website. Me and my partner are looking into adding a Leonberger into our family in the near future and came across this website during my research. I really enjoyed the health page, it was very informative, and of course I loved the pictures of this beautiful breed.
Written by Isabelle O'Keeffe on 3. Aug, 2018
I am honored to have a chance to visit your website. All are perfect!!!
Written by Andrew Simmonds on 2. Dec, 2012
Hey that's posh i'm liking the snow and advent candle!!!!
Written by Julie Haigh on 22. Oct, 2011
Just found your website and just had a lovely browse. Congratulations on your beautiful litter of puppies.
Written by Sinead Treacy on 2. Sep, 2011
Racquel, have just spent ages going through your website, it is just wonderful. Lovely photos to ohh and ahh over. The health info on your puppies health page is excellent, very supportive and informative.
Written by geraldine on 21. Aug, 2011
lovin the website racquel xxxxxxx
Written by Peter on 26. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.
Written by Sandy Lipman on 20. Sep, 2010
love your leos...great website
Written by Peter on 22. May, 2010
Wow what a nice website you have thanks for looking:) keep up the good work
Written by Graham & Elaine Lucas on 10. May, 2010
Hi Raquel
Congratulations on your result at the Birmingham Nationals on the 9th May 2010.
Written by Dianne Page on 11. Jan, 2010
Hi Raquel,
Great website and very informative only found out about it on fb...I love Stomper, what a fantastic male he is...Will pop in again to catch up on your news...Happy New Year xx
Written by Phil on 4. Jun, 2009
Hi,Love your site! lovely pics!
Written by Donna on 16. Mar, 2009
Congratulations, on BPIB at Crufts, Jake is such a lovely boy, with the sweetest dohey face I think i've seen, I was under no illusions that he liked me and it was just cupboard love, he only wanted my sweeties, lol. Hoping there are many more prizes for him, his brothers and sisters in the future.
Written by Sue Waller on 10. Mar, 2009
Hi Racquel, Congratulations to Jake and of course yourself and your sister.Harleys just as beautiful!!! It was lovely to see you on Sunday. Love Sue xxxx
Written by Annika on 9. Mar, 2009
Hey Racquel!
What a wonderful pictures. Jakes looks wonderful...=)
Nice to see that u are doing well!!!

xxxxx love Annika