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2015 was a very hard year having to say good night to 3 of our loved ones.  Bella in the March just short of 10 years old after a lovely life.  The next two were not so kind, Iwo I fought hard with my wonderful vets Carly and Tim Charlesworth but it clearly was just not meant to be so we lost him late summer.  We then lost Jake in November 2015 so we were very glad to see the end of that year 😥





29/10/2014  another awful day - we lost Carruthers, so hoped it would be something simple like pulled ligament or a floating bit of bone, but no - he had cancer in the shoulder - so I let him go to run with all the other kids ♥ one very special boy who was the kindest dog you could ever meet ♥♥♥

Well we knew he would have a limited life but nothing could ever prepare you for it being so short  McGregor had DCM and for 9 motnhs didnt show any signs following being diagnosed but just as quick as being picked up on a totally unrelated visit to the vets, he went down hill.  I let him go early hours of Sunday monring (18.12.2011) He was yet again just a fantastic gentleman.


Another one that has slipped away but he had a fantastic 11years and 5 months - Fogerty  (4 November 2011)

Again biopsies have been sent off as we have been concerned about his breathing since he was around 8.  Results will be confirmed once known.

This is the sad page 😥

I have lost two very special leos personally in the last year and I will never be able to explain how sad these passing were, but while they were here they were the most loving and gorgeous dogs I could have ever had the pleasure to be with.

First was Alfie - Vannroy Ilandre Black Eyed Boy - 6 Jan 2007
Secondly was Jaz - Vannroy Helkenna Red Rinah - 26 Oct 2007

And as new life starts unfortunately and never ever wanted another goes 😥

15 March 2008 - I have now lost my very first very very special boy, Manorguard Kings Ransom, Calloway.  He would have been 11 in August so he had a good life, just would have preferred a nicer end.  Biopsies will be sent off shortly.  All information for the Leonberger Health record is essential.  Results will be confirmed once received.

Here we go again, just when you really think I can't be dealt another blow, wow you get one.  Boston - Vannroy Follow the Dandy passed on to a be with the other guys and girls on the 3 May 2008.  Again biopsies have gone off.  Boston had already had the tracheostomy so a year ago and his back end was not to special so we are expecting to get the results from America that he had LPPN.  If you need to know more about this very serious heriditory disease you can speak to Midge Clayton who also finds the time to do Leonberger Rescue.  Her email address is

Sorry I had forgotten to update the health results.  Well I can confirm that Calloway did not have LPPN, but as expected Boston was confiremed as YES.