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WELCOME to my world of art, creativity, meanderings and happenings from my little slice of paradise - Gisborne, East Coast, New Zealand

Sher is a self-taught artist who has been painting since 2003. Says Sher, “The spark was ignited when I began on a journey of discovery and re-education to become a social worker. In between the study was a need to have a paintbrush in my hand, a canvas propped up on the pool table and music to paint to”.
A combination of creative and life experience now produce a broad range of expression with her exciting use of colour. Her surroundings are prominent in her coastal landscapes where the viewer is invited into a natural world in which open spaces offer harmony and a sense of freedom.  Whether portraying vibrant abstract flowers, gardens or coastal vistas that entice a walk on the beach, her images suggest the memory of a treasured place.
Sher's technique and style are tied to a childhood of music and dance.  Performing from a young age and later teaching dance from her studio purpose built by her parents nurtured her passion for the arts.  Apart from her imagination, her inspiration arises from many aspects of her life such as growing up in a close-knit community where there was song, piano and guitar playing, and endless summers spent at the beach, but it is music that is her driving force…’It will alter my mood, the way I handle my paint and thought process and everything, she says.’ 
 Her “Colour me Jazz” series are alive with energy and dynamic perspectives expressing freedom of movement with vibrant colours, lively and playful scenes – painting in a more loose fashion than is usually evident with her coastal scenes


An abstraction



Title:      T uahine

Media:   Gold Leaf, ink, acrylic

Dimensions:  600 x 610mm


The inspiration behind Tuahine is about women affected by cancer.  It may not be their own health but that of others.  As recently as December 2009 a number of women and other members of a small East Coast township came together and supported each other as their heads were shaved.  They were not only raising money but were raising awareness in their community.   Some had lost their mother, or sisters and other members of their whanau to this diabolical disease and it was their way of saying, no matter what, we stand together, we stand strong and we will be courageous for we have tino aroha. (much love)



Kaandy's love

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Latest comments

30.03 | 20:25

I am in the throes of painting a large coastal work. This one is hanging on a Wainui wall! Happy to accept commission work. I am also a "Wainui original" :)

30.03 | 17:01

Have you any more recent artworks similar to this one,
Regards Dinny Pearce who grew up in Gisborne on Wainui Beach.

04.10 | 21:13

why thank you Margaret. I love the fact that I just "go with the flow" - a little like my music ability! Looking forward to extending upon this too. Namaste

04.10 | 21:03

Wow Sher, art work stunning - very talented. Love what you have achieved. Untrained an obvious advantage - makes you unique. Thanks for sharing.

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