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"Remembrance" - the latest work hot off the easel.  This artwork I have donated to Hospice Tairawhiti (here in my hometown of Gisborne) - they will be auctioning it off along with other works from artists from this area in the hope of raising funds for their wonderful palliative care service.  

I have been very remiss and not been updating my website as much as I would like.  Watch this space because its about to undergo some major changes. 

I took rather a lengthy break from creating but am now back with a vengeance.  How I have missed creating, painting, collaging and just plain old "playing" in my studio.  It's so fun to be back. 

This year will be a busy one.   Already I've entered into the Gisborne Art & Garden Festival - our garden and my gallery/studio will be open for the many visitors that flock to this once every two year event.  I'm so looking forward to this year's because the first time I only showed my artworks. This time round the garden will be also part of the exhibition.  Oooooh, excited at this prospect.  My wonderful sidekick "The Don" will be tending to much of the gardening (weed control) ... it's looking gorgeous at this time of year. Let's hope by November that it will be blooming beautiful!   There were literally hundreds of visitors who came to the studio a couple of years ago - I'm hoping for equal numbers - if not more this time round.  Am glad that I don't have artworks in any other gardens because that was a bit of a mission to try to be in two places at once.  So, all you art and garden lovers out there in NZ and overseas.... this is NOT to be missed.  Gissie (Gisborne) has some truly wonderful delights to behold.  Grab a group and come spend the weekend.

I'm tempted to also host an exhibition from home in the not too distant future - preferably prior to the November event - perhaps a winter exhibition.  I'm busy painting again and am so enthusiastic. 

On the list of "goals" is also the soon to be offering Art Workshops for Women - some fun times to be had in my studio.  I've dabbled with the idea for a while now and have had a couple of lovely ladies who have had fun creating with me.  I think it's time I forged ahead and began to promote some monthly workshops where we can get together and explore the unknown (for some at least).  I know how I feel once I begin a project or a new artwork.... it's like a novel you can't put down - addictive - YES!  So, watch this space because I will be advertising in the not too distant future.  If you are keen after reading this newsletter - fire me a message.

Apart from the above, life has been hectic around here.  Plenty happening on the playing field with our son well into winter sports.  Hubby very much into his bowls.  Makes it nice and peaceful here at times for me to hide away upstairs in the studio. 

Happy to see that I can now utilise the option of selling online to prospective purchasers.  Yay! 

So, for now I will aim to pop back in here and keep you all up to date with what is going on in the world of Sher. 

I didn't mention that since I've been gone a while I've been "cooking" and cultivating lots of culinary delights from my kitchen.  Managed to even win two very wonderful prizes that I am putting to good use in my kitchen.   I've also taught myself how to play ukulele and am now strumming and singing and entertaining (when folk allow me to belt out a few songs)! 

Hope you are all fantastically well and are keeping nice and warm and toasty as we move into the cooler weather.  for now I shall say adieu until the next one.

Arohanui.... Sher xxooxx

Latest comments

30.03 | 20:25

I am in the throes of painting a large coastal work. This one is hanging on a Wainui wall! Happy to accept commission work. I am also a "Wainui original" :)

30.03 | 17:01

Have you any more recent artworks similar to this one,
Regards Dinny Pearce who grew up in Gisborne on Wainui Beach.

04.10 | 21:13

why thank you Margaret. I love the fact that I just "go with the flow" - a little like my music ability! Looking forward to extending upon this too. Namaste

04.10 | 21:03

Wow Sher, art work stunning - very talented. Love what you have achieved. Untrained an obvious advantage - makes you unique. Thanks for sharing.

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