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Well hasn't our Wild Flower Meadow done well. A joy to sit and look not only at the flowers  but also the insects and butterflies it has brought in. Below are some wonderful shots taken last week by our Treasurer Andrew.

Hopefully we will get some more sun to ripen all the seeds before the annual mow in early Sept. Next year the perennial plants will show and not the annual ones of this year so more to look forward to. 

Our great guys continue to go out on a Monday morning and do so much work in the valley and orchard to maintain it in best possible condition. We are all so very grateful to them. Come rain or shine they are there.  

Our AGM will be held on Monday Sept 9th. I will put the venue on the Upcoming Events Page when it has been decided where it will be held. Anyone interested in our beautiful valley is welcome.  


A Small Skipper
A Roesel’s Busch-Cricket
Beautiful Common Blue on Corn Marigold in our Wild Flower Meadow

I am sure those of you who walk in the valley and through the Orchard will have seen the wonderful wild flowers that are now emerging on the area worked on last autumn. If you remember we were helped by Buglife's Urban Buzz Bristol to create an area at the lower end of the Orchard. In the last couple of weeks to our delight it is a wonderful sight. There are 23 different varieties in the seed mix. Some may not show until next year but so many of them are there to see now. Do go and sit on the seat in the Orchard and let all your cares depart as you look at the beauty we have there.