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Full Stack Developer still hungry to learn and develop

If you are into agile software development on frontend as backend systems and motivated by the direct impact of your efforts on our customers’ daily lives and their businesses, then SimpleSite might be the right place for you!

You will be working with

A SaaS product with a “mobile first” mindset on a production stack containing Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript, Microsoft .Net backend and hosted with Amazon Web Services (AWS) An application with primary focus on high usability and great success experience for the end user Developing new functionality in the frontend and backend from scratch or integrated with legacy code

About SimpleSite

SimpleSite is a key player in the huge and still growing global market of DIY online website builders (SaaS). Each month between 200,000 and 400,000 users globally come to SimpleSite looking for a super-easy way to build websites on both mobile and desktop devices. Today’s access to large scale data gives SimpleSite the unique opportunity to constantly optimize the customer experience and revenue by testing what works and what doesn’t work through real-user experiments – A/B tests. Due to SimpleSite’s massive user base even small changes have a huge impact on the business.

Founded in 2003, SimpleSite was one of the first tech start-ups in Denmark to do actual growth hacking, and achieved global coverage at rapid speed. Since then SimpleSite’s organisation has grown to 60 people with an annual revenue of around 10 million Euro. Today, SimpleSite has 90,000 premium users worldwide, and more than 20 million websites been created. SimpleSite operates in 200+ countries with global customer service. Headquarters are located in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Your opportunity

Joining SimpleSite will give you an opportunity to work with a SaaS product that caters to a massive group of users. The work SimpleSite does affects millions of users’ basic need to communicate their message and purpose to the world. You will constantly be pursuing better usability striving for simplicity, rather than fancy features. Keeping an eye on the user’s experience as a focal point requires great team work and cross-functional cooperation at SimpleSite.

Your role in The Product Development Team

As part of the product development team in Copenhagen, you will be cooperating with co-developers as well as UX and UI designers. In close collaboration, the product development team will at all times focus on tasks with the biggest effect on the business.

The product development team in Copenhagen consists of 4 developers, 1 UI designer, 3 copywriters and email experts and 2 data analysts. SimpleSite have two off-site development teams. In Novisad, Serbia 4 developers work with operations and integration to third party systems. In Burgas, Bulgaria 1 developer works on product development. In Copenhagen an additional five dev-ops handle operations. The total tech and product team consists of 20 people.

All developers have a planned week based on quick sprints. A sprint is typically 1-2 weeks, with a prioritisation of time to spend on a problem based on what the impact and effect is expected to be.

Typically, we develop new features as A/B experiments to evaluate the effect on business or usability. With 15,000 new sign-ups every day, we measure the results of experiments fast and decisions on future development are based on facts.

The work is coordinated through quarterly OKRs, weekly planning, daily stand-ups and 1:1 coordination with managers. Learning and failing fast is part of the company’s DNA, so everybody takes responsibility for their daily work by testing deliveries before passing them on and evaluate the quality of work at the same time.

SimpleSite has a clear goal not to let customers experience errors in the solution as it affects thousands of users.

Technology stack

Our solution is served from AWS and we are continuously integrating more and more of our solution to services on that platform

- Core of the backend is developed in C#
- Core of the frontend is developed in Angular 1.5 (soon Angular 4) using Typescript/Javascript
- Customer data are stored in a SQLServer setup – moving slowly to AWS DynamoDB
- Business data and tracking information are stored in RedShift
- We use Git (with Github) as source code repository
- We use the Github solutions for Issue tracking and Projects
- We use Teamcity for our continuous building and deployment process

… and much more

SimpleSite is looking for:

A highly skilled developer to become part of the product development team, someone who thrives in a multicultural environment with clear goals and an honest and direct style of communication. A person that is a dedicated and technically curious individual, being proactive and willing to take personal ownership of tasks and projects, yet team-oriented and helpful across job functions. Someone who delivers high quality, while still able to juggle quantity and quality in respect for deadlines, execution and prioritisation.

Added to this, the ideal candidate holds

- 4+ years of professional experience as a software developer
- Professional experience with backend development is mandatory
- Professional experience developing internet solutions is an advantage
- Professional experience working with JavaScript frameworks such as Angular is an advantage
- Experience developing large scale high volume applications
- Experience with the Microsoft development stack, C#, SQL and databases is an advantage
- Experience writing REST APIs with JSON payloads is an advantage but is not a prerequisite
- Curiosity about new tools and technology
- Fluent in English both verbally and in writing

Growth Hacking and start-up environment

SimpleSite has been a front-runner in Growth Hacking in Denmark by experimenting and using different optimization techniques within marketing and product development. A common desire to share knowledge and learn from the Copenhagen tech start-up environment inspired Morten Elk, CEO of SimpleSite, to create the community The Nordic Growth Hackers. For the past three years this community has organized quarterly meet-ups to share specific and actionable insights about growth from excellent start-ups in Copenhagen, such as Unity, Trustpilot, Momondo, Vivino, GoMore and Endomondo.

What can you expect from SimpleSite?

You will be working in a global SaaS company, which includes challenges in usability, success experience, security and response times in a live environment. The technical environment combined with focus on growth hacking will give you a unique option to develop your skills – technically, in business understand and personally.

Your work place is SimpleSite, Toldbodgade 31, 1253 Copenhagen K.

You will report to Head of Development Michael Svendsen

How to apply

Please send your resume and application to anne@peoplement.dk, marking your application “Full Stack Developer”. We expect to enter an employment contract with a suitable candidate in Q4 2017.

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