In Memory: Mudford Property Wards River

In Memory of a beautiful, rich, agricultural farm.  Now owned by Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal.

The former Mudford Property is surrounded on three (3) sides by Mammy Johnsons River (MJR).  A most beautiful property with rich grazing grass for cattle and Riparian Vegetation/trees along the MJR for wildlife.

Another property in Wards River gone to mining!  Time will tell if they start drilling this property.  

Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal have drilled the river flats and flood plains of Mammy Johnsons River on other properties both sides of Johnsons Creek Road.  Gloucester Coal have in 2010 drilled the adjoining property to the Mudford Property, including in the tree line of MJR.  Duralie Coal under exploration have drilled the river flats and flood plains that flood easily in rainfall events.

Drilling has caused creeks/gullies in the Karuah Catchment area to run iron oxide colour and pumpkin soup consistency, or a dark ugly grey or black water in local creeks.  ICAG Inc. continue to state this is NOT naturally occuring as many creeks water only appeared and showed these alarming signs, after drilling proceeded from Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal.

These photos of Mudford Property, were taken on auction day, where they were selling farm equipment and household items. A very sad day for this property, another farm lost to ownership of Gloucester Coal.  An environment to be altered in time forever, should drilling commence on this property. ICAG Inc. will be watching what Gloucester Coal do 'in time', to this beautiful river frontage/agricultural farming property of Tereel Road Wards River.