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Please contact Ironstone Community Action Group Inc. (ICAG Inc.), for any further information.  Email us at:

If you are being contacted by mining companies via (phone, mail or in person), tell them NO, DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING, REQUEST THEY STOP PHONING YOU AND REQUEST THEY LEAVE YOUR PROPERTY.


Contact ICAG Inc. for advice & support.  NEVER meet the mining company by yourself.

Don't be 'sweet talked' by their professional and friendly manner!

ICAG Inc. speak up, for an environment unable to defend itself against Government approved mining.  The numbers of wildlife being killed and their habitat destroyed around NSW and Australia are completely undocumented. 

ICAG Inc. is a support group for "We the People" (no membership required).

We support people who are being contacted and/or being intimidated and/or harrassed by mining companies impacting their lives, causing people a multitude of physical sicknesses (asthma, skin rashes etc.) and stress causing heart attacks & strokes.
People are affected by mining noise, dust and blasting including export and shuttle train movements producing dust & noise.  People's, houses cracking with each blast from Duralie Coal or Stratford Coal.  Family members suffering sicknesses, with farm & domestic animals showing dreadful affects (misscarriages, sterility, cattle poisoning and dying by drinking mining sump water), since mining moved into the valley.

Mining is destroying towns, villages and people's homes/properties.

Living in this beatiful valley basin of The Barrington Ranges, Gloucester, Stratford Township, Craven Village, Wards River, Stroud Road, Stroud Booral & Girvan, Allworth, Limeburners Creek to 12 Mile Creek, with thousands of creeks and many river systems all flowing into either the Manning Catchment Area to Taree or the Karuah Catchment Area to Port Stephens.

The Bucketts Way a designated NSW Tourist Drive 2, is being destroyed in areas from Government approved mining companies.  These companies operating in the Gloucester-Stroud valley, are destroying creeks that flow into Mammy Johnsons Riverk, Karuah River to Port Stephens, or the Avon River, Little Manning & Manning River (Taree).  Some Creeks have been destroyed and are gone for good, others are going soon.  All life extinguished!

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