In Memory: Wards River Station

In memory of Wards River Station.  A beautiful rich agricultural, rural property and Wildlife/habitat area.  Situated South of Wards River Township, on The Bucketts Way, NSW Tourist Drive 2.

Wards River Station for 25 years farmed Angus Beef Cattle and the property owners were the first to bring Angus Beef farming into the Gloucester-Stroud Valley.

While still being used as a farming property.  Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal sunk to an all time low, having multiple drilling rigs all being done at a rapid rate.  Cattle suffered injuries:- hurting their legs by stumbling/falling into vehicle trenches and being terrorised by mining vehicles and drills around them.

With NO regard for the properties original owner, his cattle and/or the Unnamed Creek and wildlife, the drilling accelerated and continued.  Gates left open.  Cattle were pushed up into barb wire fences inbetween drilling rigs, or pushed into the dam to escape the vast number of vehicles, concrete vehicles and drilling rigs running everywhere over Wards River Station.

Wards River Station property is now owned by Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal taking posession on Monday 6th February 2012.

In Memory of the Wards River Station, Aboriginal people, property owners past and present. 

Our precious environment of Wards River Station, Unnamed Creek, wildlife including frogs, birds, reptiles, marsupials, mammals, & Platypus etc life on this property gone forever!
The next open cut pit of Duralie Coal "Wisemantles Pit".  Natural Environment & Wildlife Extinghished forever!

In 2012, they started planting rows of trees in the stupid thought that this will block what they are doing while they dig up the valley, the Unnamed Creek, bushland/wildlife habitat and pollute Mammy Johnsons River/Karuah River to Port Stephens, this vallies sad reality.