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ICAG Inc. would like to apologise to the general public, on behalf of Gloucester Coal/Yancoal, Planning Dept. & PAC for them all causing further grief to people living along the railway line from Duralie Coal's exit to Stratford Coal's enterance.

PAC sent an email one week after the date on their letter 1st November 2012, notifying me of their approval of train times from 6am to 1am following morning, though it has been broken up into a, b, and c.  Though the obvious outcome is that PAC have given Gloucester Coal/Yancoal full approval to run their shuttle trains from 6am to 1am.  PAC have also removed and/or added many things which in the most part is MOST alarming.

The Public Meeting was held in Stroud on the 18th October and 19th October.  This below has been superseded with the above information:-

 P & I (Planning Dept.) - referred to Planning Assessment Commission (PAC), Gloucester Coal/(Duralie/Stratford Coal) for 'determination & recommending approval' extending 'shuttle train times', 6am-1am (following morning).

And Planning are seeking changes to the residences living along railway line entitled to seek noise mitigation measures.

People affected by train noise & dust, particularly people between Duralie Coal's exit & Stratford Coal's entrance.


PLEASE take this opportunity & register: with your preferred time,
suitable to you! A LAST opportunity re: train movements:-
Advising PAC you are already suffering & by extending train times will make it worse for your (sleep/health etc.).

Public Meeting:- organised by (PAC)
Friday 19 Oct. 2012,
9.30 a.m. onwards
Stroud School of Arts Hall.

Register NO LATER THAN:- 12 Noon Monday 15 Oct.

Contact: Greyce Fernandes (PAC) on 9383-2112.

Majority of people impacted by train movements were NOT consulted. This information was to be incorporated into the 'Dust and Noise Train Reports'.

Land & Environment Court, Judge Preston authorised 'shuttle trains' remain 7am-10pm, ruling against Director General approval to extend train times to 2am. Then stated:- 'Duralie Coal has not yet made out a case justifying extending the existing hours of operation of the trains', as part of his Court Orders and is aware of people being impacted by noise/dust from trains and commented that trucks carrying coal must be covered.

Ironstone Community Action Group Inc. (ICAG Inc.)
Amanda Albury
Secretary PH: 4997-5979