Crimes of Environmental thuggery

Crimes of Environmental thuggery.  By Government Departments of many (DPI, Planning Dept (P & I), PAC, Land & Environment Court, State, Federal, Commonwealth and Local Government Councils who support, condone and wear 'rose coloured glases', in justifying support for such UGLY crimes against the natural environment, our natural watersources, our wildlife being killed in the billions all going undocumented and the endless number of people being interferred with by these Government approvals. 

The towns/villages being removed 'off the face of the earth', the suffering of people and their animals being impacted by mining companies who move into their area of living.  All done of course by the Ministers and the above Departments full of people ruling in favour of these mining companies and big developments at the expense of everyone and everything else that will be impacted health wise and/or suffer stress causing heart attacks or our wildlife killed outright!