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Stratford Coal formerly of Gloucester Coal.  Now owned by Yancoal China.

China cares little for their people, killing them in cold blood.

Why would they be concerned about peoples health, safety and environment here in Australia, when they treat their people so dreadfully?

A collection of photos taken in 2012 of Stratford Coal moving North, East and West ready to jump the road into the dairy farm and fresh water/bird habitat area that flows into the Avon River.

These photos are in memory of a valley already destroyed in so many places and letterboxes show once where people lived, now an open cut mine moving N, E & W. 

Photos are of a panaramic view of the valley that is still there, the dairy farm bought by the mine and soon to be the next open cut pit. 

These photos show a valley that was present and will in time eventually go forever and in other photos showing the area destroyed leaving a massive void, dirty water holding dams, bushland cleared, wildlife killed and Life in that area of the open cut Extinguished!