Great Lakes Council's illegal dump blunder on Mammy Johnsons River bank

people started dumping their rubbish behind the Great Lakes enviromental dump of illegal material some 10-14 metres of Mammy Johnsons River tree line.

Mammy Johnsons River, showing a picture of the beautiful side to this river and environment , yet this river is being discharged into via creeks from Gloucester Coal and on the land dump site from Great Lakes Council.

These photos are of Great Lakes Council's environmental blunder 10-15 metres off the tree line of Mammy Johnsons River.

Dumping many truck loads of dirt, clay, rock rubble, road signs, wire, concrete, bitumen, fencing, posts, rubbish, when part of The Bucketts Way (Road) subsided.

ICAG Inc. investigated to find out, who was responsible?  Being fobbed off for many weeks by Council.  We called EPA, Planning Compliance Dept and Great Lakes Council, until finally ICAG Inc. was informed by Council, "they would find who was responsible and fine the person/people for dumping the material".  ICAG Inc. did a paid search of the property to be advised the land was owned by Gloucester Coal/Duralie Coal.

It took ICAG Inc. some convincing of G.L.Council that it was not their land, as we were wrongly advised.

Since Council had built this towering pile of dirt the rate of rubbish being dumped by uncaring people in the community had now accelerated on the sides and behind this massive and ugly unretained fill in an areas that should never have been treated this way (whether they thought they owned the land or not).

Rather than taking this clean fill to the tip.  Rather than asking the State Government for a waive of fees due to a natural disaster.  GLC (Stroud) thinking the land was their own, dumped truck loads of material less than 10-15 metres from the tree line of Mammy Johnsons River, building the unretained pile of rubbish some 14 metres high in places.  The Council also dumped this waste conglomeration of materials higher than Johnsons Creek Road.  With many phone calls and sending back updated photographs the Council came in and flattened out the pile of dumped material.


Council came out on numerous trips to remove rubbish and push out the huge and unretained pile of rock, dirt and clay, below the road level of Johnsons Creek Road.  They had left an erea now of thick clay, that was a trap for vehicles in the event of needing to pull over.  ICAG Inc. suggested strongly that the Council needed to gravel the area, which they did using local material it appeared to ICAG Inc. representatives.

Someone then threw handfulls of rubbish grass which seeing the area currently in November 2012 is a fire hazzard growing up over 1 metre in height and completely dry on long stalks.  This grass was not natural to the area and has now introduced mining grass to an area that was free of this weed grass species.

Great Lakes Council through taking what they thought was the 'easy way out and dumping the dirt on what they wrongly thought was their land', which after ICAG Inc. paid for a search showed the Council to be owned by Gloucester/Duralie Coal.  If it wasn't so serious it would have been so very funny.  GLC Forster fining GLC Stroud.  ICAG Inc. would have liked to have seen that!

Great Lakes Council Forster exclaimed that they would NOT be removing the fill. To the many attempts of ICAG Inc. stating the obvious, that the 'illegal fill' should have never been put there and needed to be removed.  Todate G.L.C has left an ugly eye sore in an area off Johnsons Creek Road, that was used by many locals for swimming, fishing and canoeing and a real fire risk, considering all the suspicious fires along Johnsons Creek Road in October 2012.  This is another Giant Barred Frog Habitat area of Mammy Johnsons River at real risk of fire, because of the Great Lakes Council's stupidity and unwillingness to remove the illegal fill they dumped there in the first place!