What is Magnetite?

Magnetite mine in Tasmania destroying mountain tops, bushland/habitat and killing wildlife outright - Life Extinguished!

What is Magnetite used for?

Acid drainage - Savage River Tasmania from Magnetite mine.

Magnetite is magnetic and used in the coal industry to pull out the impurities in coal and "make it burn cleaner".  Also that it "burned greener".  Both Gov. Departments and mining happy to tell us this.

What they didn't want people to know was they were going to blast apart the mountain range to dig out the magnetite.  Starting with Ironstone Mountain.  Where many of the creeks start that flow under The Bucketts Way to the Karuah River South of Allworth Township.

Magnetite is also used to rust proof steel.

The magnetite mine in Tasmania and the toxic Savage River is testimony to what a magnetite mine looks like and what it does to the environment.

These photos below are of Ironstone Mountain Range where the headwaters of creeks start all flowing under the Bucketts Way and directly into the Karuah River.  All these areas would have been impacted by the 25 square Km's exploration area & potential magnetite mine if it had proceeded.  Impacting areas/properties of Limeburners Creek, Allworth and Booral, including the vast amount of wildlife species including Koala that would have fallen victim to this industry.

KEEP VIGILENT, no one is ever going to be safe on their property from Government approved exploration/mining companies, until the Government realises their gross error in approving mining ventures across Australia in the first place.



These signs were effected using these words when the Magnetite mine tresspassed on people's properties cutting chains on locked gates and lifting gates off hinges.
This is a photo of Ironstone Mountain, where the Magnetite mining company did their exploration drilling.
This photo is typical of the massive gum trees and tree studded areas of this spectacular mountain range running parallel to The Bucketts Way.
Photo looking from property along Bucketts Way Allworth to Ironstone Mountain.
So much wildlife in these mountains with wildlife abounds, including the Koala's, quols and other wildlife live in this area.