Marleys Litter

Possible deposit pending on Cowboy! If there is a puppy you are interested in, and it is not available, feel free to send a message to be put on a list in the evenr the final sale or the pending deposit would fall through. Also we have a litter coming in January, accepting up to 3 deposits, with puppy contract for 1st, 2nd and 3rd pick of litter. Color, sex and coat May be stipulated if placed before the litter arrives, deposit comes off price the puppy.
Cow boy - deposit pending 600$
Obie - not available for deposit black and tan male piebald
Chocolate and Tan female - not available
Dapple piebald black and tan female - not available
Marley's litter video
Very hard to get good pictures at this age, so the videos are very helpful. Updated Dec 2
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