Jaguar & Ferrari Restorations

"Time knows no barriers, quality lasts forever" - Steve's Jaguar & Daimler Restorations for most models including, head fabric linings made, head roof boards re-skinned, door trim boards made, colour change coded to trim, engine rebuilds, interiors repairs, body and panel rebuilding, Panels made to order, Trans & Suspension overhauls, Brake and Caliper overhauls, specialising in V12s, Hot Rods and Custom installations, full assembly service of interiors, starter and alternators & generators overhauls, L-Jetronic Airflow meters rebuilt, Injectors cleaned, whole doors rebuilt, whole window frames rebuilt, new window glass cut and made to order, chrome trim repairs, radiators & cooling systems rebuilt, fitting, turning of small parts, bushes etc.



Quality - Knowhow - Experience

Classic Vehicle Builder & Restoration Mechanic

 for classic Ferrari & Jaguar.

Mk 4, Mk 5, Mk 7,8,9, Mk 1 & 2, E-types, XKs, XJs, XJ,

XJ40, X300s, Alloy XJ, Xs, S. XK, Rs, Supercharged models and

all variants, custom, street, track, and custom Jaguars.

Also I have all manuals for for full service of Classic Ferrari

365, 246, 308, 400, 512, 208, Mondial, Testarossa, 412, 348.



Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.

 +(613) 9888 2144



A one-stop for all auto engineering and restorations projects on Jaguar-Daimler cars to any stage or budget.

We manufacture for street or track, custom brakes, flywheels, pedal boxes, gearbox adaptor rings, custom inlet manifolds, custom fuel injection set-ups for 6s or 12s, gearbox 5 or 6 speed conversions, 4 speed OD auto conversions, racing frames, chassis strengthening, air flow meters, friction coatings on pistons & bearing shells, small component fabrication and many other items, for the DIY, Clubber, and Trade.

Suppliers of special friction modified Track-Side Lubricants for engines, gearbox, difs, chassis joints, Rowdy Mufflers and Death Valley Radiators & Coolers, also Road-Rage Wheels and Dead-Stop brakes systems.



for more classic model info see &

SEE Jagmania on Pininterest under Formula Jag 


 NEW, NEW, NEW made to Order

E-Type Alernators rebuilt (BUTEC type)

Custom V12 Cams (see Products page under Workshop)

V12 Alu-Tuff race cylinders made to order (bare or sleeved, see Products page)

Guard splash covers for XJs, XJS, and other models, new made to order.

V12 Exhaust, New FULL BORE V12 2.5" exhaust under chassis system.

Ultra Brakes for Mk11, 4 pot calliper, uprated systems for other models.

Brake Hoses stainless braided, made to order.

Sill & Door sections, made to order, most models.

Door Trim boards, aluminium, never rots, most make/models.

V12 Extractors made to order (Race or Street) in SS or Steel.


To all my Customers & Associates, and foreign Friends during 2013 for the encouragement to pursue the construction of the unique Formula JAG V12 5000 race car which is nearing its completion. 

There is no doubt that the interst is far and wide.

Most engineering aspects and design have been completed for replication on future models.




Jagmania now has a strategic alliance with a fully accredited Insurance Repair workshop for chassis and major crash repairer, 2-pack reprays, baking oven and accreditation with major Insurers. All work is of the highest standard and equal to VACC policy & practice. 




Jaguar V12 Open Wheeler Race Car built by Steve Burrows for Club Events and Shows. This car is No 3 expected to be sold upon completion, all enquiries to Car No 4 frame plans to be commenced construction in 2015.
Latest Photos of body development of Burrows-V12 5000 Club Racer (frame No 3), with 13" rear semi slicks & 8" on front. F1 style rear engine car under construction Car No.3 is a modified 5000cc Jaguar V12 block with its engine & gearbox getting test fitted before suspension gear is mounted. Car No 3 chassis weighs about 70kg whole car should be about 600kg. These cars are built for economical Club Formula racing. More pics at Restoration Examples. Jaguar Historic F1 race car is well under way with fitting and set up of rear end, front end, steering geometry, engine transaxle, car should be a rolling vehicle about June. Another car is planned for construction around Sept 2014. The ultimate for Club enthusiasts. For more info read the 'Cats Paw. These high powered open wheelers are ideal for the Club Enthusiast, call for more detail and configuration. Frames can be made in about 13 weeks.
"Hi Guys, come to my workshop and talk to the person who actually works on your car",..."I can tailor fit your requirements to any budget and style"

Booked Out til 28th Jan 2015

only taking on small jobs or

general servicing or insurance work

Avail for major restos or repairs

in 2015 




Why Ferrari & Jaguar Owners use my services?

It is often said that I am the real deal, what you see you get, no bull, no lies, no stuffing around and I offer Work Assurance on assemblies, Product Guarantee on new parts and full Warranty on Craftsmanship (see Warranties).

Why do Jaguar or Ferrari Owners engage me as their private dedicated mechanic for their cars? Its simple, the only person that works on your car is me, no apprentice, no uni-students, no novices.

I am also a passionate historic race car enthusiast (1960s-1970s F5000 & F1).

 I believe mechanics work should be to aviation standards, thus I double check my work, material, parts and provide quality assurance to each Customer with a full photo archieve, detailed quotes and detailed invoice.



Its like asking who is a good surgeon. Forget flashy signs, glass smooth floors, spiffy customer lounges and glass screens, forget the labourers or floor staff, apprentices,... have a look at your Mechanics own workstation, if it looks prison cell clean is not a good sign,... or does it look used daily, grinders, welders, strange tools, and assortment of nuts/bolts/bits,... this a sign that a mechanic lives here. Can you talk to him, ask questions, is he knowledgable or talks jargon, is he educational to you,... does he have time for You,... does he pay attention or 'fluffs' you off, do you get reports, & photos.

Some of the best specialist mechanics operate from small garages, bit like a surgeon, whose operationg room is just a 4 x 4 metre and workbench is a 6 foot trolley,... its all about the person not the flashy factory.


Show & Go Detailing
We can detail your Jaguar to any stage of chrome or nickel plating, special paints, hardware and loom wrapping, upgrade electrics to higher value relays or concealment for authenticity look.
Small & Large Panel Repairs
We make our own door panel sections for any classic car, Jaguar, Aston, Roller, GTHO, GTS, and so forth. Pressed, rolled and seamed with additional drain holes, plug welded and seam welded in position, lead loaded and primed.

Supercharged XJR & XKR Repairs-Service

Servicing XKR & XJR Supercharges cars for tune, timing chains, cooling, brakes trans and other adjustments.

Repairs to any Supercharged Jaguar for 6 cylinders and V8 of XJRs and XKRs or special custom Jaguars, ie timing tensioners, coolant system, brakes.

I also remanufacture obsolete E-Type Butec Alternators, XJR heater valves, install new timing chain tensioners and ancilliary items, rebuild V12 starter motors, make up V12 timing chain tensioner, XJ6 Airflow meters  (change over or rebuild your own). 

Power steering racks rebuilt, pumps and air con compressors.

Call for more info and availability on other obsolete or rare parts for rebuilding.



Part or Full Engine Re-Builds
We do engine rebuild to any stage of tune for 2.4, 3.4, 3.8, 4.2, 5.3, 6.0 with comp ratio of 8:1, 9:1, 10:1 & 12.5:1 (or race 15:1 V12 only) with full chrome or nickel plating, new stainless bolts/nuts, stainless head studs, copper water pipes, braided hoses, anodised colors, 2-pack paints, acrylics, stoving, detailing with re-calibrated ancillaries, injectors, carbs and much more.
All Interior Work
Re-trim, install woods, carpets, head linings, any colour any style leather or fabric, or re-colour match missing trim, re-stretched old trim, make back boards, parcel shelfs, repair dashes for XK, MkII, XJ, XJS, door treads made, capping made, chrome parts repaired, boot fitted out and engine bays to name a few.

Case Study :: XJ6 runs rough

New Page to commence soon for Case Studies

Case Study 1:  Customers XJ6-4.2 EFI runs rough, almost like it had a burnt valve or failed injector,... the other suspect item is a failed thermostat letting the engine run too cold and resulting in an over fueled mis-fire.

Jagmania repaired the thermostat by milling all surfaces and fitting new parts.

Workmanship is to the highest standard an life warranty. 

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Case of the Broken Tappet

Case Study No 2, XJ Soverign 4.2 engine cannot be tuned to even idle, also misses up and down the rev range, regardless of leaning or enricment of the EFI system, the engine has um,,pa,,pa um,, instead of a purr. The customer initially could not tell, except a trained ear brought it to his attention.

The cause (see pic opposite) broken tappet guide and no clearance on front cylinder exhaust tappet. A new tappet/guided milled & installed & clearance reset.


Machine Shop Capacity
We recently have acquired to our in-house workshop the above new precision digital 3-axis geared tilting head multi speed mill for milling cylinder heads, valves, porting, block boring, con rods, flywheels, decking and levelling blocks and heads, brake modification, parts manufacture and many other custom parts for the trade or enthusiast.
Capacity: 0.5mm to 100mm holes, whole engine block or head.
Our Workshop Ability
Our own facility include, welding ferrous & non ferrous with MIG, MAG, Gas, in-house lathe work, 20 ton press, 10 ton extractor, electronic analysis, sandblasting, pipe or tube bending from 6mm to 63mm, drilling up to 80mm, plate cutting 300x170mm steel (solid or tube), sheet metal guillotine - rolling - folding and also plate shearing up to 5mm, paint facilities, 2 ton gantry, 1 ton engine lift to name a few for most Customer demands.
Historic Racing
From 2013, I now can take orders from interested persons who wish to purchase a Formula JAG type racing frame constructed in the guidelines of historic blueprints. All steel construction, alloy body, Jaguar mechanical rolling chasiss (excludes engine).
General Engineering
Additional to automotive engineering, I can provide general engineering service for shed or factory structural components, design, styling with structural engineers computations (excludes Council permits). Shop cuts for steel trusses, girders, columns, rafters, knee and apex joints.
Jagmania, the best where budget & quality meet.

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Sports Enthusiast | Reply 26.08.2014 07.59

Radical man, unbelievable what you are building. More people should build private race cars and get more new blood into the sport. Keep up the good work.

William | Reply 17.05.2014 15.13

Great Services

Steve 18.05.2014 17.32

Thanks William, I get quite a few email compliments also. Cheers.

Neil | Reply 27.10.2013 21.17

Jaguar XKR & XJR V8 engine timing chain tensioers are dangerous, Can you give me an idea of cost please? Like to do it all,water pump etc. X308 3.2L 1998

Admin 28.10.2013 11.52

Answer: Top tensioners are main problem, rates run $1000-$1500. Depending on complications I have heard figures of $2.5K to $4K, send email for detail response.

Kanga | Reply 05.10.2013 20.14

Hi, I've been following your Club Race cars project, mainly how you rebuild a Jag V12 into a 3.5 litre race engine and what transaxle you use behind the V12 :-

Admin 28.10.2013 11.57

Answer: Jag V12 can be bored & stroked up & down the range to replicate period style engine capacities, ie rods, liners, crank, pistons send email for info.

Petrol-Head | Reply 22.08.2013 08.22

Hi Steve, all the best on opening up your factory, the race car looking good.

Chris | Reply 23.07.2013 16.47

Testimonial: Thanks for the restoration of my E-Type within my budget, highly recommend for custom work and modifications. I sold the car at auction and brought

Classic Car Lover | Reply 06.06.2013 18.19

Very informative. Technical knowledge and know-how is exceptional.

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31.08 | 16:06

David, short hugger headers 3-1x2 in S.S. to fit will free up the exhaust, true extractors need about 600mm primaries, no room. Send email at Contacts page.

31.08 | 00:40

Hi, I have a 1980 JAGUAR XJS V12, 5.3L 10:1 Cr with a few mods in progress.
I am currently looking for an Extractor system for this car. Can you help??

26.08 | 07:59

Radical man, unbelievable what you are building. More people should build private race cars and get more new blood into the sport. Keep up the good work.

18.05 | 17:32

Thanks William, I get quite a few email compliments also. Cheers.

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