Thats one off the bucket list then.



Thar She blows

Siming Shan

Thousand Island Lake

etc etc.

Just click on each one to read the story.

I live in Ningbo, Have a bevy of motorcycles, some sailing boats and I do quite a bit of surfing. Life is good.. but yes. .there would be a few things I'd like to change. 

If it is not possible to stop getting older then to have bones that don't hurt so much would be nice. 

Hair? It would be nice to have the curls back but it's no biggie. 

But really, would I change anything? Those stunning good looks? The mountains of cash?.. nah.. we are what we what we are.. We can change the hair style but when you make your own bed and it's that messy, you can at least go and stay in a hotel.

 If there is one thing that may make a difference it is to ask each and every one of ourselves a simple question. It goes like this:

"What is it that I can do in this life that will help to leave this place a slightly better place when I have gone?"

If all people could ask themselves this question on a regular basis then maybe we can change our world if not ourselves, or am I still a dreamer? I hope so!

ANYWAY.. I'm going to keep taking pictures and writing, not only about a middle aged fart biking around China but also maybe something else about China, so maybe we all get to have a different opinion about the place here, the people and from that, maybe about ourselves too. Welcome, and I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I do writing it.

If you do enjoy, please send the link to all your friends. Thanks. Now a few of my own cliches................

Poverty is the only crime against humanity.

Equality is simply a state of mind.

Lies kill more people than pollution. 

You can only reason with the reasonable

throw away words come from throw away thoughts and throw away mouths
think what you mean and mean what you say

What we do or say matters if what we do or say matters.  

But if intelligent 'aint to your liking.. I do stupid too..

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Quincy Carroll | Reply 28.03.2016 01.45

Hi Jon,

Would you have any interest in reading and reviewing my debut novel about two Americans teaching English in rural China? Motorcycles are involved!

Mr. Christ | Reply 19.05.2015 16.29

Jon, Jesus again. Father said to take down your blog! Or you will spend eternity in Hell

Pierre | Reply 13.05.2015 19.24

Hi Jons. Liking your blog buddy. Especially the God Exists post. Cheers P

jonsims 14.05.2015 08.08

And that was without drugs!!! Put your old fart surfing picture on facebook with a couple of mine.. Nice waves mate..

sparkleoflife | Reply 15.04.2015 01.24

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gift | Reply 02.03.2015 21.42

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jon sims 26.02.2015 09.45

what is your blog? The URL?

RidaDar | Reply 13.02.2015 12.49

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jon sims 13.02.2015 15.44

What is it ?

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Mike, you obviously work for Ultraseal. Never heard of the stuff so looked on line and you're world famous, in the USA.. You have compounds for inner tubes?

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Hey, stop punctures, use Ultra Seal, great in bike tyres!

28.03 | 01:45

Hi Jon,

Would you have any interest in reading and reviewing my debut novel about two Americans teaching English in rural China? Motorcycles are involved!

21.05 | 14:17

Tell the old sod it's about time he came clean.

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