Joshua our name sake and Max his big brother. Both rescues. Joshua's House for Golden Retriever Rescue was actually started over twenty years ago when Ellen Pavlik our founder and Dr. Nayfield past owner of Midway Animal saw a need to help the Golden Retrievers in and around Citrus County.

In loving Memory

Joshua's House is dedicated in loving memory to our dear friend and past member Ralph Littlefield and our beloved Reggie. Rest in peace.

                                                    Mission Statement
Joshua's House for Golden Retriever Rescue's mission is to rescue abused, unwanted, neglected or stray Golden Retrievers needing new homes. We will attend to their immediate medical needs and find the ideal permanent home for these dogs. We educate pet owners on proper care and promote responsible pet ownership.

Welcome to Joshua's House.

Come on in, don't worry about dirty paws , Sit, Stay, Relax, stay as long as you want , we  love company.

P.O Box 513  Lecanto, Florida  34460

E-mail : joshuashousegrr@yahoo.com



Visit us on Facebook at: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Joshuas-House-for-Golden-Retriever-Rescue/399785010070321

I have been doing Golden Retriever Rescue for over twenty years through Midway Animal Hospital,  Joshua's House is a newly formed group of Golden Lovers who all have been doing rescue for years and out of our love for the breed and need to help the less fortunate we came together with one purpose in mind and that is to rescue, care for and place this wonderful breed. 

We want to help educate the public on the proper care, feeding and grooming of these great dogs. Our hope is to help prevent abuse through education and awareness. We hope we can help prevent some of the horrors that our little Joshua went through by letting people know they can turn their dogs in if for any reason they can not properly care for them. We are here to help.

Joshua our little name sake was a badly abused little five month old Golden Retriever puppy. Joshua came into Midway Animal Hospital late one evening, when a young neighbor saw him tied out back, sick, hurt; the poor little guy could hardly stand.  Joshua only weighed 20 pounds and had eleven broken bones.  He had a ace bandage on his right rear leg and when we removed it we could see his leg was not going to be able to be saved. So the very next day Dr. Peterlin from Midway Animal Hospital Homosassa , Florida had to remove the rear leg. Joshua went home with Ellen Pavlik for the weekend and the following week he was at Affiliated Veterinary Specialties in Maitland, Florida where Dr. deHaan did FHO Surgery on his other hip ( Femoral Head Osteotomy). That is a surgery were they remove the femoral head since the ball was broken in several places. It appeared that our poor little guy was drop kicked and it broke both his femoral heads but since he lost the other rear leg we only had to do surgery on the remaining leg.

Our little Joshua has suffered abuse beyond any of our imaginations.  He had several broken ribs, several breaks in his front and rear legs , plus the broken femoral heads but the little Golden Heart continued to shine and Joshua has since gone on to become a certified therapy dog. So when we were thinking about a new name for our group,  we thought what could be better than to honor this tough little guy. After all, Joshua's story is what we are all about. So that's how we came up with Joshua's House.

So many people came forward to donate and help with Joshua's medical bills. The plea went out and we were overwhelmed by the out pouring of love and compassion that came in from dog lovers all over .

Joshua's House is a 501(c)3 non profit orginazation, we are a all volunteer group of people that have  one thing in common, that is to educate the public on the need to spay and neuter, health care,and to help any Golden Retriever that is in need, we don't care if it's young, old, breed quality or just a back yard bred dog, if it needss help, we are here for it. No questions asked. We will do everything in our power to help any dog that comes to our door. Get it all the medical care it needs, evaluate the temperment and hopefully find it's forever home.

Volunteers are always needed as well as any donation, Your donations are tax exempt.


Even with only three legs and with a rear leg that has no femoral head Joshua still runs like the wind. Our brave little man is  now a TDI Therapy dog.

I didn't do it Mom !!!!

 Little Quincy / now Mango (a past rescue we fostered) tore up the toy and then he went out to play but when I walked in Joshua was resting in the bed. Joshua says things aren't always as they seem.  

Maverick needs your help

Maverick is three , he is our special needs guy, He is in Chronic kidney failure, As long as he gets his fluids every other day and all his medications, and special foods he does really well . Please help us help Maverick.
 Please send donations to Joshua's House for Golden Rescue
P.O Box 513
Lecanto, Fl 34460
a 501c3
Every penny we get goes to the care of the dogs we have.

Welcome to our website

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Linda Portz | Reply 14.04.2014 18.57

HAPPY ONE YEAR ADOPTION INTO OUR FAMILY, RALPH......WE LOVE YOU! He celebrated with a bowl of chicken and a birthday candle along with his best buddy, Brody.

Lynne Catlin | Reply 15.03.2014 14.05

We recently lost our beloved Toby-13 year old Golden boy. We would like another Golden, preferably a male-large 5 years old or less. We live in Sarasota

Clifford Millard | Reply 12.03.2014 22.02

Interested in adopting a Golden.

karen pluhar | Reply 25.01.2014 16.05

I am looking for a golden retriever female from puppy up to 1 year old. Please keep me in mind if you get a dog. Phone 352 465 4221

Cheryl Ferrari | Reply 21.11.2013 12.48

I have a golden girl age 4 who needs a sister in Fort Pierce. She should be 2-6ish years old and like other dogs and children.

Carol Ross | Reply 10.08.2013 11.52

Hi Ellen, love the new look. Great Colors Hopefully we will be coming to the reunion with Sugar. Need a more detailed address for the park so I can pull it up.

Kev | Reply 22.07.2013 11.19

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DON | Reply 26.06.2013 20.51


sharon 13.08.2013 17.38

Hi Don, we have just gotten in a 6yr old male golden, he is in excellent health and a very loveable guy. If interested call Sharon at 352 422 4341

bob hurley | Reply 08.05.2013 10.04

My name us Bob and my wife and i have bad towards goldens from purpose to passing. We.would love to get another pup

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14.04 | 18:57

HAPPY ONE YEAR ADOPTION INTO OUR FAMILY, RALPH......WE LOVE YOU! He celebrated with a bowl of chicken and a birthday candle along with his best buddy, Brody.

01.04 | 14:45

I would like to adopt him/ can take care of him/ kd dog food is good
for kidneys/ had 3 golden retrievers at one time/ just lost my best friend
my dog.

26.03 | 13:21

Would like to adopt a Golden. Filled out the app a while back.please let me know. Jan Cameron

22.03 | 14:22

great work

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