So here I am again nearly 10 years later...

Well I should say "we" this time because WE are going back to Kazakhstan.  My lovely boy (LB) and I in about a month's time are heading back to the place where it all started.  Well where he started and where our family started.

I am ridiculously excited.

I gave a presentation about Kazakhstan to LB's class on international day at school yesterday, I faced 29 ten year olds with more trepidation that I've faced some board meetings, the stakes were so high.  Could I reach the bar?  Could I even touch it with my fingertips when I was on tippytoes?  LB's anxious instructions were not to be too embarassing and to make manti for the food session in the afternoon.  In fact they were more like samsa by the time I'd baked them rather than steamed them but I sincerely doubt that any of the children knew nor cared.  LB said they were acceptable - neither the best nor the worst food there (OK dodged a bullet there).

After the event a few of the TA's were kind enough to say they'd really enjoyed my talk and video and how much they'd learned (not difficult to make information about Kaz a learning experience).  LB casually pronounced it "quite cool".


Stage one in "Feel proud of your origins and yourself" completed.

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DONE Sending...

Adrienne | Reply 25.04.2016 22.39

So excited about this!
Wish we were going😥

Sue 25.04.2016 22.50

I wish you were going too!

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25.04 | 22:50

I wish you were going too!

25.04 | 22:39

So excited about this!
Wish we were going😥

26.03 | 10:42

Hi kim

Have you adopted from Kazak. We are looking into Kazak now. Any help would be useful.

Thank you


24.12 | 11:11

Crikey - how little they were. Look at Tabitha eyeing up Daniel's plate!

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