From strength to strength
Daniel is a schoolboy!
Daniel started school in Sept 10, absolutely on target for his age and perfectly confident such a change from the delayed baby I first met. He rushed into school with a wave and a "Bye Mum!".  I had a lump in my throat and a tear in my eye but managed not to disgrace him!

Spookily it was 4 years ago today I got on a plane on my way to Kazakhstan.  I didn't know how life would change, I just knew it would change.  And how!

I have no idea what I did to deserve this amazing boy but whatever it was, it must have been pretty good.

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Kim | Reply 09.02.2011 04:26

He is so handsome!
I just came across the address for this site again in an old email. We are the family that adopted Ilyas (now Dmitrii).

Raj 26.03.2015 11:42

Hi kim

Have you adopted from Kazak. We are looking into Kazak now. Any help would be useful.

Thank you


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10.07 | 13:22

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07.06 | 16:37

Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to be there. We have told Ben and Ruthie we too will make a trip back and I hope it's soon!

03.06 | 11:35

Tears are flowing and laughter ensuing.

31.05 | 00:14

We're loving following your adventures!!! In Kew at the mo with my I laws. We have explained to Harry where you are but he says he misses Daniel!! Xx

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