Cental Asia - a tiny part of kazakhstan is technically in Europe. Far west, west of the Ural river.

Mosque in Ust-Kmenogorsk

View of Ust from theIrtysh Hotel where I'll be living for 4 weeks

In manly blue top bought locally and supplied by Mama, trying on my new hat.

No, no, no, not a photo of the pink velour courtesy of Aida...

Ok she can stay if she buys me manly lion tshirts

Taken from video clip so slightly fuzzy

The sick bay main area

My first unaided sit


The Semi-headlock feeding position. Elbow should be lower with forarm under chin. I was still learning.

Larissa and Lena


Daniel with Sveta

I'm so cute in my big boys clothes, no more pink for me.

Starting on the serious business of Nanny's cheque book as young as possible.

In our new bonding room.

Painted corridors in the baby-home

Ladies - don't buy expensive creams, cover your laughter lines with a surgical mask

I thought we'd knocked this pink business on the head? And what's with the lace collar, mum!

"R" is for Reindeer outfit, courtesy of Adrienne Colleran.

It's a bit long in the arms, Mum. Did you think you were getting a gorilla?

The parcel opening

The entrance to our block of flats

The corridor outside our flat

The Christmas we missed

Daniel and mum - home one day

Home at last

My sleeping Angel - napping today

Daniel is 2 today

Santa came in the night!

May 2008 - the star of the show.

Doctor Daniel at your service

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10.07 | 13:22

We all have heard that dogs love to chew bones, Bones are a good source of minerals and other essential nutrients to satisfy the dog’s appetite.

07.06 | 16:37

Thank you so much for sharing. Makes me want to be there. We have told Ben and Ruthie we too will make a trip back and I hope it's soon!

03.06 | 11:35

Tears are flowing and laughter ensuing.

31.05 | 00:14

We're loving following your adventures!!! In Kew at the mo with my I laws. We have explained to Harry where you are but he says he misses Daniel!! Xx

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