Alex presents Moggsy with a special award for managing Great Wyrley to 3 successive Cup wins.

WINNERS RUNNERS-UP Referee Linesman Linesman


Atherstone Town
Sporting Khalsa
Black Country Rangers
Black Country Rangers
AFC Wulfrunians
Bloxwich United
Bloxwich United


Wton Sporting Community
Wton Sporting Community
Stone Old Alleynians(AET)
Sporting Khalsa
Wolverhampton Casuals
AFC Wulfrunians
Gornal Athletic
Stafford Town
AFC Wulfrunians

C Taylor
J Higgs
B Rowley
C Baugh

P Reade
M Slater
P Taylor

R.Booth 4T.Lloyd
K Williscroft
M Dickin
S Winton
2007/08 Wednesfield 3v2 AFC Wulfrunians S.Castle  G.Taylor P.Magness
2006/07 Wyrley Rangers 3v0 Darlaston K.Ridgway W.Harrison A.Dillon
2005/06 Great Wyrley   Wyrley Juniors J.Flavell B.Maydew B.Rowley
2004/05 Great Wyrley   Parkfield Leisure R.Jeavons T.Shinton J.Shinton
2003/04 Great Wyrley   Cadbury Athletic A. Lloyd K. Ridgeway J. Higgs
2002/03 Old Wulfrunians   Newport Town A. Cain A. Reynolds A. Forrester
2001/02 Marston Wolves 1v0 Ounsdale S. French V. Poloviczer D. Humphreys
2000/01 Ounsdale   Old Wulfrunians W. Harrison D. Corrigan S. Perks
1999/00 Continental Star   Old Wulfrunians S. Evans D. Linsey A. Lloyd
1998/99 Blackheath Electrodrives   Brownhills Town D. Corrigan J. Woodhouse S. Moran
1997/98 Tamworth   Brownhills Town D. Humphreys J. Flavell S. Evans
1996/97 Richmond Swifts   Cheslyn Hay R. Thompson C. Baugh K. Haynes
1995/96 Richmond Swifts   Handrahan Timbers A. George G. Wright D. Unitt
1994/95 Richmond Swifts   Aero Lucas L. Coast E. Bryan B. Wakeman
1993/94 Walsall Phoenix   Handrahan Timbers D. Enefer H. Turner R. Thompson
1992/93 Handrahan Timbers   Old Wulfrunians P Salter T Hodson G. Perrens
1991/92 Old Wulfrunians   Nucoat S. Cartwright L. Bucknor B. Bradshaw
1990/91 Bilston College          2-1 Enville Athletic M. Watkiss A. George A. Cain
1989/90 Shifnal Town   1-0 Goodyear FC D. Gough S. Cartwright I. Hurley
1988/89 Bloxwich Strollers   Toll End, Wesley R. W. Harris N. Genner S. Palmerini
1987/88 Weston United   Plough Inn, Trysull J. Watson M. Watkiss G. Wright
1986/87 Harvey Plant FC   Plough Inn, Trysull J. Kerrigan R. Cox P Salter
1985/86 Deeleys FC   Handrahan Timbers G. Preece S. Castle A. R. Kiddie
1984/85 Lower Gornal YL   Tipton Sports E. Garen P Hand J. Hill
1983/84 Ettingshall Holy Trinity   Lower Gornal YL H. Worrall G. Perrens R. Quinton
1982/83 Ettingshall Holy Trinity   Astra International W. Ellis T Hodson P Evans
1981/82 New World   Kingswinford United T B. Morgan J. Watson S. Mellor
1980/81 John Thompsons   Coseley Royal M. Joyce J. T. Hayward T Langston
1979/80 Kingswinford United   Ettingshall Holy Trinity J. Latham G. Tart W. Ellis
1978/79 Sedgley Rovers   Tranco United K. Whitehouse B. Smith D. Harrison
1977/78 Willenhall Town   9-2 Wolverhampton United B. Taylor J. Latham M. Joyce
1976/77 Wolverhampton United  1v0 Groveland M. A. Crane J. C. Phillips R. W. Harris
1975/76 Manders FC   Anslow Athletic G. Holt G. Mills H. Worrall
1974/75 Whitmore Old Boys   Willenhall Town B. Atkin E. Thomas L. Biggs
1973/74 Northicote Old Boys 1v0  John Harpers A. Saunders J. D. Harvey J. Kerrigan
1972/73 Wednesfield Town 3v1  Willenhall Town P Crane A. Saunders M. Watkiss
1971/72 Wednesfield Town   Manders FC A. J. Hamil R. Stallard K. Whitehouse
1970/71 Willenhall Town   Whitmore Old Boys G. Boden P Crane W. G. Reed
1969/70 Wednesfield Social   Guy Motors K. Jackson P Cullis B. Atkin
1968/69 Public Works   Duport W. Gregory A. Vickers C. E. Thomas
1967/68 Albrighton   Northicote Old Boys T Smith J. Brookes P Fox
1966/67 Gibbons Bros.   Public Works H. Foster G. Holt P Cullis
1965/66 Albrighton   Oxley K. B. Morris T Smith J. T Woolley
1964/65 Whitmore Old Boys  4v3 Chubbs R. Anson G. Guyatt H. Taylor
1963/64 Stewarts & Lloyds   Oxley V. Creswell T Smith B. Taylor
1962/63 Highley Miners   Stewarts & Lloyds J. W. Taylor H. Taylor K. B. Morris
1961/62 Madeley Miners   E.C.C. J. Devine J. Reynolds K. Jackson
1960/61 Whitmore Old Boys   Madeley Miners W. Castle G. R. Morgan K. Wynn
1959/60 Wednesbury Tube   Donnington Wood J. Daniels S. Foxall H. Foster
1958/59 Donnington Wood   Sankey (Hadley) J. A. Hargreaves A. Bill G. McGill
1957/58 Jenks & Catell   Donnington Wood D. Birmingham B. P Stevenson R. W. Barnett
1956/57 Claregate Old Boys   Sankey (Hadley) J. B. Jones D. C. Walton K. Wynn
1955/56 Sankey (Hadley)   Marandola D. C. Marsh H. B. Jones J. Devine
1954/55 Sankey (Hadley)   Willenhall Town E. Hooper J. Sutton J. Homer
1953/54 Marandola   Sankey (Hadley) A. E. Maiden V. Creswell J. Sutton
1952/53 Goodyear FC   Low Hill A.M.T. J. Griffiths C. Tomlinson T. J. Clarke
1951/52 Goodyear FC  5-3 Gibbons Bros. N. Wixon D. Marsh E. Hooper
1950/51 Goodyear  2-2   Bushbury Hill Rangers  W. C. Clay N. Wixon A. E. Maiden
1949/50 Staff Road Works  4-2 Oxley A. W. Taylor H. Atkinson W. R. Turner
1948/49 Lower Gornal  4-1 Walsall Wood W. H. Grainger S. Robbins A. Skidmore
1947/48 Walsall Trinity  1-1 Stafford Road Works T Button G. Robinson H. Cotterill
1946/47 C. Snapes  3-2 W'ton Technical College J. Willets A. W. Taylor F W. Worrall
1945/46 Oxley  4-3 Blakenall Heath F R. Read T Giles J. Davies
1944/45 Oxley  2-1 C. Snapes W. J. Brown J. Lawley H. Silvester
1943/44 Oxley  5-3 Blakenhall St. Lukes H. Bryan H. Yeo A. W. Taylor
1942/43 Ogley Hay  3-0 Union Locks W. Sutton J. L. Daniels F R. Read
1941/42 Butlers Sports  4-1 Oxley S. Brownhill F Read B. Williams
1940/41 Albion Works  2-1 R.A.F. Cosford W. Wrigley S. J. Brown G. Tranter
1939/40 Yale & Town  2-1 Wolverhampton Amateurs W. H. Clinton G. A. Hunt C. Courtney
1938/39 Essington St. John  5-1 C & B Smith T Richards E. J. Smith J. Davies
1937/38 Goodyear FC  2-1 Albion Works J. Lock W. H. Clinton J. Davidson
1936/37 Heath Town United  3-0 Goodyear F.C A. Roberts T. Richards K. Lock
1935/36 Short Heath United  2-0 Goodyear F.C T Smithson A. Meeson J. Pike
1934/35 Streetly Works  2-0 Essington St. John A. Casewell T. Birch H. V. Whitehouse
1933/34 Streetly Works 3v1 West End W.M.C. T H. Harding F. T. Hanson E. Kingsley
1932/33 Blakenhall Villa 4v2 Walsall Wood J. Phillips W. H. Grainger F L. Ray
1931/32 Short Heath United 2v1 Goodyear F.C S. S. Tatem J. Lock W. F Hedgecox
1930/31 Hickmans Institute  5v1 Cannon Iron H. Healey J. T. Williams J. J. Millington
1929/30 Short Heath United 2v1 Hickmans Institute A. J. Caseley A. Healey G. A. Smith
1928/29 Tarmac 5-0 Chillingtons Athletic A. E. Hopton A. Mansell J. Millington
1927/28 Tarmac 4v2 Short Heath United T G. Bryan W. H Grainger H. Healey
1926/27 Short Heath United 2v0 Cannon Iron A. E. David A. Hopton N. Crowe
Between 2005 & 2010 The JW Hunt Cup Finals have been sponsored by EXCEL WASTE SERVICES LIMITED. Our thanks to RICHARD POTTS>