Photo Album

Brian Atkin Treasurer (1975-77) presents a cheque for £900 to Beacon Director Ken Dawson. Looking on are George Atkin and Alex Hamil.

Chairman(1976-84) Fred David presents a Cheque for £3650 to Beacon Director Ken Dawson. Centre is Peter Crane Secretary.

Secretary (1969-72) Bill Gregory presents a cheque for £350 to Beacons Ken Dawson watched by Life Member Albert Maiden.

Chairman Fred David presenting a £2500 cheque to Ken Dawson. Loking on L to R; Peter Crane, John Latham,Alex Hamil,Brian Atkin and Myles Joyce.

Peter Crane presenting a £1000 cheque to Dorothy Hadley of the Beacon Centre. Watched by Bill Gregory,Albert Maiden,Alex Hamil and Brian Atkin.

Presentation of £1000 Cheque to Beacon. L to R;Fund Raiser Alex Hamil,Mayoress Mrs Mary Machin,Cllr Dorothy Seiboth,Mr Albert McIIreath(Beacon Centre) President Albert Maiden and Chairman Geoff Gilbert.

1999 presentation. Beacon Chairman Temple Hickman receives a £3000 cheque from Vice Chairman Bob Wainwright. Watching are President Alex Hamil and Treasurer Walter Wakeman.

A £2470 cheque is presented by (L)Chairman Fred David to (2R)Beacons Ken Dawson. Watching (2L)Secretary Peter Crane and (L) Brian Roberts.

In the 1980's the JW Hunt Committee raised £13,500 pound to mpurchase a mini bus for the Beacon Centre. Seen handing over the keys to Mr Albert McIIreath is President Albert Maiden. Treasurer Walter Wakeman is in the drivers seat with Chairman Geoff Gilbert waving.

1979 sees (L)Chairman Fred David presenting a £3000 cheque to Beacons Frank downing watched by Secretary Peter Crane.

1988 cheque presentation for £10,000. L to R; David Bourne and Mac McIIreath both of Beacon Centre. Walter Wakeman and Geoff Gilbert both of the JW Hunt Cup.

in 1994 the Beacon Football League raised £400 for the Beacon Centre. They presented the cheque to Walter Wakeman for the Centre. L to R: Clive Eakin(Radio WM), League Chairman Brian Lester, League Secretary Dave Clinton, Walter Wakeman and League President Mel Eves.

2008 Cheque presentation L to R; Alex Hamil.Geoff Bangham,Molly Mackleworth(Beacon),Walter Wakeman,Arthur Saunders,Tony Duncombe.

Another photo of the 2005 presentation.

Another Presentation of a cheque for £15000. L to R; Arthur Maiden,Peter Crane,Florence?,Margaret Griffiths,Alex Hamil,Bob Harwood,Arthur Steventon (Former Mayor) and Barry De Lacy.

2009 Presentation. The 3 girls at the front are staff from Barclays Bank,Sedgley branch. They sell raffle tiackets at the final. Barclays Bank donate £750 to the competition.

Secretary Alan Ryder and Chairman Jim Cartwright meet a sponsor.