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Written by Julie Coates on 24. Apr, 2019
My name was Julie Coates. My siblings were Gillian, John and Andrew. I went to Parkwood, Swire Smith and Greenhead This was from the late 60s to 1972
I remeber
Parkwood..Mrs Forster
Swire Smith Mr Clayton, Mr Lund, Mr Wood, Mr Barker, Mr.Incringill, Mr Hulme, Mrs Berridge, (yikes), Mrs Wood, Mr Dyke (head)
Greenhead..Mr Jackson, Mr. Lakin, Mr. Ayton, Mrs, Ayton
Hi to everyone who remembers me
Written by Janice on 19. Jan, 2019
Lovely website. Researching my family history. My ancestor John Rowe b 1822 and family lived in School House Oakworth Keighley in 1871 and was the school master supposedly had Bronte connection but unproved.
Written by Colin den Ronden on 10. Mar, 2018
Went to Keighley Secondary Technical School 1962-1966
Written by bev socas on 15. Sep, 2017
hi bev mapplebeck went to st andrews, swire smith and green head
Written by Barbara Bootland on 12. Aug, 2017
I'd love to hear from anyone that was at school with me, we moved about quite a bit and my memory is not great, but here goes... I think I went to guardhouse infants 59-60 bracken bank juniors 60-63 parkwood juniors 63-64 longlee juniors 64-65 Bronte 65-66 Oakbank 68-69 love to hear from you if you remember me x
Written by MarK Hardaker on 25. Jul, 2017
There are so few contacts or photos from INgrow Infants and INgrow Juniors from teh mid 1960s. I went to Infants in Jan 1963 and left Junior (3J, Miss Horsman) in summer 1968. We never had class photos taken, as I remember. Anyone have contact with people from this lost generation?
Written by Owen Bowers on 25. Jul, 2017
Went to Oakwarth Primary 1954-1961 then Holycroft 1961-1965
Written by Nadeem Khaliq on 25. Jun, 2017
Hello. My name is Nadeem Khaliq, I attended Parkwood Primary from 1977-82,then moved on to Highfield Middle school from 1982-1986, then on to Oakbank from 1986-92. Would like to hear from anyone from that time period to share memories. If anyone has any pictures from those times please email me. This is a wonderful website. Thanks
Written by James Blackburn on 27. Dec, 2016
Hello. My name is James Blackburn. Went to Oldfield school from 1965 to 1971. School photos got lost along the way and would love to see some. Look back on my schooldays in Oldfield with great fondness, moved on to Bronte and Oakbank after that
Written by Ryan Smith and Brooke Dinsdale on 11. May, 2016
We are from 2016 boysss, Oakbank School
Written by christine Johnson ( was Stevenson ) on 28. Apr, 2016
I moved south in 1968 and would like to know if anyone knows my friends from Keighley Girls Grammar School, 1963 to 1968. Susan Lee, Susan Povey, Christine Smith and Christine Walton Thank you.
Written by Richard battle on 4. Apr, 2016
Richard & Peter battle who attended Eastwood school between 1961 to 1966 would like to get in contact with friends and especially the ones from otley who where studying nursing at the time .there names were Jean Edmonson,Connie Newsome,Sandra peel,Linda wise,Gail ? . any help would be appreciated.
Written by O M Bastow on 11. Jun, 2015
Had fun looking out old photographs of KGGS and Parkwood Junior School. Even more fun looking at the website. My mother, Mrs Pratt, taught at the National School until 1960 and is on the photograph of the float preparations on Coronation Day.
Written by J A (Tony) Kidd on 22. Mar, 2015
Following the YouTube guide to embed a Video I've tried the following process to copy and paste. Let me know if it works on the Website. T

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Written by Roy Smith on 15. Feb, 2015
just discovered this site it is wonderful I went to Eastwood infants from 1948 to51 ish then Parkwood to 1954 then back back to Eastwood to1958 sorry just learning IT use so no photo,s

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30.06 | 16:43

Hi did anyone go on a trip to Liverpool to play football my name Trevor Osborn

12.06 | 21:18

I have seen a picture of a rocking horse in the Infants playground taken many years ago.

It was part of a collection of activities.

10.06 | 12:53

Has any one got any photos from when the keighley news came to school because I had a visit from the mayor of keighley.

04.06 | 11:35

Great pics. I went to this school around 1959 /60 and i think i recognise the teachers. Mrs Smith and Mrs Goode