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Written by Paul Watson on 29. Nov, 2018
I rememberOlv very well it was a great time brings back so many memories ,just looking at our hms pinafore show Raymond Reynoldson up front me Paul Dearden ,John Timperley great times ,I was terrified of mrs tucker .Anyone else in my class remember any of this? 1972

Written by david johnson on 29. Aug, 2017
i remember when i was at whinburn school from i think between 1972 to 1975 happy times most of the time travelling to howarth bronte country and the wind sweeping across the moors and the creeking floorboards at night when it was all quiet cant remember names of the teachers after all i was only 10 -12 years old at the time so if anyone was there at same time as me id love to hear from you

Written by Nadeem Khaliq on 23. Jun, 2017
I attended Highfield middle from 1982 to 1986 and was in class 1G and later on in year 3G went into set2. My younger sister Fahret also attended, she attended a year after me. They were some of the best days of my life, really miss them and miss the people who were there at the time. One of my favourite and probably most kids favourite teachers was Mr John Topham. He was one of the best and nicest teachers you could ever meet and i was a greatly inspired by him. Other great teachers were Mr. Thorpe, Mr. Maxwell, and Mr. Tillotson. Would really like to meet/contact any teachers or students from that time,just email me any time. As were all getting older its getting harder to find people, some have sadly passed away and others have moved away from Keighley. I was sad to hear about the passing away of Mr. Roy Barrett, another great, but very strict! teacher. I had Mr.Barrett in the final year. My best mates were Piper Khan (now a Doctor living in Manchester) and Shafiq Rehman. Had many English friends as well, i still remember most of them ,naming a few, Graham Ord, Simon Spruce(was the cleverest in our class) , Alistair, Lee Collier( son of PC Collier), Timothy Piggot, some of the other kids in our class were Julia Smales, Julie Sharp, Joanne Greenwood, Sian Farr. Thankyou for reading and please feel free to email me .

Written by Jan Perkins on 8. May, 2017
We also have KEIGHLEY SCHOOLS on Facebook under the individual school names. ie Highfield, Keighley Boys, etc etc
Please join us - Jan Perkins and David Kirkley.

Written by Barbara Wood on 8. May, 2017
I was one of the first to go in the nursery at Oakworth School when it was built that would be 1936 no hall built on in those days during the war we had to go in the shelters one at the top side of the playground i was in the School choir for our event for Wings for Victory happy times Mr Field the head

Written by Susan Walker (Smith) on 25. Jan, 2017
For Stephen Kendrick - You brought back some wonderful memories. I was Susan Smith back then, your class mate. I remember you and the lovely Mr Whalley. Mr Robertson was strange and I was always afraid of him. To this day I don't know why. Miss Darroch I believe would be strung up today for her disaplinary methods but we survived. The moon landings were magical and did have a huge impact on our young minds. We were amazed and totally absorbed into the events. I had those posters on my bedroom wall and spent years after loving Neil Armstrong. I was in awe of Jodrell Bank, our school trip. I had never seen a computer or satellite dish back then and had to be taught the words. I remember the size of their machines filling the room and spitting out coded tickets, I was amazed and the size of those satalite dishes. I must have stood with my mouth open the whole time. Some time around 1965 I was in Morton Hospital with many of my class friends with scarlet fever. Total isolation in those days. I think we made hard work for the nurses as we got up to mischief as we recovered. I still have a get well card with the signatures of all the class for some other unknown illness. The country dancing classes, which were performed in those horrible big blue knickers, all the boys chose Kathy Brown to dance with them and I remember her having a melt down because she had to dance with one of the boys she didn't like. We had a piano teacher come in once a week to give us a singing lesson. Holycroft must have had a choir because I remember being upset because I wasn't chosen. I thought I sang like an angel and loved it so you can imagine my disappointment. All sports days were taking in Holycroft Park and many a summer day we would wander up there for a lesson. Such freedom. Some time in the late 60's we had heavy storms and floods. I remember watching the sky turn black and huge flashes of lightening that we watched from our desks being allowed to stop working for a while. We played jacks in the play ground, boys and girls together. The girls had Alice Elastic, Ball catching, and skipping all to many a song. The boys seemed to me to tear round the place making strange noises and annoying us. Mostly I have lovely memories of Holycroft.

Written by elizabeth tierney née Mitchell on 19. Nov, 2015
A vivid memory is of the day Jane Parker caught fire from the boiler in the hall when a few of us had been sent on an errand without supervision.

Seem to have given an incorrect e-mail address earlier.

Written by Elizabeth Tierney née Mitchell on 19. Nov, 2015
How on earth did Mr Stevens get away with it? Yes different days! And John Felvus remembers how Mrs Shuttleworth gave him a hard time about the way he spoke. Mr Stevens stuck tape over my mouth for talking (when we were in the "board room") and I also remember him slapping my legs. In Mrs Shuttleworth's class we had to have a hankie and she gave practice in blowing our nose.

Written by Linda Smith née Wycherley on 10. Aug, 2015
I remember Mr Stevens kicking some poor boy round the hall. Mrs Shuttleworth was an evil witch. Wonder how these two would have got on now in today's Namby Pamby world!

Written by said-11 on 28. Jul, 2015

Website: said-11
Written by dianne stell on 14. Apr, 2015
yes john mrs shuttleworth was evil she threw me to the floor .19 48 .

Written by Stephen Kendrick on 1. Dec, 2014
My memories of Holycroft 1965-69 brilliant Headmaster in Mr Whalley, totally nice guy. Hated my form teacher Robertson, he was a very strange guy, sent me off at football for no good reason. I think Mrs Darroch was my form teacher before him. She helped us do a project on the moon landings and gave us all some huge posters of the landings. Also remember being forced to stay in at school dinners by one of the dinner ladies because I wouldn't eat my prunes (in custard - I hated prunes) whilst all my mates were playing football in the school playground outside. Why she kept me in for not eating prunes I have no idea. I always remember the whole school (well at least the boys) was split down the middle between Man U and Leeds fans and sometimes we'd arrange a big fight between the 2 supporters in the playground at lunchtime. We used to line up at either end of the playground Leeds supporters down one end and Man U supporters at the other then charge each other. In the winter after some heavy snow we'd erect barricades in the morning made of snow each end of the playground and have a huge snowball fight at lunchtime. After a race running downhill towards the old part of the school which was derelict at the time, I accidently put my hand through one of the windows which caused a huge cut in my wrist ended up going to hospital with Mr Whalley in a taxi. He was such a lovely, nice guy. I remember Andrea Greenwood, Chris Dowthwaite, Andrew Sawley, Peter Stubbs, Stephen Sinfield and many more all in the same class. I've still got a class photo from about 1966. I'll try and scan it and send it.

Written by Eileen Beck (Parrish) on 21. Oct, 2013
Only just discovered this site by chance. My husband and I were discussing the different secondary schools in Keighley in 1950/1960s. What a lovely collection of photos and memories. Thank you to all the contributors. Will certainly share a few memories of Ingrow Primary and Keighley Girls.

Written by catherine livsey on 25. Mar, 2013
is there any pictures of st Joseph's school from the 90''s?

Written by Jan on 9. Jan, 2013
If we don't feature schools, it is because we don't have any photographs or information on that school.
Your memories are precious as without them there is no flesh on the bones.
IF you have any photographs at all or memories, please send them to David or myself at Thank you so much.


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Oh my what a memory Judith Stott front row middle Mr Ford was one of the inspirational teachers from Holycroft

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Anyone know what happened to Ingrid M Harvey who started at KGGS in 1956 and left about 1960?