Photo Album

Front Entrance 1954

Infant Class 1953-4

School Choir about 1955

Dining Room 1954

1953-4 teaching staff

An Infant's Class 1954. Teacher Mrs Murgatroyd.

1953-4 Miss Royston's Class. Supplied by Susan Feery

1953-4 Miss Woodcock's class

Year four Summer 1961 Back: Geoffrey Chapman, John McClusky, Richard Baldwin, Roy Feather, Ukn, Mr Edgar Dawson (headmaster), Glenda Wildman, Ukn, Jean Hargreaves, Pam Taylor, Yvonne Swithenbank. Row 2: Ukn, Ukn, Ukn, Avril Howker, Irene Parker, David Birtwistle, Ukn, Ukn, Andrew Fletcher, Ukn, Paul Aspinall, Richard Riley, Sitting: Michael Pearson, Kenneth Murray, Paul Maxwell, Ukn, Ukn, Ukn, Ukn, Ukn, Susan Gott, Ukn, Susuan Mawson, Linda Pearson. Front: Jimmy Gallagher, Stuart McConville, Ukn, Michael Smith.

Football team 1961

Teaching Staff 1950's

Infants class 1950's. Supplied by Susan Feery

Christmas party 1956

Guard House class on the terrace abt 1956. Supplied by June Tuley

Miss Smith's class about 1956. Supplied by June Tuley

Art class on the Terrace abt 1955. Supplied by June Tuley

Guard House Harvest display about 1955. Supplied by June Tuley.

Guard House Harvest display about 1955. Supplied by June Tuley.

Guard House Harvest display about 1955. Supplied by June Tuley.

Guard House Juniors about 1964 Back: Molly Sharp, Graham Smith, Susan Morley, Gordon Stead, Ukn, Nigel Cooper, Ukn, Ukn, Ukn, Wendy Swain, Ukn, Ukn. Middle: Ukn, Brian Ross, Susan Spencer, Ukn, Ukn, Gary Lund, Carol Duffy, Melvin Wood, Janet Humphries, Ukn, Jean Sharp, Ukn. Sitting: Michael Hudson, Ukn, Ukn, Dennis ?, Ukn, Ukn,. Michael Smith, Ukn, Kathryn Rogan, Ukn.

1962 Mr Mitchell's class. Supplied by Kevin Granger

1964 Mr Brisco's class kindly supplied by Phillip Ward

Class in Main Hall about 1961

Guard House class about 1963 supplied by Bob McClusky

1963 Miss Pendelbury's Class. Supplied by Kevin Granger

Class about 1961

Guard House class 1966 supplied by Bob McClusky

Teaching staff about 1960

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David | Reply 21.05.2013 08.19

Yes indeed Janice. Strange that it was called School Road then as the school was not built until the early 1950s.

Janice Barrell | Reply 21.05.2013 04.22

Was this school located off School Road? I lived there 1940-1948?

joan | Reply 15.01.2012 22.36

Great pics

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15.02 | 15:34

Did the school ever have a rocking horse ?

31.01 | 22:57

before 1953 when we got out of school... a few times a little bakery shop up side street where an elderly lady served tiny one-penny loaves.

27.01 | 11:30

I have a photograph which shows Daisy Annie Newman who was a teacher at Keighley National School around 1900-1910. I am trying to track down the school logbook

28.12 | 05:40

Hello Elaine. Remember you well. I do indeed remember the photo we had taken in the schoolyard. I'm pretty sure my brother Michael posted it on here.

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