Ingrow School

Main hall of school 1909

Ingrow School class abt 1918 - 1920 My mother Elsie M Readyhough front row 5 from right. Next to her, her lifelong friend, Marjorie Smith (front row 6 from right). (Although I believe Denis Healey went to the school before his family moved to Riddlesden (c) J Taylor

1925 Ingrow Infants

Ingrow School Athletics abt 1951

Ingrow School Infants class abt 1951

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors supplied by Maureen Helliwell

1959-60 Class 2 kindly supplied by Mike Hensman

1959-60 Ingrow class supplied by Susan Bland

Ingrow Infants and Elementary Schools were officially opened on Tuesday 23  rd  April 1901 with the first pupils entering a few weeks later on May 18  th  . It had accommodation for 290 in the Infants School and 480 in the Junior and Senior Schools.

In 1950 the Elementary school changed to a Primary School with the eleven-year-old pupils transferring to Holycroft and the Boys’ and Girls’ Grammar Schools. By 1979 the school became a First School catering for children up to the age of nine. In 1992 the school reverted back to being a Primary School once again. In 2001 Ingrow celebrated its centenary with the publication of a book, “From Pise-Ball To Pokemon”  by Mavis Curtis for which these details are gratefully acknowledged.

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DONE Sending...

David Kidd | Reply 31.01.2019 22.57

before 1953 when we got out of school... a few times a little bakery shop up side street where an elderly lady served tiny one-penny loaves.

Adrienne Walmsley | Reply 26.11.2017 19.28

Sadly,no Miss Q. I knew Miss Murgatroyd, Mrs Ayers & Mr Parker. Mr Travis had a heart attack mid- year. I was given his class to teach & lost my dear 2E.

Adrienne Walmsley | Reply 18.08.2017 22.12

I did my probationary teaching year at Ingrow 1966-1967,under Miss Duckney. I taught 2E and remember the class and staff with great affection.

Mark Hardaker 26.11.2017 06.04

Do you remember a Miss Quigley, also a probationary teacher there at the same time? She taught me in 2G with Mr. Riley?

Mark Hardaker | Reply 25.07.2017 19.58

Sadly, there are few photos of the classes of the mid-1960s. I went to Ingrow in Jan 1963 and left after 3J in the Juniors. Anyone have contact details?

June Pettitt | Reply 07.07.2017 22.48

My name was June Lund. I started school in Miss Pickles class in 1958. In the juniors I remember Miss Nichols and Mr Travis.

david (bill) charlton | Reply 06.08.2015 00.16

i was born in52 remember miss duckney ,i was there with mates colgan abbot hall spencer ,not into girls then lol, we all stayed together to bronte skl i left

David Kidd | Reply 14.02.2014 06.42

in 1950-53 the Headmistress was Miss Duckney. My brother Tony was always disobeying her. None of the rest of us could believe anyone would dare to do that

alec fisher | Reply 28.12.2012 18.29

Can anyone supply any info and names to photos during my years-1952 aged 5.. to 1958-9.when I moved to holycroft, I remember a Miss liddell

Steve Pugh 04.09.2015 05.19

I was born 1949 but think my first year must have been 2 years later than Brian. Teachers yr. 1 to 4 were the same but we stayed at Lund Park through year 2.

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30.06 | 16:43

Hi did anyone go on a trip to Liverpool to play football my name Trevor Osborn

12.06 | 21:18

I have seen a picture of a rocking horse in the Infants playground taken many years ago.

It was part of a collection of activities.

10.06 | 12:53

Has any one got any photos from when the keighley news came to school because I had a visit from the mayor of keighley.

04.06 | 11:35

Great pics. I went to this school around 1959 /60 and i think i recognise the teachers. Mrs Smith and Mrs Goode

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