Ingrow School

Main hall of school 1909

Ingrow School class abt 1918 - 1920 My mother Elsie M Readyhough front row 5 from right. Next to her, her lifelong friend, Marjorie Smith (front row 6 from right). (Although I believe Denis Healey went to the school before his family moved to Riddlesden (c) J Taylor

1925 Ingrow Infants

Ingrow School Athletics abt 1951

Ingrow School Infants class abt 1951

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors

1952-3 Ingrow Juniors supplied by Maureen Helliwell

1959-60 Class 2 kindly supplied by Mike Hensman

1959-60 Ingrow class supplied by Susan Bland

Ingrow Infants and Elementary Schools were officially opened on Tuesday 23  rd  April 1901 with the first pupils entering a few weeks later on May 18  th  . It had accommodation for 290 in the Infants School and 480 in the Junior and Senior Schools.

In 1950 the Elementary school changed to a Primary School with the eleven-year-old pupils transferring to Holycroft and the Boys’ and Girls’ Grammar Schools. By 1979 the school became a First School catering for children up to the age of nine. In 1992 the school reverted back to being a Primary School once again. In 2001 Ingrow celebrated its centenary with the publication of a book, “From Pise-Ball To Pokemon”  by Mavis Curtis for which these details are gratefully acknowledged.

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DONE Sending...

David Kidd | Reply 31.01.2019 22.57

before 1953 when we got out of school... a few times a little bakery shop up side street where an elderly lady served tiny one-penny loaves.

Adrienne Walmsley | Reply 26.11.2017 19.28

Sadly,no Miss Q. I knew Miss Murgatroyd, Mrs Ayers & Mr Parker. Mr Travis had a heart attack mid- year. I was given his class to teach & lost my dear 2E.

Adrienne Walmsley | Reply 18.08.2017 22.12

I did my probationary teaching year at Ingrow 1966-1967,under Miss Duckney. I taught 2E and remember the class and staff with great affection.

Mark Hardaker 26.11.2017 06.04

Do you remember a Miss Quigley, also a probationary teacher there at the same time? She taught me in 2G with Mr. Riley?

Mark Hardaker | Reply 25.07.2017 19.58

Sadly, there are few photos of the classes of the mid-1960s. I went to Ingrow in Jan 1963 and left after 3J in the Juniors. Anyone have contact details?

June Pettitt | Reply 07.07.2017 22.48

My name was June Lund. I started school in Miss Pickles class in 1958. In the juniors I remember Miss Nichols and Mr Travis.

david (bill) charlton | Reply 06.08.2015 00.16

i was born in52 remember miss duckney ,i was there with mates colgan abbot hall spencer ,not into girls then lol, we all stayed together to bronte skl i left

David Kidd | Reply 14.02.2014 06.42

in 1950-53 the Headmistress was Miss Duckney. My brother Tony was always disobeying her. None of the rest of us could believe anyone would dare to do that

alec fisher | Reply 28.12.2012 18.29

Can anyone supply any info and names to photos during my years-1952 aged 5.. to 1958-9.when I moved to holycroft, I remember a Miss liddell

Steve Pugh 04.09.2015 05.19

I was born 1949 but think my first year must have been 2 years later than Brian. Teachers yr. 1 to 4 were the same but we stayed at Lund Park through year 2.

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27.08 | 14:07

She was baptised Desemea Newman, known as Di, Diana, Daisy, etc. She became a novelist as Diana PatricK. I am researching her - please could you contact me?

14.08 | 22:53

I was a pupil at St Andrews from 1984 to 1990
I remember a few names from my days
Mr Pollard, Mr Robinson, Miss/Mrs Purse,

26.07 | 21:51

Hi I went in those years Norman stott in 1c then upped to 2a knew terry and David wood and Ronnie from up fell lane lost touch with all 70 now ha ha

26.07 | 21:42

Just found this whilst trying to find things about the whereabouts of David wood was my best friend but joined merchant navy and lost touch name Norman stott

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