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NAME:                      KINDLE e-READER


DATE:                       April 05, 2010   ( 2nd updated edition )


MAIN FACTS:           Short description


1.    The KINDLE is a book. You use it, sit or lie with it like a book, and you can carry and use it anywhere, also in airplanes. It is a product from  It is an e-Reader, where you can read and store electronic books, electronic newspapers and magazines.


2.    You can in a few instants download any book, newspaper or magazine on offer from Amazon. The payment is automatic via your Amazon account ( which you have to have to be able to use KINDLE ). It is free and easy to create, and you pay via your credit card. A very safe arrangement.


3.    The download of books is very easy and for free ( paid by Amazon via the 3G mobile network – called Whispernet ). You just have to keep Kindle’s WiFi function turned on, while you do it. The download of one book normally takes less than one minute.


4.    After the download you have the book on your Kindle hard disk forever. In addition Amazon is for free offering an automatic archive of all your purchases at their database. From there you can download your books at any time.


5.    On the Kindle itself you can hold up to about 600 books.


6.    The reading on the screen is very easy and user friendly. Amazon calls it “electronicpaper”. It is not  like reading on a computer screen. It is much more friendly to your eyes. You can read in any condition when light is concerned.  You can yourself control the type and the size of the letters.


7.    While reading a book, a paper or a magazine you can - by moving the cursor to a particular word - immediately see an explanation of that word in English at the bottom of the page. This explanation comes directly and instantaneously from “The New Oxford American Dictionary”, which is coming as part of the KINDLE, when you buy it.


8.    When you close the Kindle during reading you will automatically arrive at the page you left when you open the Kindle again.


9.    The Kindle has a very efficient in-built HELP function.


10.                      The price of books downloaded from Amazon is normally about 12-15 $ - whatever the size of the book.


11.                      At the moment it is only books offered by Amazon which you can buy and download to KINDLE. But as Amazon almost offers any book being publish in English, French and German the possibilities are enormous.


12.                      For the time being no Danish books, etc. are on offer at Kindle. But this is probably just a question of time. I know that Gyldendal is already in contact with Amazon about it.


13.                      You can also download books for free from this site:   They offer about 30.000 different titles. And their partners offer more than 100.000 books for free. Study the website to see what and how.


14.                      When newspapers are concerned I am myself subscribing to the INTERNATIONAL HERALD TRIBUNE. You can try it out for 14 days for free. After that it costs about 19 US $ a month.  It arrives automatically early every morning ( actually already around midnight ) at your Kindle. And it stays there for you to read any time you want. You can get it almost anywhere you are in the world. Other newspapers are on offer the same way. 


15.                      You can at the moment subscribe to newspapers from the following countries: The US ( 59 papers ), Brazil ( 6 ), Canada ( 12 ), China ( 1 ), Czech Republic ( 1 ), France ( 2 ), Germany ( 2 ), India ( 1 ), International ( 2 ), Italy ( 1 ), Japan ( 2 ), Mexico ( 1 ), Middle East ( 1 ), Portugal ( 1 ), Russia ( 1 ), Spain ( 6 ), and the United Kingdom ( 6 ).


Some of the best known newspapers on offer now are:


·        New York Times  ( 27,99 $ a month, ca. 150 )

·        Washington Post ( 23,99 $ a month, ca. 130 )

·        Le Monde  ( 27,99 $ a month, ca. 150

·        Frankfurter Allgemeine  ( 27,99 $ a month, ca. 150 )

·        International Herald Tribune  ( 19,99 $ a month, ca. 120 )

·        The Independent  ( 22,99 $ a month, ca. 130 )

·        Financial Times, London  ( 27,99 $ a month, ca. 150 )


           You can try each of them for free for 14 days. And without commitments.


           KINDLE also offers similar subscriptions for several magazines ( such as

           Foreign Affairs, Technology Review from MIT, PC Magazine, etc. )


16.                       You can very easily make Clippings of books and newspapers and keep them –

Including transfer them to your computer for further use.


17.                      You can also subscribe for free to the main news in newspapers from 38 different countries around the world. Including three from Denamrk ( Politiken, Jyllands-Posten and Information ).

18.                      To do that you have to download the free programme CALIBRE – a programme for eBook management. You download it to your computer.   Website:    Very easy to handle.


19.                      After downloading the programme you open it and click on: FETCH NEWS. Then you can find the newspaper you want to download. It takes a bit of time.  Afterwards you connect your computer to the KINDLE via USB ( a USB cable is part of the electronic cable – very smart ! ). Then you click on: Send to Device  ( send to main memory ) in Calibre. And it’s on your KINDLE within seconds J


20.                      You can also upload your Word documents to KINDLE. To do that you have to create you own personal KINDLE e-mail address. On your computer you go to:   Sign in with your Amazon account. In your Kindle section select: Edit Information. Make your own address  And remember to click on Update information.  Add also from which e-mail addresses you will accept mails to this account ( your own, probably ) – to avoid spam.   From now on you can send e-mails with the word documents as enclosure to this personal Kindle address. And they will automatically appear very quickly on your KINDLE.  You will be charged a small amount by Amazon for each transaction.   You can also transfer JPEG pictures in the same way.



21.                      The direct web link to the KINDLE at Amazon’s home page is:  


22.                      The price for KINDLE DX ( the best and biggest version ) is indicated to 489 $. Remember also to buy the leather hard cover ( 49 $ )


23.                      The advantages of this service are immense. Including being very friendly to the environment. And to your purse J              


24. There are other  eReaders on the market. And more will come. The new iPad from Apple is one of them. But in a review last week in the International Herald Tribune it was said that KINDLE is much better than iPad as eReader. The iPad has its advantages in other fields.        





Niels Jørgen Thøgersen







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