Our Christmas greetings 2014

Our Hristmas and New Year Greetings 2014-15








Dear friends all over the world,


Actually, we had planned to send you our seasons’ greetings from the other side of the world – from Australia. In a couple of days we will be off to Perth in Western Australia for a month. The purpose is to visit my daughter Cecilie and her small family for Christmas and New Year.  No snow, no rain (probably), lots of sunshine. Just have a lovely time with the whole family there too. And also to celebrate Cecilie’s and my joint 110 years’ birthday! It will all be good fun.


So bearing in mind all this great time downunder we decided to send our greetings still from Belgium!  So we want to wish you a lovely time over Christmas and New Year! Relaxing, enjoying family and friends, perhaps even getting some presents. Or perhaps enjoying life far away from home like us.


This year – 2014 – has been a lovely and exciting year. Good health, lots of great experiences, incl. travels to lovely places, and also time to enjoy being home – be it here in Belgium or at the Danish coast, where the summer this year was fantastic.  We have among other places been to the Balkans (4 countries in 9 days), to the very south of Denmark for a week by car with my two sons (sort of a “macho-tour”), to the small Danish island of Anholt in the middle of Kattegat, to Vienna a couple of times, on a great river cruise from Vienna to Strasbourg in the wine month of October, to Rome, to Skåne and Göteborg in Sweden, to Riga in Latvia and a few other places. There are always new things to discover.  And we have also had great friends visiting us here and in Denmark.


Workwise I (Niels) have been very busy with my tasks as president of Europeans Throughout the World (www.euromonde.eu). We are making good headway in our fight for the rights of all 80 million European expats around the world. And I (Liselotte) have been very active in my reading of famous and also less famous, but great authors from around the world – and also active with my interest in arts.


The “kids” are fine too. Claus in Odense was seriously ill in the spring, but is now fine and in great form again. Lasse in Brussels continues to be excited about a very nice apartment he found in lovely Ixelles this year.  And for Cecilie, Nikos and our two princesses, Anna Maria (8 ½) and Zoe (4) the great project of this year was to move from Birmingham to Perth in Western Australia. They both got an irresistible offer at a university there, so they moved.  All is going very well. They enjoy the place, their work and all the great people they meet there. Actually, you can follow their life on a blog Cecilie is writing:  http://ctnposts.tumblr.com/ 


Next year will be very interesting and active too. So far we have a number of trips on our menu such as Sofia in Bulgaria, the very south of Italy, Latvia, and Saloniki in Greece. There might well be more.  But the most important is to stay healthy and fit. And to liaise with great friends in many different ways.   I (Niels) also intend to write more chapters in my personal history – and to do more genealogy again.


Let’s see how it all works out.


But before all that we are certain to have a lovely time with the family in Australia. We have been in the area and the city once before – three years ago in connection with a cruise around Australia and New Zealand. But this time we will have much more time.  And also Cecilie and Nikos almost as “natives” to show us around J


If you want to follow what we do and enjoy, you can do it on my new blog for this trip:





Have a great time – and looking very much forward to seeing you and hearing from you all soon again.


Warm greetings,


Liselotte and Niels