Season’s Greetings 2017-18


Dear family and friends in all your nice places,

Once again we are about to reach the end of a year.  A year which in our case has been a very positive and happy year with a  lot of new experiences, new travels and new discoveries in areas we did not know much about before.

In order not to bother you with too many details in this letter, we have made the enclosed overview of some of our activities during the year.

The highlight of our year was, of course, our two months’ trip around the globe. We travelled more than 65.000 km.  What a fantastic place we are all living on. Therefore, it is SO important to do all we can to keep it fit and clean! Did you hear that, Mr. Trump?!

Below you have links to our DIARY from the trip – and also our electronic photo album of some of the many things we saw and did.  The 22-days cruise across the Pacific Ocean was - needless to say – unique. This was our cruise no. 14. So just tell us, if you need some convincing about going on a cruise.

Another highlight during this year was Liselotte’s special birthday in April.  She did not once again turn 29 ! She actually took the risk of joining us adults by celebrating her 70 years of a great life!  In order to be sure that she enjoyed the day in the most pleasant and “hyggelige” surroundings she invited herself her family and a few friends to a gorgeous stay at Denmark’s probably best inn, Falsled Kro, on the island of Funen. What a party!  Later I contributed with a mini-cruise for two to Oslo in Norway and with a reception in our summer house.   Never miss a good opportunity to have a party!


Among our other trips we were in particular impressed by visiting Innsbruck and its Alps in January ( no skiing, though !), Lichtenstein in June  ( one of the few countries in Europe we hadn’t been to before ) and the city of Weimar in Germany in September. A lovely city with a fantastic history, not least because the local dukes about two hundred years ago went out of their way to invite well-known cultural personalities to come and stay in Weimar. That is how Goethe, Schiller, Hegel and several others came there. None of them were born there. But it became their home.  This you feel still to this day.

We have this year spent a lot of lovely time with the family, not least my three “kids”.  They are all in great form and enjoying what they are doing in their now home towns Odense, Denmark, Brussels and Perth in Australia.  At the moment they are spending the Australian summer together in Perth, including Christmas under the sun!   In addition we are particularly proud and happy this year, because my youngest, Cecilie, by December 1 has been nominated professor at her university in Perth.  Doing research in why it is SO important for everybody’s mental and physical health that we are physically active. Perhaps we all know it. But she and her team contribute with the scientific evidence. And this has already brought her into New York Times, Newsweek, and many others.   Boasted the proud dad 😊

Our two granddaughters, Anna Maria ( soon 12 ) and Zoe ( 7 )  are everybody’s darlings. They are both doing very well in their schools. And in addition they have a lot of activities also outside school.  Painting and karate as far as Anna Maria is concerned – and dancing and singing for Zoe.    We will all meet again in Kos in Greece in July. And in the meantime Skype and Viber will bring us all together in other ways.

And the two of us?  We enjoy life and believe we are both in very healthy conditions !  That’s what our regular medical check-ups tell us.  Liselotte is enjoying reading a lot of new (and old) books, mostly on her Kindle e-book. She is all the time developing her kitchen skills further – and I am a willing test pilot (unless there is too much fish around 😊 )  And I am doing my very best to be a full-time pensioner enjoying life.  For me this is only possible by writing my personal chronicle (history) – also in English for my granddaughters – by contributing to the fight for Europe – by reading a lot – by following new, exciting developments in society, in science, etc.   And as both of us adore travelling and discover new places or discover known ones in new ways, we are quite a lot on the road.  And all of a sudden another year has passed like this one.

With this short run-down of our past year we want to wish you a great Christmas time, an exciting turn of the year, and not least a healthy and happy new year 2018.


Warm greetings from sunshine in Rixensart,


Liselotte and Niels


December 17, 2017


PS: On purpose we haven’t made any comments on Trump or on Brexit this time.  They are much better to do bad publicity for themselves than we are!  And the world just moves forward without them.



PSS:   Enclosure:  2017 – Our Travels and Holidays


           Link to our DIARY from our World Tour


           Link to our electronic photo album from the trip.






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