Dear Family and Friends – around the world !

First of all, we want to wish you a very Happy and Joyful Christmas – with your family and best friends. All good occasions have to be used for something very good!  And we also want to wish you a lucky New Year – the start of it as well as a very positive and dynamic 2022! For yourself and for your loved ones 😊

This past year has for us been a very GOOD year – but also a STRANGE one. GOOD in the very important sense that we personally have had a lovely and healthy year. Lots of wonderful time together. And a good handful of lovely experiences. No naughty virus here! We have “danced away” from dangerous and unnecessary contacts. And we have also had our 3 “vaccinations” ( which in the case of Biontech-Pfizer are not vaccinations, but a recepee to your body on how to fight a possible incoming virus ). We have as usual split our time between home in Rixensart and home in Veddinge Bakker and Skagen.

The year has of course also been STRANGE because of COVID. With all its restrictions, forbidden activities and changing instructions from the authorities.  This is how things are and probably have to be. And we do our best to follow what we are supposed to do and what not to do. Two important problems, though: All politicians have failed us all – whatever colour, whatever party. They should in our opinion have said loudly and clearly: It is an obligation for everybody to be vaccinated!  No more – no less.  This would have removed a lot of trouble !  And their second failure is that they should all the way have made it very clear, that this virus is here to stay!  We will not get rid of it. But enormous resources should be used by all of us to limit its bad effects – by focused research and by a sensible and clever behaviour by each and everyone of us !


The very happiness of our life is also due to the good and enjoyable life by our 3 children. They have all got well through the year – and enjoyed their life.

Claus in Odense – with his 25 year’s jubilee at his job this autumn. Lasse in Brussels looking after the files of the Danish EU Representation – and with his very successful operation in both eyes for cataract. He can now almost see around corners, and glasses are part of the past. And Cecilie and her small family have this year moved from 7 lovely years in Perth in Australia to Odense, Denmark. She and her Greek husband Nikos and their two girls Anna Maria ( soon 16 ) and Zoe ( 11 ) are settling very well into Denmark – workwise, school wise, languagewise, etc.  Though the girls think it is still somewhat difficult to pronounce the Danish word “rød” 😊


And what are we then doing ourselves? Lots ! At least that is what we think !  By March 2022 it is 17 years since I decided to join the “club” of happy pensioners.  The fight for Europe continues, of course. In many different ways, and with many different good contacts. I also practice a lot of walking – to get new ideas – and for the health, I am told!

Liselotte – in addition to working as the “Michelin Chef” of the house ! – is a very happy and excited reader. More than 200 books on her Kindle so far – at least. One of the books has to be put to your attention: the Scotsman Neil MacGregor: Germany – Memory of a Nation.  It is a fantastic book. I have even read it! The way it is written, the way it is composed. It gives you a very different and very positive impression of Germany – with emphasis on culture. In other words: You cannot live without reading this book. At least once ! It has been translated into many languages, including Danish.


Well, this is a bit of our year – a year that will soon end. Haven’t we gone anywhere ? Yes, absolutely. Virus or no virus. In April it was possible to go to the Ardennes here in Belgium. We did so for some days. For the summer we went – as usual – to our house in Veddinge Bakker and our time-share apartments in Skagen. In November we had a great stay in Germany’s oldest and one of the nicest cities Trier. And now in December we have just spent two lovely weeks on the Spanish Canarian island Tenerife.  So no complaints when trips are concerned either !


With these words we again want to wish you a lovely and festive Christmas and a very positive and happy 2022 😊


Warm greetings,

Liselotte and Niels


PS: Perhaps you want to see proof of some of our trips. Here you can see pictures from our very recent two-weeks holiday on TENERIFE. Also for inspiration 😊:

TENERIFE 2021 - Google Photos