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This day is here in Denmark 4 hours and 3 minutes shorter than June 21. Its length is 14 hours and 3 minutes – from 06.18 to 20.21.


See more – also in English – about where you are on:  www.dagenslaengde.dk





Today is called BERTA's DAY. She was a Christian English queen, who convinced king  Edelbert    also to become a Christian around 500 AD.


In Belgium the day’s name is:  SAINTE MARIE, MÈRE ET MÉDIATRICE DE GRÂCE – referring to Virgin Mary, mother of Jesus and mediator between God and people.




1997:  Lady  Diana , pricess of Wales, is killed in a traffic accident in Paris.  





Game reflectors  - what is that?


We have all seen lots of game and other animals killed on our roads, because they are hit by a car, when they try to cross the street. A German inventor got a great idea.  He constructed a three-angled reflex device, which is put on to the backside of the white road poles marking the side of the roads of each side of the road.  When a car approaches with its headlights on, a reflex of that light will automatically be sent into the area next to the road.  This will keep the animals away - at least as long as cars are passing by.   This is a very efficient instrument to reduce the killing of game significantly. They are called Game Reflectors.


These reflectors were introduced also on Danish roads about 20 years ago.  And I have myself been involved in getting them used in the north of Sweden, where serious accidents often happen, when a huge moose tries to cross the road and is hit by a car.




Toucan -  what is that?




1.    Yesterday’s quote:


                   Happiness is a good health and a bad memory!


                  This was said the Swedish actress  Ingrid Bergman  It is also an                       old Chinese saying.



             2. Today’s quote:


                   I felt we were three in our marriage. It was a bit crowded !


       Who among today’s persons has said that?



2.    Famous people born on this day:

    12:       Caligula   ( died 41 )

    1812:   Georg Carstensen   ( died 1857 )

    1866:   Georg Jensen   (  died 1935 )

    1880:   Wilhelmina   ( died 1962 )

    1928:   James Coburn   ( died 2002 )

    1945:   Itzhak Perlman


3.    Famous people died on this day:

                  1654:   Ole Worm   ( 66 years )

                 1867:   Charles Baudelaire   ( 46 years )

                 1973:   John Ford   ( 81 years )

                 1986:   Urho Kekkonen   ( 86 years )

                 1997:   Lady Diana   ( 36 years )


Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


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