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ON: MAY 31

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This day is here in Belgium 8 hours and 12 minutes longer than December 21. Its length is 16 hours and 9 minutes – from 05.36 to 21.45.

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Today is called PETRONELLA’s DAY. She was a daughter of the apostle Peter – or at least his spiritual daughter. She had promised never to marry. When a very rich and well regarded Roman gentleman suggested to her that they should marry she asked for three weeks to reflect upon it. After she had enjoyed the Holy Communion she starved herself to death. It happened in the year 100 AC.


In Belgium the day this year is called PENTECÔTE -  Whitsun.




1915:  Zeppelins are making some of the first bombardments of London. 28 people were killed and 60 wounded.  One of the main German Zeppelin bases was near Tønder in the south of Denmark. It belonged to Germany until 1920. There is a Zeppelin Museum there now.



Fifth column - where does that expression come from? And what does it mean?

It comes from the Spanish civil war 1936-39. General Franco was about to attack Madrid with 4 military columns – attacking from north, east, south and west. At the same time he organized that fascist supporters inside the city were ready for fight and at the right moment go into action and attack the government forces from inside. They got the name the fifthcolumn.

Later the expression was used about German spies, who under the cover of being journalists, scientists or business people were German spions in Germany’s neighbouring countries – ready to help, if and when German troops attacked the country they were in.

During the Cold War the expression the fifth column was used to describe the traitors, who for ideological reasons felt more attached to another country than to their own – and therefore were willing to give confidential information to the other country. The Soviet Union was very active in using citizens of other countries in this role.



Taste blood – where does that expression come from? And what does it mean?


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1.  Yesterday’s quote:

Even if you add together all the reasonings of a man they cannot make up for the instinct of a woman.

            This was said by the French philosopher, historian and author Francois  

             Voltaire – one of the most important persons in the era of Enlightenment.

2.  Today’s quote:

If a film costs 5 mio. dollars and it looks as if it has cost 10 mio., then it is good. If it looks as if it has cost 4 mio., it is bad.

Who among today’s persons has said that?

3.  Famous people born on this day:

1923:  PrinceRainier III ( died 2005 )

1930:  Clint Eastwood

1945:  Rainer Werner Fassbinder  ( died 1982 )


4.  Famous people died on this day:

1809:  Joseph Haydn  ( 77 years )

1968:  Preben Uglebjerg  ( 37 years )

1983:  Jack Dempsey  ( 88 years )



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