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This day is here in Denmark 1 hour and 56 minutes shorter than June 21. Its length is 15 hours and 38 minutes – from 05.32 to 21.10.

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Today is called DONATUS' DAY. The name comes from Donatur from Arezzo in Italy. He could according to the legend just through the force of prayers repair the holy shrine.


In Belgium the day’s name is SAINTE JULIENNE DE CORNILLION – after a Belgian Christian, who lived in the years 1193-1258.  She lived and worked near Liège.



1991:  The World Wide Web becomes publicly available on the Internet.


Pacific Ocean - what is special about that?

This is - as everybody knows - the biggest ocean on earth. Its area is 169 million sq.km, which is a third of the surface of the world. And it covers 46 % of the total surface of all oceans and seas in the world.  All seven continents of the world could fit into the ocean-

The name was given to it by the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan ( 1480-1521 ). After he had navigated in the very stormy seas south of South America he came to a new ocean, which he right away called "beautiful and peaceful".  Oceano Pacifico. The Pacific Ocean.  It has kept this name in all languages ever since. Though it is sure that the Indians and the people living on the islands in the Ocean called it something different, before Magellan arrived.

The Ocean has about 25.000 islands. And its depth goes down to 11 km - the deepest in the world.  A high underwater mountain range goes from north to south. And the ocean bed is full of all sorts of valuable minerals.  Efforts are under way to exploit these minerals. A company is building special huge machines in Newcastle in England for the time being.

The Pacific Ocean is very  important in different ways for the climate of the earth.  At the same time it is hit by serious pollution. One sort of pollution  comes from many tests of nuclear bombs way back in the 1950ies and 1960ies.  And another and more important pollution is a huge "island" of plastic material, which over time has been thrown into the Ocean. Today it is actually of the same size as the area of Africa ( 30 million sq.km), and it is floating around in the northern part of the Pacific.



Quinoa - what is that?



1.  Yesterday’s quote:

        We have to realise that far too many people are prisoners of other people's


             This was said by Pope Paul VI .


Today’s quote:

        You can recognice the yellow press on one and only thing:  that it at all times

             has an attitude to anything on beforehand.

             Who from today's lists has said that?

2.  Famous people born on this day

1867:  Emil Nolde  ( died 1956 )

1876:  Mata Hari  ( died 1917 )

1919:  Kim Borg  ( died 2000 )

1942:  Carlos Monzon    ( died 1995 )


3.  Famous people died on this day:

       1933:  Henrik Cavling  ( 75 years )

            1957:  Oliver Hardy  ( 65 years )

            1993:  Red Adair  ( 79 years )




Niels Jørgen Thøgersen


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