News 2009 of dogs bred by me.
13.12-09 Today Avrora, Lynx Over the Moon ( Dimitrii x Unique) was winners dog and got the MCC card and res-CACIB at the big FCI INT Show in Osaka,Japan.
He also got  AOM (Award of Merit)!
Congratulations Mr and Mrs Hirata.
Avrora on a show a couple of weeks ago.
Dimitriis son, Chelkash
12/12-09. From Finnish Winner 2009 INTshow in Helsinki, I just got the fantastic news that Dimitriis son Est JrW-09 Est & Ltu Jun Ch Philadelphian Sabanna Chelkash became Finnish Jr winner-09, CAC and BOS and he qualified to Crufts for the second time! Judge was Dr. Göran Bodegård. 13.12-09 Chelkash became Nordic Jun winner and became Best male 3 . Judge was Tamas Jakkkel. Congratulations Rita, well done!
New CH Pippi

Got the wonderful news today (the 5th Dec ) that the lovley Pippi Ch Lynx Endless Love put another  title to her name ...Now she  got  her last German VDH and is also German VDH Ch!!
Congratulations Geert and Greta!

C.I.B, Slovak Ch & Germ VDH Ch Lynx Endless Love and her owner Geert on their way to the win! INT CH is today called C.I.B
Karel BOG!!!

Today 5 December  Brassok Karel Appel, son of Lynx St Elmos Fire, got CAC, CACIB, BOB and BOG and was the best dog from the day!
He ended up getting RES-BIS !! FANTASTIC!!!! .

Karel getting BOB. Day after he was RES-BIS!!! Congratulations!


Big congratulations for Shu, Lynx Moon Away, (Dimitrii x Unique) who today 23 November on a show in Japan took his third MCC-card and became Winners dog!
More detials and pics later!

WHAT A WONDERFUL weekend my Japanese "puppies" have had.
Hats off for all of you!

Sala and Shu
Got another nice mail from Japan today (22 November)
This time Shu, Lynx Moon Away, (Dimitrii x Uniique) got his second Card and was Res-winners dog

AND...young Sala ,Lynx Flame of the Forest, (Brassok Vilmos Huszar x Lynx Dark Lady) also got her second card and became BOB AND BIG-3! 

Once again HUGE congratulations to the owners Victoria and Hideyo!

I really love getting these mails!
Young Sala getting BIG-3.
I just got a very nice email telling me that In Osaka /Japan today, 21st November Subaru, Lynx Wizard of Oz (Ch Teine Fiddler at Tarasov  x Ch Lynx Classic Music ) got Winners dog and an MCC card:-) This was his 3rd card, he needs one more to finnish his Jap Ch-title.
Judge was Gelly L Dage from USA.
Congratulations Victoria!

Subaru in the ring...
Shu and Sala
Today (17th November) is was a borzoishow in  Kyusyu /Japan. 43 borzois were entered.
and I got the great news that Sala, Lynx Flame of the Forest ( Ch Brassok Vilmos Huszar x Ch Lynx Dark Lady ) born 9th May 2008 got the female MCC- card  and Res-winners female

AND... the  male MCC- card and Winners dog was given to "Shu". Lynx Moon Away ( Ch Donskoi Dimitrii x Ch Hinschkas Unique at Lynx ) born 10th January 2008.

Congratualtions to Victoria Takayo Koga (Sala) and Hideyo Takayama(Shu). 

MCC card means that they have to beat a certain amount of other females/males in the breed and they need to have at least one MCC card out of four "cards" to become a Jap Ch!

Lynx Flame of the Forest "Sala" 18 months old, getting her first MCC-card
Lynx Moon Away "Shu" 22 months old also getting his first MCC-card!
Today I got the happy news that "my" little clown Misty, Lynx Love in a Mist at Albanailer went to an Open show in England and became BOB and BIG-3. Congratulations Lorriane and Misty! Hope to recieve a pic!

Today (1st November) I got the happy news that Sunny, Lynx Power of Love (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady) got Exc 1, CAC, VDH, CACIB and BOS:-) at the INT show in Hannover/Germany
Judge was G.S Schröter!

Congratulations Ludmila and Dieter!

An "old" pic of Sunny!
The 25th October Ch Lynx Endless Love went to Leuven /Belgium and recieved CAC/CACIB and BOS. Judge was  Mrs J Smojver-Selimovic, HR. Big congratulations Geert and Greta!

IN Vilnius it was a INT show and Stefan Stefik was judging. Jun CAC and jun BOB and...BOB was Dimitriis son Philadelphian Sabanna Chelkash! Unfortunatly still too young to get CACIB. Congratulations Rita! Hope to get pics soon they will be on Dimtirii own page!
Int Ch Slv Ch Lynx Endless Love (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady)
On the swedish Borzoi-ringens Club Champion Lure coursing Sarantja, Lynx Burning Bright, got Best Novis dog (this means the dogs that dont have LC license yet!)! Big Congratualtions to her owner Cecilia and Uffe!

AND LC Club winner licensed dogs was Brassok Christian Dotremont with his litter sister Brassok Else Alfelt on second place. These two lovley dogs has Sarantjas brother Lynx St Elmos Fire as father!

and not only this... their sister Brassok Sonja Ferlov has done really well in USA and got BOB and several points!
Sarantja and Cecilia geting the first price from the judges!
Nina and Pippi

In this weekend two littersisters have done really well! The 3rd October Nina, Lynx Forbidden Love  went to the big English specialityshow under Specialty judge Graham Hill (Dimland) She fininished as second on the res-cc in a huge competition! Congratualtions Don.

AND 4th October Ch Lynx Endless Love "Pippi" was in Charleroi (Belg) Judge Helena Ukhabina (Russia) and got exc CAC /CACIB and BOS and with this win she finished her INT Ch title!
Big congratualtions Greta and Geert!
Waiting for oics to come:-)

These two lovley girls are from the Lovelitter (Int Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Int Ch Lynx Dark Lady).

Soon we hope they will get som new half brother and sisters!

Just a big Congratualtions to Brassok Karel Appel son of Lynx St Elmos Fire and CVh Brassok Sophie Kuppers which this weekend got CAC and BOS at the French National! Well done!
my puppies....
This weekend 12-13 September 2009 was truly fantastic! So many "LYNXPUPS" all over the world have done really well and made me very very proud as a breeder. Big Thanks to all of you owners making this possible!
Love you all and a big hug!

News from my own dogs on the other news page.
and in Japan Zorro, Jap Ch Lynx Starlight Express, won BOB and Group 2nd! Judge this time was Joshe F Menjolla.
It was a heavy rainfall so no new pic was taken.

Congratualtions once more Etsuko!
An "old" pic of Zorro.
In Estonia two of Dimitriis pups went to a show and Philadelphian Saabaanna Chernomor got JUN CAC, Jun BOB and ...BOB!! this was his first show. and his sister got JUN CACand 2 nd best female! Pics on Dimitriis own page!

In Chorzow Poland Juni put another win to her already big winninglist!
This time she got CAJC and became Pol Jun CH!!! she also got JUN BOB and... she got BOB and BIG-3! Really VERY well done little Juni!
Judge in the breed was Espen Engh, Norway and the group judge was Age Gjetnes, Norway!

Sk & Pol Jun Ch Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel. and she also has a lot of beautiful win titles:-)

In Poland Russi went to a show in Chorzow  and he got another CAC! This was his 3rd CAC in Poland on thre shows!  One of the CAC was from the Festival  Charta! Well done!
Now he must wait til 6 months has gone since his first Polish CACand the try to get the fourth CAC!


Russi beeing judged by Espen Engh Norway

In Köln Germany Pippi, Ch Lynx Endless Love took another win towards the German VDH Ch title. This time she became EXC2 with res-VDH which turns in to VDH!! One more to go Pippi!

Ch Lynx Endless Love (Multi Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Multi Ch Lynx Dark Lady)
Tonight, the12th September,  I got the happy news that Sunny, Lynx Power of Love, has got CAC, VDH, CACIB, BOS and Siegerin Lepzig 2009.
This was in Leipzig, Gerrmany:-) Judge was Mrs Delabelle Belgium. Congratulations Ljudmila and Dieter
Sunny getting her first CAC , CACIB and BOS!
Russi and Juni

The 6th September "Russi", Nor Jun-winner-06 Lynx Winds from Russia and Slo Jun Ch Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel, "Juni" has once more got a CAC each. They both won their classes and this time it was on the Speciality sighthund show in Poland.
Male judge was breed specialist Vic Harrisson from England and female judge was breed specialist Irina Korshunova from Russia. Once more congratulations Vendula and Renek.

Russi getting his 2nd CAC in Poland, Judge Vic Harrisson / England
Slo Jr Ch Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel getting her 2nd CAC in Poland and 7th CAJC so far, she is only 15 months old ! Today Judge was Irina Korshunova, Russia
Not only my own Shila had a nice weekend, also three of her sisters have had successes.
That makes four sisters from the Love-litter! Pretty girls!

On the Int. show in Mladá Boleslav, CZ
judge:PhDr.Miloslav Guniš, SK

Lynx Power of Love (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x  Ch Lynx Dark Lady) got res-CAC.
Congratualtions Ljudmila and Dieter!
Sunny and Ljudmila in the ring. Photo by Kanyapi.
We got Happy news from Japan!
Angela, Jap Ch Lynx Lost in Love ( Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady) won BOB and judge Espen Engh from Norway liked her so much he gave her BIG-2!
Well done!
Angela getting group 2nd with the wind blowing in her coat.

One of "my"  english girls has had a nice weekend as well. Misty AKA Lynx Love in a Mist at Albanailer (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady)  went to the Scottish Kennelclub Championship and became the winner in Post Graduate Bitch! Hope to recieve a pic !

I have just recieved fantastic news!
Ch Lynx Endless Love has won 3 CAC in a rowe in Austria this weekend.
On Friday 21st August She had Exc 1 CAC from Judge Mr. Masura.
On Saturday 22nd exc 1 CAC and res.CACIB from Mr Jipping and sunday 23rd  exc 1 CAC res.CACIB from Mrs Wagner!
Way to go Pippi. Congratulations  to Geert and Greta.
Ch Lynx Endless Love "Pippi" doing a hattrick in Wels/ Austria.
Russis pups
The 17th of August Ch Ambijca Wladca Traw gave birth to a litter of 7 pups,3 male and 4 females in a variety of colors.
Proud father is "our" Nor Jun Winner-06 Lynx Winds from Russia "Russi".

Pics of the pups  10 days old!

Pups can bee seen at


Inquires are welcome at
Martinville L-litter
Abi and her newborn pups.
On the 15th AND 16th of August in Duoduane/Bratislava/Slovakia Russi, Lynx Winds from Russia, did really well. He got CAC, CACIB and BOB both days! way to go Russi....
First days judge was John Wauben/NL and the second day it was Iveta Vojtekova/SK!

Congratulations Russi!!!
In Duoduane/Bratislava/Slovakia Jun Ch Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel got her 5th CAJC in a rowe! Well done! Judge was John Wauben /NL.
Juni getting her 5th CAJC! Well done!
On Ireland Lynx Forbidden Love got Res  Green Star. Hope to recieve a pic!
Dimitriis puppies
News about Dimitriis puppies you can see under his own page! Just scroll down! There might be an own page for his offspring in time!
Dogadka, one of the russian pups.

In Mojmirovce/Slovakia there has been a club show and FCI Sighthound speciality show for two days, 8-9 Aug.  Our little Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel "Juni" did very well both days.
On Saturday she won the female juníor class and got the CAJC and became FCI Euro Junior sighthound 2009. Judge was Olga Kosareva, Russia.

Juni getting CAJC and FCI Euro Junior Sighthound 2009 in Mojmirovce 8 Aug from jugde Olga Kosareva, Russia.
more of Juni
and on sunday In Mojirove/Slovakia and Bitte Ahrens Italia was judging the Club Show and once more Juni won CAJC and now she is Slovakian Jun Ch :-) She also got the title JUNIOR CLUB WINNER SLOVAKIA 2009.  BIG congratualtion to Vendula and Renek!
Slovakian Jun Ch Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel
Juni, Slovakian Jun Ch!
Russi was entered under Bitte Ahrens in Mojmirovce, Slovakia and became exc 2 in open and got res-CAC! Congratulations once more Renek and Vendula. what a nice day you had!
A naked Norw.JW-06 Lynx Winds from Russia, "Russi".
Pippi and Sunny
Under Judge Mafred Langer  Sunny, Lynx Power of Love, got res CAC. and she also met her littersister Pippi from Belgium:-)  Thanks for the pic! Lovely to see them together!
The littersisters...
In Germany 1st of August there was a show with Mr.Louis Dehaes judging. He liked our Pippi so much she got CACIB and BOB.
Slo Ch Lynx Endless Love and her owner Gert...
A new picture of Misty, Lynx Love in a  Mist at Albaneiler and Lorraine winning open class at he European Winnershow in Dublin this spring! "My" funny little Misty growing up to a beautiful lady:-)!
Misty is also from the litter between Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady.
On the Barsoijahresausstellung in Gruna, Germany Lynx Power of Love "Sunny"  won EXC 1 Res CAC and VDH in open and she also won  BEST HEAD! Big congratulations to her owners Dieter and Ljudmila Spengler.
Sunny is a daughter from the litter between Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady.
Ljudmila and Sunny winning in Gruna. Judge was I Korshunova Russia.
Best head
Sunny also won Best head!
On the move
and she can move as well.
There was a show in Echt, Netherlands the th July and Slo Ch Lynx Endless Love got 1EXC R-CAC R-CACIB...NICE! Pippi  is the littersister to Sunny from the litter Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady. Nice weekend for the sisters!
Congratulations Geert and Pippi...
This weekend (4th July) in Japan Zorro, Jap Ch Lynx Starlight Express got BOB and BIG-3 under judge Frank Sabella. Big congratulations to Etsuko and Zorro!
Zorro getting BOB, judge Frank Sabella, USA.
Zorro BIG-3
Zorro,Lynx Starlight Express ( Ch Teine Fiddler at Tarasov x Ch Lynx Classic Music ) born Febr 2006 On his way towards BIG-3.
Today (5th July) Juni had a fantastic day in Bielsko Biala, Poland:
--She won Junior-BOB,
--she got CAC
--she also got BOB.
--and then she continued by getting  BIG Jun AND...
--BIS-2 Junior
--and BIG-2 in group 10!! !!
Such a big success for the young beautiful Juni and huge congratulations to Vendula and Renek! Juni is only 13 months old and a daughter from the combination between Ch Brassok Vilmos Huszar x Ch Lynx Dark Lady !
Juni getting BOB from sighthound Judge Grazyna Pindera, Poland. Her critique was: Very elegant female, VERY NICE HEAD!!!!!, teeth Ok, bite OK, excellent body line,excellent angulation, nice movement!
BIS junior
Juni getting JUNIOR BIS -2 under judge Malgorzata Halas.
BIG gruop 10
Juni getting BIG-2 under judge Grazyna Pindera.
Today the 5th July in Bielsko Biala, Poland on the National show Lynx Winds from Russia "Russi" got his first CAC . Judge was Grazyna Pindera, Poland. Russi is a son fron the combination between Ch Moryjak Wild is the Wind x Ch Lynx Classic Music.
The critique was: typical head, all teeth , corect bite, nice angulation, nice back - shoulder, nice body line, deep thorax, excelent movement
And in Bulle/Swizerland Didi (Lynx Indian Paintbrush (Ch Brassok Vilmos Huszar x Ch Lynx Dark Lady), got his third Jun CAC and is now Swiss Jun CH. Congratualtions Didi and Chrisitne!
Didi with his handler. Didi was one years old in May.
Didi in the Swiss countryside.
In Czech republic Juni, Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel (Ch Brassok Vilmos Huszar x Ch Lynx Dark Lady), got junior CAC, she won Junior BOB and was also competing about BOB. Congratulations Vendula!
Juni getting the BOSBOB is Zaratustra Nijinski Ballet. Nice weekend for the two littermates Juni and Didi.
Nina and Misty
In England Nina and Misty (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady) has done well.
In Southern Counites Champion Show  Lynx Forbidden Love got 2nd in PGB and Lynx Love in a Mist at Albaneiler got 3rd in the same class

Well done and thanks to judge Hans Lethinen /Finland,
Lynx Forbidden Love "Nina". (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady)
Lynx Morning Glory "Holly" got exc 4 on a show.
Holly and Agnetha in the ring.
Lynx Snap Dragon
In Norway Todd got EX 1 in junior. Judge Stefan Stefik.
Todd in the ring with his owner Ingunn Heimdal-Johansen.
Grand Prix Slovakian Jun winner-09 Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel.
At the show in Nitra Slovakia Judge Louis Catalan  liked Juni so much so he gave her  Junior -CAC and Juni now is Grand Prix Slovakian Junior  winner 2009. Way to go little Juni!
Grand Prix Slovakian Jun winner 2009 Lynx Scarlet Pimpernel.
Lynx Winds from Russia

Lynx Winds from Russia "Russi" has been to his first show since his move to Czeck Rep. Judge was Luis Catalan and he gave Russi Best Male 2 with res-CAC and res-CACIB! Nice start Russi! Congratulations Vendy and Renek.

Lynx Winds from Russia "Russi".
Lynx Indian Paintbrush
In Swizerland 31 of May young  Didi  (Ch Brassok Vilmos Huzsar x Ch Lynx Dark Lady)got his second J-CAC. Congratualtions Didi and Chrisitne.
Didi with his handler Deborah.
Lynx Love in a Mist at Albanailer

On the European winnershow in Dublin this 30-31 May sweet Misty (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady) won Open bitch. BIG congratulations to Mistys owner Lorriane Harvey " Albaneiler borzoi UK, as she even got BOB puppy with "Toby" and BOB/CACIB with her "Buzz". What a day for you! Waiting for a pic!

Misty (Ch Lynx Spirit of the Tiger x Ch Lynx Dark Lady) winning open bitch at European winner show 2009 in Dublin.
Hedra and James

On the Borzoi klubben speciality show in Örebro Hedra (Lynx Sparkling Moonbeam) became 4 Best female and she also won BIS Intermediate and her litterbrother James (Lynx Moon Voyager) was best male Intermediate. Congratulations to their owners Theresa and Malin !

James and Hedra
Slovak Ch Lynx Endless Love
Pippi got her Ch title on the Springduodanube INT show in Bratislava, Slovakia! Well done! The judge was Mrs Galina Todorova. Congratulations Greta and Geert!
Slovak Ch Lynx Endless Love "Pippi"
Lynx Over the Moon
In Japan Avrora, not yet a year old, was shown on an INT show and together with a big entry of dogs he recieved the MCC card and was Winners dog! Judge was Mr.?
I am so proud!

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