The Rose Madder Reds.Chapter ID 76116


Below are pictures of all our lovely members..........

Sue Queen Caroline de Barr of Laleston

Happy Birthday 11 February Paid up Member 2019

Founder Queen Marion, Miss Moneypenny

Happy Birthday 25th February. Life Member

First Lady Joy, Marquise Joie de Vivre, Madame le Secrétaire

Happy Birthday 10th December paid up member 2019

Carol, Contessa Caz of Blossom Hill, Dinner Lady

Happy Birthday 3rd January paid up member 2019

Helene, Princess Alexandra of Troy

Member to December 2018 R.I.P.

Val, Lady Val of Waverley, Prize Princess

Happy Birthday 8th January. Paid up member 2019

Lady Pauline, Duchess of Paradise

Happy Birthday 5th December paid up member 2019

Pat, Countess BogOff

Happy Birthday 30th December Paid up Member 2019

Sandy, Alexandra Countess of Clifton

Happy Birthday 10th November Paid up member 2019

Louise, Dame Dolly Daydream

Happy Birthday 21st June paid up member 2019

Eileen, Lady Ealing Broad

Happy Birthday 2nd December paid up member 2019

Linda, Lady Desert Rose.

Happy Birthday 1st June paid up member 2019

Diane, Lady Di of Poppyfield Manor

Happy Birthday 26th February paid up member 2019

Shirley, Lady Sybil Quackers of Fawlty

Happy Birthday 29th July Paid up member 2019

Mary, Duchess Marie of Dunford Lodge

Member to July 2019 R. I. P.

Jennie, Geneveive Countess of Lancaster

Happy Birthday 31st October paid up member 2019

Marie, Duchess Millie of the Royal Borough of Greenwich

Happy Birthday 4th June Paid up member 2019

Brenda, Contessa Drew of Danbury

Happy Birthday 3rd July. Paid Up Member 2019

Joan, Grande Duchess of Constitution Hill

Happy Birthday 31st March Paid up member 2019

Dorothy, Lady Dorothy of Glenwood

Happy Birthday 9th August Paid up Member 2019

Joan, Lady Joan of Moreland

Happy Birthday 12th August Paid up Member 2019

Doreen, Countess Shapurji of Zanzibar

Happy Birthday 6th March Paid up Member 2019

Lee, Duchess Lee of Kimberley

Happy Birthday 6th July Paid up Member 2019

Jane, Duchess Pinky Rose

Happy Birthday 2nd August Paid up Member 2019

Kay, Baroness Berry of Brackenwood

Happy Birthday 26th February Paid up Member 2019

Brenda, Priness Nefertiti

Happy Birthday 24th August Paid up Member 2019

Lady Jacqueline, the Mischief Maker!

Happy Birthday 24th February Paid Up Member 2019

Princess Barbara of Matlock

Happy Birthday 28th August Paid Up Member 2019

Lady Lorna of Langdon Hills

Happy Birthday 4th August Paid Up Member 2019

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Today | 12:27

could you add my name to muffin break thanks brenda c

15.10 | 20:11

my choice for christmas lunch is 2 2 and 3 thank you xxxx

19.09 | 22:33

So sorry, please take my name off the October 25th meal list. Thanks x

17.09 | 21:15

Hi Carole
can you please put my name on lunch list for Oct- Hoy & Helmet. Nov 8th - meeting plus Spoons? and Dec- Sarah Moore Thanks. Val.

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