The Family Tree
My grandfather Kristian
My grandfather Kristian was a builder of the windmills. My grandmother Sofia died very young and my father was given away to a wealthy family in Helsinki.
My father

My father 1904-1992

My mother

My mother 1909-1993

The picture was taken in Vyborg, which is now a part of Russia. My mother is on the right side.

The benefactors

This is the family who took my halforphaned father as a little child and gave him a good life.
The father was a lawyer and the mother a teacher of languages.  She also spoke Japanese and was actually the first (I'm not QUITE sure) Finnish person who translated Japanese poems into Finnish. She got acknowledged for that by the Imperial Family in Japan.

My father and mother

My mother and father got married 1931 in Karelia, which is now a part of Russia.

My family midsummer 1939

This is our family before World War II in Karelia. Me and one sister are still missing.

Our home in Karelia 1938

That was our home 1938 in Karelia, now in Russia.

My granduncle Mikko

My granduncle Mikko, who was a sailor, and his spanish wife Franciska.
He escaped World War I for USA.

My granduncle Matti

My granduncle Matti, Dr.phil.  a priest and a journalist in Fitchurg USA.
He also escaped the World War I for USA and died there 1954.