The Life Members
Gert and Anni Andersen

After 16 years as President of the Scandinavian Seniors of South Australia, Gert Andersen, one of the founders of the club, retired in 2004 as the President. 

Anni, who has been in charge of the flower decorations and the number game for many years, and is still doing it.  

After Gert had retired from the President's position, the committee bestowed him and Anni with a Life Membership each for a job well done. 

Gert passed away on 13th of June 2015.    

The Life Members Anni and Gert Andersen
Unni Sørensen

After 12 years at the helm as Kitchen manager, Unni Sørensen, retired in January 2011. Unni has done a fabulous job over the years by making the Danish Open Sandwiches to the monthly meetings.
At the February 2011 meeting she were bestowed with a Life Membership of Scandinavian Seniors of South Australia. She is at present the treasurer of the club.

Life Member Unni Sørensen
Maud Hansen
Maud Hansen, who has been Unni's right hand in the kitchen of SSSA for all 12 years that Unni was manager, has been a wonderful person to the club with her help over this many years. She too thought, it was now time to retire from the kitchen duties. what she did together with Unni.
As she has been such a important part and worked so well with Unni over the years, the club have also bestowed her with a well earned Life Membership.   
Life Member Maud Hansen
Jon Edvard Pedersen
Jon Pedersen, who retired from the treasurer position after nine years, was nominated as a Life Member of Scandinavian Seniors of South Australia at the January Annual General Meeting and was presented with a certificate at the April meeting.
Jon was also editor for the newsletter 'Scandinavian' a position he had since 2002 until 2015, He also have the position as webmaster, which he has held since 2008. He were Vice president in 2016, when the then vice president, Jette Poulsen, were elected to take over the president position.
Jon retired at the annual general meeting in January 2017.

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I love to see all the pics of all the people we use to know, when we lived in Australia, Have a good life in Denmark, but sometimes miss the friends and family.

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