SSSA's Constitution of 21 January 2009



The name of the group shall be the Scandinavian Seniors of South Australia Incorporated. (hereafter referred to as SSSA)


The SSSA shall be a non-profit group whose object shall be to provide a meeting place and activities for senior citizens with an interest in Scandinavia.
All activities arranged by SSSA shall be open to all members of SSSA and their friends and relatives.


(a)    Membership shall be open to people over 50 years.
(b)    The committee shall have the right to set 
         membership fees.
(c)     Membership shall lapse, if fees have not been
         paid in the first 3 months of the year.
(d)    A member can be expelled by a two-thirds
        majority of a Special General Meeting.
(e)    The SSSA Secretary shall keep a record of all 
        current members.
(f)    SSSA may offer a discount in membership fees
        those members who incur membership fee in 
        other Scandinavian groups.


(a)    An AGM shall be held each year on the third
        Thursday of January, or a late AGM may 
        be delayed until as late as the third 
        Thursday of March. 
(b)    At the AGM the following
        proceedings must take place:
        Reading of the minutes of the
        previous year's AGM.
        Presentation of the President's 
        Presentation of a financial statement for the 
        previous year.
        Election of a management 
        committee (hereafter called the 
        SSSA committee)
        An opportunity for members to air their  
(c)    A Special General Meeting can 
        be called by 15% of members or 
        by the Committee.
(d)    AGM to be advertised in our newsletter for 3 months prior to the AGM
(e)    A quorum at AGM or SGM 
        shall comprise 15 % of all


(a)    The SSSA Committee shall comprise
         the following elected officers:
         Vice President.
         4 Committee members.

(b)    The Executive Committee members shall be elected
        for a term of two years staggered. 
        The President /Secretary /1st and 4th Committee members in one year.
        The Vice President / Treasurer / 2nd and 3rd Committee member
        the year after.

(b1)  Appointment by the Executive Committee of the
        Kitchen Manager, / Editor, / Drink Manager.
        The appointment to the 3 above positions shall stand until
        terminated by appointees or the Executive Committee.
        The appointees can attend the Executive Committee meetings.
        but have no voting right.            

(c)    Voting must be by a secret ballot of
        current members of SSSA attending
        the AGM.
(d)    Committee members resigning before the AGM 
        may be replaced by a candidate supported
        by a majority of committee members.
(e)    The committee shall have a quorum of 50 %
        and shall meet at least one every three calendar
(f)    The Committee is prohibited from disputing
        legal actions brought against SSSA. Any such
        action shall be referred to the Attorny General,
        so that the Government can apply the Volunteer
        Protection Act in a way which ensurer that a 
        liability, attached to a SSSA volunteer, is limited
        to the assets of SSSA.
(g)    The Committee shall appoint a Public Officer.


(a)    The financial year of SSSA shall run from
        1 January to and including 31 December.
(b)    The Treasurer shall keep accurate records of all
        financial matters affecting SSSA. Including both
        finances and assets.
(c)    The assets and income of SSSA shall be used 
        solely in furtherance of its object and no
        portion shall be distributed directly or 
        indirectly to its members except to compensate 
        for services given or expenses incurred on 
        behalf of SSSA.


        The association shall have all the powers conferred by section 25 of
        the Act.


(a)    Changes to Constitution of SSSA must only take
        place at the AGM or at a Special General Meeting
        called by the Committee for that specific purpose.
(b)    All members of SSSA must be notified of any
        proposed changes in writing 14 days prior to the
        AGM or SGM at which the proposed changes will
        be voted.
(c)    Changes to the Constitution shall then be 
        implemented by a simple majority of members
        present and eligible to vote with the President
        having a casting vote.
(d)    SSSA may only be dissolved by a three quarter
        majority of all financial members at a Special
        General Meeting. In such an event the SGM shall
        donate the excess of assets over liabilities to an
        organization similar to SSSA, which prohibits
        the distribution of assets and income to its members.

(e)    The association may be wound-up in a manner provided for in the act.


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I love to see all the pics of all the people we use to know, when we lived in Australia, Have a good life in Denmark, but sometimes miss the friends and family.

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